Jamaal Lascelles, a Newcastle United captain with no sense of even one decade of history at this club.

“If there are divides, I think it creates problems.

“ If everyone in Newcastle stopped the negativity and tried to form a unity, that would help.

“When there are problems going on around off the pitch, it does have an effect on you as players.

“It would help if everyone came together and put all that bad energy into positive energy, helping us get three points. That’s what everybody wants.”

Honestly Jamaal Lascelles, give your head a shake.

Mike Ashley had it in his hands YET AGAIN to avoid a relegation crisis last summer.

Only to choose YET AGAIN to take money out himself, ready to LEND the club some more if we go down, adding to our non-existent debt given current advertising fees paid by most companies to premiership sides.

OK, so he’s made you very rich and secure with a contract but don’t bullsh.. supporters who know exactly what Ashley’s reasons are for his continuing use of NUFC, none of which are to do with the progression of our beloved club.

Our negativity cited by you is not the reason we are heading to the Championship, as well you should know by now.

The tangled web he wove at Rangers is nothing compared to what has been spun inside NUFC. Premiership payments plus transfer profits seemingly disappearing, yet a meal in an Italian restaurant has bought your soul.

Well, as a supporter since 1966 may I disagree.

With some proper history behind me, I can confidently state that once again we will be relegated for sure this season.

Then the club will be loaned money to increase our debt to HIM and after our next promotion…then wait for the inevitable rinse and repeat.

What everyone wants isn’t three points but a permanent cure from this malignant parasite who continues to suck dry the lifeblood of this club.

The Leicester City owner was a shining example of what UNITY truly is, supporting his beloved club and supporting local charities and community projects – a figurehead we can only dream of.

Don’t try and tell us how to think and behave Jamaal Lascelles, there are people out here who have down the years invested many thousands of pounds that we couldn’t really afford, in pursuit of the dream.

Right now it is a living nightmare, season on season, and the lies and those that swallow them are becoming tiresome.

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  • Billmag

    A really, really, good post well done.👍

  • Paul Patterson

    I seem to remember Captain Colo coming out with the same BS in 2015.
    Ashley seems to enjoy using people as PR patsies. The higher profile and the more well liked the better.
    And people criticise KK for walking away in disgust- Pah, he was a very principled man and should be applauded outright for it. 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Kenny

    Never ending nightmare unless the Fat Rat is driven out of the club,
    by any means possible short of violence.

  • Themoscow72

    Lascelles is the Club Captain with a massive responsibility on his shoulders and is trying to do his best to bring everyone together to fight relegation. He is telling you the protests are damaging the team as is Rafa. However no doubt the protesters will love it if we get relegated. However bad news you will definitely be stuck with Ashley till we get back up as he will not sell at a loss so your protests are only prolonging his stay. Rafa and Lascelles have asked for the fans support and it is falling on deaf ears. If we get relegated, Rafa walks and Ashley stays the protesters will have played a massive part so thanks for that.

    • Kenny

      The protests are not damaging the the team,
      all was lost in a pile of schit before the protests.
      under investment in players and asset stripping the club to it`s bare bones
      there lies the true blame.

      • Themoscow72

        That is what he is saying that the players lack confidence and this is not helping with protest songs four minutes into matches. Will be in the Bulls at ten.

        • Rabid Dog

          So who is to blame for where we are Monk? Is it the manager? Is it the players? Is it Charnley? Is it coaching staff? The owner? It surely isn’t the fans is it?

          Who do you see as responsible for our predicament?

    • Leicester Mag

      Club captain of a football club a massive responsibility?! haddaway and 💩. Massive responsibility sits with those who save people’s lives ambulance men/ surgeons etc. Not pampered footballers

      • Ram Kishore

        I definitely agree with you on the
        ‘Club captain of a football club is not a massive responsibility’

    • Malcolm Fisher

      They’ve had ten yrs of support. Time for the team to give us something to support. JUDAS.

  • Leazes.

