Mick Quinn has seen his hopes rapidly diminish since Rafa Benitez took the job at Newcastle United.

It isn’t Rafa that has led to the disappearing optimism for the former NUFC number nine, instead it is the lack of backing  in the last four of Rafa’s five transfer windows at St James Park.

Mick Quinn says he knows ‘for a fact’ that the manager wants to stay on Tyneside.

Quinn says that Rafa Benitez saw Newcastle as a ‘long-term’ project and indeed the United boss himself has said this in interviews time after time.

As well as wanting decent realistic backing in the transfer market, the manager has consistently said that just as important as this, is that he has the total freedom to spend whatever money is available, in the way he believes is for the best.

Rafa Benitez has also made clear that he sees investment in the failing Academy as also essential going forward, as well as the state of the art training complex promised over five years ago by Mike Ashley, to replace the sub-standard current set up.

Mick Quinn thinks Rafa Benitez will decide to stay at Newcastle beyond this season BUT only if he gets the backing from the owner that has been missing so far.

Quinny isn’t putting putting any money on this actually happening though.

Looking at the form so far, it looks a near impossibility, with Ashley and his people reinforcing this view even since the season kicked off.

The £20m+ profit on transfer deals insisted on by Mike Ashley in the summer speaks for itself, As of course does the fact the owner then took a so far unspecified amount of money out of the club after the transfer window ended.

As for investment in the Academy… the recent Fans Forum minutes saw the club make clear that they didn’t see proper investment being made to turn it around, due to there being no guarantees of it producing first team players.

As for the new training complex promised over five years ago, the club made clear that wouldn’t be happening any time soon.

The Fans Forum minutes also stated that paying the level of wages to land players was a major problem, which appears to back up previous reports that claimed Rafa had been blocked on transfers he wanted to make, even if the amount of those wages fell within his overall budget.

The manager has repeatedly said that he would be waiting to see what happened in this January transfer window before making any decision about his future.

We always live in hope that things will change for the better but by this point we all know what both Mike Ashley and Rafa Benitez want, unfortunately they are very very different things.

Mick Quinn asked if there is anything that will convince Rafa Benitez to stay in a Chronicle Q and A:

“Only if the owner decides to spend, and spend well, in January.

“Look, I know for a fact that Rafa wants to be at Newcastle long-term.

“He didn’t agree to come to the club back in March 2016 just to stay for three years or so, he wanted a long-term project.

“Rafa recognises that Newcastle can be among the very biggest clubs in England, he wants to be back in Europe and competing for cup competitions.

“He sees Newcastle in exactly the same way Kevin Keegan, Sir John Hall and Sir Bobby Robson did before: that the potential is endless.

“But Mike Ashley simply hasn’t allowed him to build.

“Instead, Rafa has had to spend two seasons in a row merely battling against relegation – and he won’t want to do that for much longer.

“I was genuinely ecstatic when Rafa first came to Newcastle because I knew he was a world-class manager…unlike some of those who had come before him…and I will just as devastated as every other Newcastle fan if he does leave at the end of the season.

“The only way I can see Rafa staying is if Ashley allows him to spend in January, bring in genuine quality, and if the club makes a real bid to start pushing up the table and build.

“If the club convince Rafa he will be given the resources to allow Newcastle to reach their potential, I think he’ll stay – but that’s a big, big if unfortunately.”

  • Kenny

    It`s a foregone conclusion that Rafa won`t be backed

    • Billmag

      Even if he does which is very doubtful Kenny, he will get nowt in the summer.

      • Leazes.

        I think there will be a spend in January to help save our skin and Rafa will still walk, because if he sell his soul and is seen to produces the kind of squad that Ashley delivers his popularity will collapse along with his reputation.

        The chronicle boys probably know the score but their job is to string out the demise of the club by offering jam tomorrow to sell season tickets. Ashley will lose this manager but Douglas and Ryder are sure to blame Benitez because they always do deflect the blame from where it lies.

        Douglas Supports Bradford City, Ryder Supports Liverpool and Waugh is as green as Gollum’s underpants.

        • Billmag

          Pleased you can still add a bit of humour.😀😀

    • Dave Pattinson

      It”ll be Loan City again?

  • Themoscow72

    Rafa will be backed when he signs a contract. This makes sense. McClaren and Pardew were backed when we had money available. Actually think we will have in the region of £40m available to spend in January. However £40m is not a lot in today’s market and does not guarantee you success ask Fulham and West Ham who have spent double this. Getting the right couple of players in is more important than money spent. A full back and centre midfielder are the priority if Rondon stays fit.

