Mark Lawrenson predicted a win for Newcastle against Southampton, saying that it was their turn for a win.

When that didn’t happen in a game where Newcastle didn’t have a shot on target in a goalless draw, Lawrenson said once again that it was NUFC’s turn for a win against Watford.

At the eleventh time of asking they did it, though it was against the balance of play and chances.

This time he has three key words where Rafa’s team are concerned – mindset, momentum and beatable.

Mark Lawrenson says that when you finally get a win, it can change the ‘mindset’ of a team.

Bournemouth are a team in great form and sixth in the table but the BBC Sport says that only counts for so much, the bottom line being they are ‘beatable’ as it isn’t as though Newcastle are playing away from home against one of the top teams.

Lawrenson says that the ingredients are now there for ‘momentum’ if Newcastle can make it consecutive victories before this next international break.

The former Liverpool player doesn’t though believe there is any ‘surge up the table’ on the cards, though actually, if they win Newcastle could go as high as 14th.

This would represent a five place move up the table over the course of two weekends and would also mean they’d tripled their points in that time period, this would be very much a ‘surge’ in the context of this season so far.

Mark Lawrenson believes this mini surge is on and has gone for a comfortable 2-0 victory for Rafa and his players.

Here’s hoping he makes it two weeks in a row for successful NUFC predictions/guesses.

Mark Lawrenson talking to BBC Sport:

“Like Huddersfield, Newcastle picked up their first win of the season last week.

“Which will have been a massive weight lifted off their players’ shoulders.

The Magpies also get the chance to follow up that win against beatable opposition, and on home turf too.

“When I say “beatable”, I mean that as good as Bournemouth have been this season, it is not as though the Magpies are going away to play a top-four team.

“As a player, when you finally win a game after a long wait, it can change your mindset.

“I am not saying the Magpies are going to surge up the table, but this is a chance for Rafa Benitez’s side to carry on their momentum.

“Prediction is Newcastle 2 Bournemouth 0.”

  • Paul Patterson

    If only we’d competed with them in the transfer market.
    We are constantly playing teams at a disadvantage under this owner. It would be nice to find a couple of teams that we can go toe to toe with, at least financially.

    • Clarko

      – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €67.70m vs Brighton’s starting eleven cost €48.75m (fees for Kayal and Stephens undisclosed)

      – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €55.50m vs Cardiff’s starting eleven cost €21.44m (fee for Zohore undisclosed)

      – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €45.40m vs Nottingham Forest’s starting eleven cost €18.73m (fee for Lolley undisclosed)

      Lying as usual. Side note, we didn’t win any of the games listed above…

      • Vodkamagpie

        Bang on clarko. This money argument is just a issue/topic for fans to moan and complain.

        • Clarko

          I have no problem with people complaining with the lack of spend in the summer, that is a legit complain, if people want to complain about that then fine but be accurate and don’t lie about not being able to go ‘toe to toe’ with teams ‘financially’.

          Now I know that I said that I have no problem with people complaining with the lack of spend but that was four months ago? Get over it, we failed to win against three, financially inferior teams (listed above), why is everyone ignoring that? Why is everyone ignoring the poor performances? Why is everyone ignoring the poor tactical choices? It’s bizarre.

    • Leazes.

      As the owner positioned our club at 17th this time there might be a couple we’ll compete with…..probably more next season.

    • Jorge

      Accrington Stanley. Hartlepool?