Martin Tyler has put together a Premier League table showing how it would look after 12 games, based on the half-time scores so far.

In his excellent question and answer column for Sky Sports, he was asked about this in particular with regard to Arsenal.

Remarkably, despite being fifth in the PL with 23 points, the Gunners have not led at half-time in any of their 12 matches.

Instead they have been drawing in nine of them, including at St James Park.

That puts them fourth bottom in this Martin Tyler half-time table below on nine points.

As for Newcastle United, Rafa’s team are now 14th with nine points but based on half-time scores they would be 10th with 13 points.

In terms of losing points in the second half, Newcastle were drawing at half-time against Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City before losing all three, whilst they were beating Man Utd 2-0 at HT before eventually losing. That makes six points in total dropped in the second-half of games.

As for gaining points, the only match so far was 10 days ago, drawing 0-0 against Watford at HT before that Perez goal gave us an extra two points in the second-half.

Sky Sports Martin Tyler column:

‘Where would Arsenal be in the Premier League table if games finished at half-time?’ Jamie, Barnsley

Martin Tyler:

‘Remarkably they would be battling against relegation!

Arsenal, along with Cardiff, are the only two sides in the Premier League yet to be leading at half-time in any of their matches so far this season. From their 12 games, they’ve been level at the break nine times and behind three times, including against Wolves on Sunday.

As you can see below, if the Premier League table only included results at half-time, then the Gunners would outside the drop zone only on goal difference, just ahead of Fulham, Huddersfield and Cardiff.

martin tyler

At the top of the table, Manchester City would still be leading the way, taking 30 points from a possible 36 – they’ve yet to be behind at the break this season.

Crystal Palace would have seven more points, showing their tendency to let leads slip in the second half. Defensively, they’ve also only conceded three first-half goals which is the same as Manchester City.’

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