You might have seen mentions in the media of Newcastle fans softening their opposition to Mike Ashley due to the team picking up six points from the last two matches.

What this is really saying then, is that Ashley would somehow be deserving of some credit for the victories.

His actions somehow contributing to the positive results…

That line of thinking though is surely fatally flawed.

Imagine Usain Bolt lining up at the Olympics and his coach had come up with some new tactics. Putting a blindfold on the 100m champion, then building a wall and digging a hole between the runner and the finishing line.

If Usain Bolt still won the race, would/should he be thanking his coach for the ‘help’ he had given?

Any positive result that Rafa Benitez and his team achieve is despite Mike Ashley’s involvement at Newcastle United.

Starving the manager of proper transfer funds and blocking certain transfers, even when the money was coming from that same small pot of cash, cannot in any way be described as ‘helping’ the club’s cause.

The fact that from the very minute the season kicked off, this season’s aim was simply to avoid relegation, tells you everything about the situation Mike Ashley created.

Momentum created by promotion as champions and then a top half Premier League finish, deflated in an instant (summer transfer window).

Newcastle fans and players and manager should have been looking up this season, not balancing precariously and looking down at the rocks below.

The battle has to go on in persuading Mike Ashley to sell Newcastle United and for Rafa Benitez to stay on as manager.

The two things are surely inextricably linked.

The boycott of the Wolves match on Sunday 9 December is the big one, a chance for all fans to register their protest. The opportunity to put a line in the sand.

It is everybody’s free will whether to go to that (or any other) game but a half full St James Park would send a powerful message.

The aim/expectation isn’t that this would be a guaranteed departure for Mike Ashley but it would tell him which direction things will head in, sooner or later, if he clings onto the club.

A little (90 minutes) short-term pain for hopefully long-term gain, a one-match boycott is something we can all come together and support.

If you don’t support the boycott it doesn’t mean you are a Mike Ashley fan but what it does mean, is that you will have missed this one chance to help collectively make clear to him how strongly you/we feel.

  • JoeHarvey

    If you don’t support the boycott it does’n’t mean you are a Mike Ashley fan but…you might as well be.

  • panther

    if you dont support the boycott, you have no place anywhere near NUFC

    • Realist

      😂🤣 says who?

      • JohnnyH


        • Realist


    • Hughie

      Rubbish- Ashley wont take a blind bit of notice. How long have you been on the planet – 5 minutes? Dont be so naiive.

      • Peaco

        The naivety is to think that it is simply about the direct impact to Ashley of not turning up as distinct from the secondary impacts. If you want him gone you have to make everything a struggle for him and his cronies. You have to make it difficult, by not shrugging and handing over money. You have to show that the product he owns is poor. You have to wear them down to the point where it is too much effort for them to stay. Public protests like the one in Oxford St yesterday is one of a great number of strings to the metaphorical bow. A boycott is another, not purchasing merchandise is another, etc, etc. We must hurt him as much as is within our gift, and then think about how to hurt him some more.

        • JohnnyH

          Absolutely spot on mate

  • Leicester Mag

    One thing is sure the road to Demasus ain’t going to be reached from Ashley’s side of the road!

  • Rich Lawson

    Sadly your probably right about the Ashley out/Rafa stays scenario but on the other hand surely everything we have learned about ”Mike” is that he is stubborn,uncaring about his public persona and not easily intimidated ? We are just a tiny part of his empire,if the rags are cheap enough people will still buy from SD and if we win at Burnley there will be at least 50,000 at Wolves. He won’t go until he wants to or is just bored with owning a football club or can buy another one closer to home.

    • Leazes.

      You are saying some people can’t or won’t be reached by argument and are without an ounce of moral fortitude….. I think they’ll do it…

      ….I give them more credit than that, they know its for their club and they’ll stand up and be counted.

      • Rich Lawson

        They will, but sadly it wont make an ounce of difference to the man in the ivory tower.

    • Wezza

      He won’t sell the club because he and SD makes hundreds of millions from the club. The trolls like to state the FCB doesn’t make a penny from the club.
      Why else does he own it?
      He certainly doesn’t run it with the clubs’ best interests and ambitions at heart.

  • Wezza

    Don’t agree with the title but if you want things to change you have to make a stand. Or just keep buying season tickets and being served up 17th or above football yearly all the while the FCB takes hundreds of millions.
    The people have a choice.

  • JohnnyH

    The boycott of the Wolves game is the first real opportunity, where we can demonstrate that we are organised and have solidarity as supporters of our club.

    If the boycott is well supported it will generate publicity, and attention to what Ashley is doing to the club.

    If it is not well supported we will look like failures.

    Doing nothing is just acceptance of a future that will be like the last eleven years.



  • 5floorshigh

    even if the boycott is significant, it will amount to nothing, Ashley knows this…..the boycott would need to be a sustained effort for every game otherwise it is a pointless comment…like we are unhappy…’so what’

    • Leazes.

      Not many clubs have a problem of having too many fans for a 50k stadium….

  • Down Under Mag

    The wolves boycott is a chance to make a statement, plain and simple. To try and effect change. To show the TV companies that value their money making product that fans do count and that we will eventually have had enough of it all.

    I’ve always backed everyone to make their own decision – however, those claiming it doesn’t matter, Ashley already has their money, it’s my only day out a week are completely missing the point – or just looking for an excuse to not do anything.

    As the old saying goes, all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing!

  • Themoscow72

    Rafa and Lascelles have asked for the fans support not a boycott. If a certain section of the fans carry on like they are Rafa will leave as he does not like protests which affect the team. There are only 2,327 tickets left for the Wolves game so support the team. That game could be the difference to staying up or going down.
    I have bought 11 tickets so all we need is a couple of thousand more season ticket holders to buy one each for a full house.

    • Kev Newcastle England

      You full of shy*e rich twatt

  • mactoon

    If you are going to go to the match why not put a message on paper and cover the front sponsor of your shirt, the TV cameras will pick that up. Even if you don’t boycott you can still protest.


    • Realist