    I think you can easily form ‘unity’ as was demonstrated around what Keegan and John Hall tried to do…. that was unity! We knew what we wanted had a goal and ambition (Before the Wynyard Hall development got into trouble) Fantastic to be a part of it all…. Keegan taking plane loads of Tyneside kids to the arctic circle to meet Santa….. total immersion community club.

    How do you unify around a team which everyone knows has been bought for peanuts or borrowed devoid of talent or match winners… and when people like Kenedy let slip their desire to play for Chelsea, and your captain goes to the press saying ‘Ashley is a nice bloke’….. what? woah there!


  • Paul Cannell

    Our club captain is dead to me.

  • Gallowgate1982

    Oi Lascelles ….NOOOO!!! call for unity when you haven’t been on a losing/draw run that has seen us rock bottom of the premier league…are you telling me its the crowds fault that kennedy missed a penalty and was completely sh*te against arsenal to the point that he dithered on the ball whilst being the last man? Are you telling me that the negative attitude of the team in most games whilst trying to win a nil nil draw is the crowds fault? Are you telling me that because Mike Ashley slurped the sh*t out of your ar*e at a restaurant in Ponteland its the crowds fault? Are you telling me that Joselu and Perez’s inability to control, make runs , gamble up front, score goals as they’re paid to do is the crowds fault?
    Are you telling me that the fans must accept below mediocrity because its the crowds fault? #d*ck #Gof#ckyourself

  • Kenny

    the political editor of the Mirror has given both Ashley & Lascelles the lickings of a dog.

  • Peaky

    Just when you think Jenas is more than enough there’s a new JJ in town……enter Judas Jamaal…..

    • Kenny

      could well finish him with the fans, it was a really stupid thing to come out with in the current circumstances

      • Peaky

        Yes….bad timing at its very very worst…

      • Billmag

        It’s a good job he can play football because he hasn’t got anything between his ears.

  • Peaky

    New board game out just in time for Christmas…..”Where’s Jezza ???”…….I think he’s gone monastic and taken an oath of silence except for the occasional random “I told you so”…..😳😳

  • GlasgowMag

    The fans will unite when this workshop owner is gone!! I have just read this BS in the Mirror what has happened to this once proud socialist paper!! No way this BS would of been printed in the 80s-90s this rag is nothing but a mouthpiece for the SD PR department the Editor should hang his head in shame!! Ashley out!!

  • Ram Kishore

    Guys give him a break. Lascelles was just giving a opinion about someone whom he met for few hours.
    He doesn’t know everything that happened in the last 11 years.
    If he wanted to criticise owner, he can’t and won’t.
    Just being reasonable

    • Billmag

      Ram did he not see the news about Ashley being in front of the select committee for his disgraceful working practices at Shirebrook, I personally don’t think any less of the lad but he should have thought before he spoke about a man that’s systematicly ruining our club.

      • Dillon Tovak

        Probably not, I can’t imagine footballers read the news. My mum told me dele alli was on gogglebox and he didn’t know what a composer was. 🤨

        • Billmag


  • Lascelles was trying to say all this negativity is hurting the players and their performance. We all know Ashley is bad, but can we please save it till it’s time to renew your season tickets? Then you can boycott and it would be meaningful.
    Until the end of January I am backing the team and Rafa 100%, come what may. It’s going to be painful to watch but I’ve been through Carver and McClown which had far better overall teams than what we have now, a much weaker opposition and did about the same. HOWAY THE LADS and let’s get three points against Watford, if nor Bournemouth, if not Wolves.
    If Ashley doesn’t invest significantly in the team in January and Rafa doesn’t sign a new deal we can all start mass boycotting, but until then, give the lads a chance and cheer them on even when they are bad.

    • Tweed Mag

      For many years I would have shared your sentiments. Not any longer. Lascelles dropped a clanger yesterday, set up by Ashley’s goons. Had he delivered a couple of bags of groceries at the NUFC foodbank, there would have been unity beyond his wildest dreams, instead we got ‘Nice Guy Mike’. I hope the lad has reflected on his words (he backtracked big style on the wireless) and he plays a blinder tomorrow and for the rest of the season. Actions speak louder than words Jamaal, especially when you read out a script from KBA.

