Some interesting stats have been thrown up by Martin Tyler when it comes to Newcastle United’s goals this season.

The question asked about the percentage of goals scored via headers.

In his regular Sky Sports column, Martin Tyler has been asked whether NUFC are on course to set a Premier League record.

The short answer is yes, with 57% of Newcastle’s  Premier League goals scored with the head.

The current record over a season is held by West Brom, with 42% of their 38 goals in the 2014/15 season scored with headers.

The Newcastle United goals sample isn’t exactly huge so far, with only seven scored in 11 matches.

The two goals at Man Utd and Yedlin’s at Man City were scored with shots.

Whilst against Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and now Watford, we have four headed goals.

What stood out about Saturday’s goal as well, is that it has taken Newcastle three months to score from a set-piece. Last season Newcastle were really strong at both ends of the pitch, when defending and attacking corners and free-kicks, getting a fair few goals by this route.

Stating the obvious but bottom line is that Newcastle just simply need more goals than they are scoring at present, no matter how they are scored.

As for Martin Tyler, he also looked into which Premier League clubs had scored the very lowest percentage of goals with their heads.

It is actually Sunderland who currently hold this record, when relegated in 2016/17 only one of their paltry 29 PL goals was scored with a header, only 3.45% of the total.

Martin Tyler column for Sky Sports:

‘Newcastle have a very high percentage of headed goals. Are they set for a record?’

Martin Tyler:

“Opta have confirmed that 57 per cent of Newcastle’s Premier League goals this season have been headers and if they keep up the current pace then, yes, it would be a record.

“Over the course of a season, Tony Pulis’ West Brom hold the current record, as 42.11 per cent of their goals in the 2014/15 season came from headers – that’s 16 of 38 goals.

martin tyler“Everton scored 18 of their 44 goals (40.91 per cent) from headers in 1994/95 while 22 of Wimbledon’s 55 goals (40 per cent) in 1995/96 were headers.

“At the other end of the scale, Sunderland and Middlesbrough only scored one headed goal in the 2016/17 and 2008/09 seasons – that’s 3.45 per cent and 3.57 per cent of their respective totals for the season.

“Only two of Sunderland’s 48 goals in the 2015/16 season were headers (4.17 per cent) while Stoke scored just two headers in their 45 goals in 2013/14 (4.44 per cent).”

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    What’s the record for least goals in a season we can have a go at that one too

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    We dont need another John Motson.

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    When the team gets going Perez will get ten with this feet.

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      If he does then fatty will peddle him off to La Liga for a nice profit and we will end up with Nigel Quashie or Niko Kranjcar

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      As he plays in a pivotal position it would be nice if he could get going, you know with an assist or three and a few goals which would get the team going

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      Awe inspiring & mind boggling also…

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    Perez is a half decent back up to a missing number ten that needs signing . .

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    Sunderland scored 5% of their goals via a beach ball one season.

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      Sunderland scored 3 own goals in 7 minutes one season and finished 25 points from safety.

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        Yes, remember that one, vs Charlton I think. Well, if nothing else, they’re guaranteed to finish more than 25 places from Premier League safety this season. At least we have a small chance of being in it next season.