    • Kenny


      • Paul Patterson

        £40m. 😂😂😂😂

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      my guess is the available transfer kitty is much closer to £0m

    • Ken

      So why then was he not backed in any transfer window before a new contract was talked about. You will tell me he was backed in the window we went down, but that was only after he sold Sossoko, Wijnaldum, Janmaat, Townsend etc

      • Wezza

        He is a troll mate. He keeps insisting Rafa gets every penny AFTER that summer windiw and claims FCB has never taken a penny from the club. He is trolling for a response, don’t give it the satisfaction.

        • Ken


    • Ram Kishore

      What about a CAM, a competition for Perez? Jan will be always a difficult window

      • Toon Arnie

        Ram come on, every window is difficult with this moron running the club !
        Ashley needs a new phone first of all – one that will work when Rafa is chasing him for updates on targets in January. That should be the first purchase.

    • Toon Arnie

      Ha ha – unbelievable. If you seriously believe that you’re even more confused that I originally believed. £40m is not a lot ? It’s more than Rafa will get in January, net, that’s for certain. Pardew probably got less backing than Rafa and money was always available. Where do you get £40m from anyway. I make it £33m left from the tv money after the £90m he stole for House of Fraser. Come on Moscow – support the team, they’re more important than your hero.

  • Leazes.

    I never liked Quinn, and unfortunately he is the front man to whoever ghost writes his tripe at the Chronicle, and for that reason they love him.

    He epitomizes the ‘dead years’ of this club’ to me, the dilapidated stadium, the dearth of life or hope in the club, the barrel shaped chubster looked as unfit for purpose as the club.

    I care not for his banal utterances or his opinion since hanging up his boots as he has along with Ryder and Douglas been responsible for allowing this club to sink back into the abyss.

    Never set the world on fire, good strike rate in lower league, a medium sized fish in a small pond.

    Still don’t like him, who is he?

    • Mrkgw

      Harsh words Leazes – agree with you regarding the regular Chronicle candidates but Quinn is very much in tune with the supporters. Most of the time at least.

      • deadtrail 74

        Yes he is a voice in the wilderness on that radio station.

    • Billmag

      A bit harsh Leazes, Quinny’s is the only one on Talk💩 that has a dig at the regime of this club, we need as many people in the public eye that tells how fatty is systematically killing our club, let’s face it the local media won’t do it so we have to rely on people like MQ to do it for us.

      • Leazes.

        Does he…. I don’t listen to it….still don’t like him.

    • Fixer

      What kind of players you like?
      Only Shearers?
      Most of the times to me, u seem like a smart sensible bloke but sometimes I feel like u are someone who loves complaining about others not doing things the way u want to them to do?
      Or u got some agenda of your own?
      Just want to know what’s your real view is

      You keep saying if Rafa signs a contract he is selling his soul. Aren’t you coming up with big words?

  • Mrkgw

    Sadly, Mick Quinns works are likely to come to fruition and Mike Ashley will let another excellent opportunity pass him by. He is either collosally misadvised or, he simply hasn’t a clue. Take your pick.

    • graham18

      Totally agree but this time it will be the last

  • Peaky

    Wonder if Ryder,Douglas et al read and comment on here under pseudonyms….just a thought..

    • Leazes.

      Of course they do….. that’s why I insult them to keep them reading, not because I dislike them, I dislike what they do and their allegiance to failure and have done since the 74 cup final when they produced a guide to show man for man how we were going to beat Liverpool…. they totted up the points and lo and behold we had the better team….. there was a flaw…..

      …. they believed their own b*lllsh*t.

      Shankley apparently pinned the chronicle page to the wall of the Liverpool dressing room at Wembley and it was said that he didn’t need a teamtalk…..thanks John Gibson!

      ….they still believe their own views are correct, they even interview each other….. they are idiots, and the only reason they wheel Gibson out is to have a go at Ashley because they bare so chicken livered to do it themselves!

      • deadtrail 74

        Gibson was probably a Liverpool fan. 😂

    • Viru leckworth

      Of course we don’t.

      • Peaky

        So what “5 Things Have You Learned Today”….😂

        • Viru leckworth

          Joke, that’s all.

          • Peaky

            Yeah I know…nice one…👍👍😂😂

  • Wezza

    Of course the FCB won’t back Rafa. All he cares about is pocketing the TV money and for us to stay up. Still 50,000 turn up. It will never change under Ashley.

  • deadtrail 74

    Ashley is only interested in advertising his business to the country’s that’s take premier league football. This will never change until he leaves. We might get a loan or two at the very last minute but otherwise nothing will be spent. Even if we stay up no money will be spent unless there are sales first. So how do we get rid of the parasite? is the big question.

  • Richie

    Micky so true