      • You are very upset because we are on a bad run. If this was announced last year when we were going strong I doubt things would appear as dim.

        • Tweed Mag

          Possibly, but it was not. We also had a nightmare from the end of Oct last year. Wonder why?

          • Injuries. We had a very decent squad last year and most of all half the teams in prem were either in turmoil or lacking investment.
            That has changed and on top of not investing we lost Merino and Mitrovic without a like for like, not to mention an improvement.
            Remember our first match against Spurs? We were on the level of last year but got a few key injuries (Shelvey, Lascelles, Ritchie, Lejeune, Dummett) and got on a bad run. We lack depth, so do more than half the Prem, but they either got a more decent bench or lucky to avoid injuries to key players.

          • Tweed Mag

            Yes, lack of investment.

        • Billmag

          Ashley has done too much damage to this club for people to show anything but contempt for the man.

          • And we will, but if he at least tries to get the club in the top 10 every year it would actually be enough for me. Apart from that, we need a very rich and ambition owner, and that is not Mike Ashley *the ambitious part.

      • The kid is scared this year. I would actually make Fernandez or Dubarvka captain if I was Benitez. He just had a kid and you think differently and act differently with a little one in the house. I forgive Jamaal, as he was either fed those lines, or didn’t think them through. No point in harassing the boy who in all fairness is one of the reasons we are in the Prem and again he was bought for almost nothing. Look at how bad Darlow is, and I think he was more expensive than the two when we signed them from Forrest.

    • GlasgowMag

      I don’t think anyone is saying don’t support the team. Yes hopefully 3 points on Saturday but even if the fatboy panic buys in January to save his cash cow skin it doesn’t make a difference to me!! Only way forward for our club if this workshop owner is gone Ashley out!!

      • It does if Rafa gets 2-3 good players to add to our existing 2-3 and then probably add some more in the summer. This would give the team a top 10 platform. Nobody is expecting Ashley to suddenly challenge top 4 in one go and spend like 250-300m!
        What should be done:
        1. Support the team and manager fully until January
        2. January comes and 2-3 quality attacking players are signed quickly and Rafa gets a new contract with plans to improve academy and ground/facilities.
        3. We avoid relegation
        4. Look to move all not good enough players and bring in better ones to enhance competition for places. Do most deals early in the summer, so all important players have a full pre-season.
        5. Ashley either sells or at least invests 40m per year in the squad + above 50% of money from players sold.

        • Geordiegiants

          Howare man mate what you been drinking?

        • KennySamsung

          Ha ha sorry I’ll comment when I work out what thd hell your talking about

        • Billmag

          C’mon Steven have you learnt nothing under fatty, whilst I admire your dream’s I think you have been in a bubble for the last 11 years.

          • grantham mag

            I think he is eleven.

          • What a wonderful assessment of my constructed comments. How mature of you.

          • I have, but I also learn people live, learn and sometimes do the right thing, even FCB like Ashley. I support the team not the regime and the team right now ain’t class but is giving everything for the fans and the gaffer and I won’t boycott and continue to support them.

        • Pezza

          Wow, are you saying you want the club to borrow £40m a year?

          • No, this money would actually put the club presumable on level terms of money spent and earned and keep it financially stable. MIke gets about 150-160M a year for being in the Prem, expenses should be around 100m, so asking to invest 40-50 out of the 60 left is all I’m hoping for. I have no bling ambition Ashley will give 50m of his own money.

          • Pezza

            Ok, we got around £175m last season, costs are around £140. We can, under Ffp, pay an extra £7m in wages yr on yr.

            We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by The Mag. Find out more.

          • Pezza

            I’ll edit this kater

        • Cockneytrev

          You mustn’t have been paying attention over the last 11 years,
          1)Ashley won’t invest
          2)Ashley won’t sell
          3)Ashley will take out hundreds of millions

          • I have been here the past 20. It’s his fault we are here, but boycotting now, before giving the team a chance to pick themselves up a bit is just not fair to the players and Rafa. Boycott games when the team gets out of the bottom 3 (if that is).

          • Wezza

            It isn’t a boycott against the players it is a protest against this heinous regime.

          • I know that, just don’t think it’s the right time to do it. I support and understand fans wanting to boycott, we disagree on when to.

          • Wezza

            Beat me too it Trev!

        • GlasgowMag

          Steven this is pie in the sky. Ashley doesn’t do responsible ownership stuff if he was going to back Rafa and change his spots the above would of been done after our promotion year!! Get with the cause support the demonstrations and hopefully we will oust this workhouse owner so we can all have something to look forward to Ashley out!!!

          • I will, but after January if no decent players are brought and Rafa doesn’t sign a new deal.

      • I too want Ashley gone but at the moment we are stuck with him and most of all our players and manager. Even if Ashley sells tomorrow, we still can’t buy anyone until January.

    • Geordiegiants

      So if he drip feeds you just enough you will keep going ??!
      My goodness he really has got us all where he wants us! He really has lowered our expectations.

      • Yes, mate. Look at how much money Prem teams are spending, Ashley just won’t do it. Oil and Russian Cockney clubs have ruined the Premier League. Look at the wages of Luke Shaw who was barely fit to have a game at Man U! Should Siem De Jong be paid 100k a week? The finance of the Premier league is gone to the dogs and the FA keeps taking the money and closing their eyes!

        • Geordiegiants

          So your saying yes as long as he drip feeds you the bare minimum you will keep giving him support?
          It’s all about doing what is best for the team, and the best thing anyone could do is force Jabba out. In life we all have to make sacrifices, or be cruel to be kind. Something needs doing NOW!

    • Wezza

      ‘If Ashley doesn’t invest’

      Every year the same, why the if? He won’t.

      • He does, every time he sees the club might get relegated. The problem is, he gambles with the club’s Premier League status by almost never investing in the summer.

    • Pezza

      Good point.

      • Somebody with senses and thinking clearly. I know that’s hard in these tough times for our team, but it’s our team and we must support it.

    • grantham mag

      The problem is the team is not good enough to get the points that are needed and that is the fattwats fault.

  • Kneebotherm8

    5 words that spring to mind about Lascelles’ comments,but not necessarily in that order…..

  • Ron

    I agree if everyone backed the team and supported the hierarchy then we would possibly get some better results. BUT we’d still have Ashley and therefore allowed no ambition. I almost pay anything for him to go!

    • Pezza

      Why not

  • Pezza

    Really,vwhat an article

  • Geordiegiants

    What a way for Jabba to advertise Jamal, he was forced into the statement, the fans turn on him and hey presto, he is sold!

  • MadMag83

    I like Lascells but I really don’t think the supposed negativity is the reason behind the poor performances. The fans could create an amazing atmosphere against Watford and they’ll still get stuffed because this bunch of players aren’t good enough, and that is the fault of Ashley and his penny pinching.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things whether there is across the board unity or complete division at the club.
    The bottom line being : “You Cannot Make A Bad Side Play Any Better.”
    Newcastle have a lot of rubbish players at the club so Lascelles can say what he likes, But all it is doing is distracting away from the truth.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    The mag should shake their head in shame that is not what he said. The guy who hasnt put his real name to it should be ashamed. Click bait

    • Bill

      Totally agree. The Mag is out of step with the majority of fans on this, as they have been for ages. The complete negativity of the site has driven me away. The only boycott I will be taking part in is the boycott of this site and all its associates.

      • Benmagpie

        Agree with both of you. It’s ridiculous. One person commented that ‘the captain is dead’ …… never heard such rubbish in my life. He perfectly and reasonably explained what he meant on the radio. I don’t like Ashley as the owner but he’s not my boss. Do any of us really believe that any of the blow hards on this site….. who don’t even go to the games that they’re shouting for a boycott of……would call their boss a fat parasite to his face?? Keyboard warriors the lot of them. Ideal situation is Ashley sells (which of course requires a buyer), lascelles and Rafa stay. HTL

        • Sickandtired

          Give over. Basically he said Ashley is a nice normal bloke – IF you completely ignore everything else about him including how he operates this club.
          Lascelles clearly has no problem in doing that, and quite frankly that is more than open for criticism.

          • Benmagpie

            He made it clear in the radio interview that his opinion was entirely based on one meeting over a meal where the club and football in general were not topics of discussion. I’m not an Ashley apologist. I have no idea what he’s like as a person but as a club owner he’s made loads of mistakes. I hope a suitable buyer comes along soon. But be honest….. if you had just had a baby and were getting 40,000 a week or whatever it is would you publicly admonish your boss? I just think it’s very easy to condemn people in the comfort of your own keyboard but In The real world you have to be pragmatic. Who knows, perhaps privately jamaal DID say something to Ashley. None of us really know for sure.

          • Sickandtired

            He’s the Captain of the team and he’s been here long enough to know exactly what the owner is like for this club.
            It’s 100% easy to condemn Ashley – and why the F are you not? MP’s have, the press have, business opponents have, his shareholders have and last of all us supporters have.
            Get a grip of yersel.

          • Benmagpie

            I said in my post that he’s made loads of mistakes and needs to sell. Absolutely needs to sell. If we can find a buyer. What I won’t do is become a keyboard warrior and issue threats and call him names. He needs to sell….. that’s evident. But threatening his life or calling him names won’t expedite that. The only way we will attract a new owner is if the club looks like an attractive proposition. That’s just a fact. It’s catch 22. We can’t force him to sell unless there’s someone to buy. Will a boycott make us attractive to a new owner? I hope so but really who knows?

          • Sickandtired

            This was about Lascelles and his comments. No idea why you are rambling on about death threats.
            Ashley has indeed made mistakes – but mistakes suggest no blame. The inescapable fact is the majority of his devious tactics have been entirely on purpose.

          • Benmagpie

            In your comment you wrote ‘ it’s easy to condemn Ashley…. why the F have you not?’ That’s what I was responding too. And I agree that Ashley is a devious opportunist businessman.

          • Sickandtired

            Your [email protected] must be sore from sitting on the fence is all I can say.
            Your criticism of the owner amounts to nowt more than saying he has made ‘mistakes’.

      • Wezza

        Then kindly do one then. Simple.

      • Tino o

        You will be missed

    • Sickandtired

      It’s what he’s quoted as saying to the press (go look at Shields Gazette, or Mirror).

  • Brian Standen

    I like the Mag and of course plenty negativity. But everyone has an opinion !
    I’m just looking forward to tomorrow and the first win!

    • Superdooperhooper

      We’re all looking forward to the first win but why are you looking forward to tomorrow ?

  • Blackburn1066

    The Mag pulls the Toon down all the time but just hang in there we found a way to get to ASHLEY the mag is a peace of cake.

  • Martin

    I have just read an article on True Faith that ends by saying that Lascelles doesn’t give a fu*k about Newcastle United. It’s an astonishing comment. I have seen enough of Lascelles on and off he pitch since he had been there to know that he does not deserve this comment. How does trashing the club captain help to persuade the 40,000 who did not join the boycott against Spurs to join the boycott against Wolves? Yet the same people laugh at Bishop’s bad PR.

    • Superdooperhooper

      So what’s your point so called Martin ? Get off the fence

      • Martin

        My point is so called Superdooperhooper that if a boycott is to have any effect is needs probably a half empty stadium. Trashing Lascelles and calling for a boycott in one article will not persuade the undecided to join the boycott and is counter-productive.

        • Superdooperhooper

          How are the splinters in your @res? Uncomfortable ? Boycott or not ? I haven’t been since keegan walked out

  • Tino o

    Time to put this to bed now ffs . Overreacting? Target Ashley! Boycott wolves!!!

  • Toon

    The Mag really has sold its sole for the click bait, either that or they are just utter thick, idiots