The Premier League clubs at the centre of a plan to form a European Superleague have been revealed.

A whole load of revelations had been promised via ‘football leaks’ this week and as well as allegations claiming FIFA have helped Man City and PSG avoid FFP sanctions, the European Sueprleague has once again reared its ugly head.

Before the Premier League was formed to try and ensure certain clubs got a lot more money than the rest, the idea of a European Superleague was regularly voiced.

The growth of the Champions League and especially the amounts of cash involved, have/had also helped dampen down the idea.

However, one thing is for sure, the rich will always look at ways to become even richer.

It is German magazine Der Spiegel and European Investigative Collaborations, a network of international media, who have broken this latest story on a planned European Superleague.

They say a Champions League compromise was reached in 2016 that temporarily halted plans for such a league but that it is now back on the agenda, with a plan that would see 11 European clubs creating a Super League in 2021, when the agreement on the Champions League format and revenue sharing ends.

The ‘football leaks’ reports says that under the plan, the 11 ‘founders’ could not be relegated from the Super League, then to make up the numbers, five ‘guest teams’ would be invited to make it into a 16 team competition.

The intention being to have this replacing the current 32 team Champions League.

The founding clubs (who under the agreement would not face relegation for at least 20 years) named are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus, Chelsea, Arsenal, PSG, Manchester City, Liverpool, AC Milan and Bayern Munich.

As for the five guest clubs, they are named as being planned to be: Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Marseille, Inter Milan and Roma.

Nothing would surprise you when it comes to greed in football, FIFA itself having shown itself to be leading the way in that respect.

We have had constant attempts by clubs in England and Spain, amongst others, who want to play some league matches around the world, to generate even more money. No doubt that if this European Superleague did happen, we would see an ever increasing number of those games played in other countries, no matter what the fans of competing clubs would say.

  • Paul Patterson

    Clubs who Under the agreement wouldn’t face relegation for at least 20 years?


    The game as a game is broken already, this will be another step towards it.

  • Peaky

    Man City wouldn’t have even been considered before the current owners….come to think of it neither would Fatty’s club Chelsea…

  • London_Mag

    What is it with these Europeans always trying to make new governance arrangements where they have more control and normal English fans wouldn’t have a voice. Sounds familiar to me!
    Our fans don’t want it so we don’t have to accept it!
    Just like we have taken a stance against European Federalism with Brexit we should do so with any attempt to turn “our” football league into a “super” league where we would have no say. It would likely be run by a bunch of crooks like Sept Blatter.

  • nufcslf

    What an absolute stupid f**king idea from the first time it was mentioned years ago. Don’t even watch the The Champions League as it is. I only support one team…and until fatty is gone, don’t even give a sh*t about it at present…that is never going to be close to even competing in the prem under this fat c**t owner, so to see this go ahead would be the end of football for me.

  • Kenny


  • Martin Rooney

    Tottenham, Everton Villa toon mackems Leeds West Ham sheff wed West Brom Southampton leicester wolves Watford Burnley Brighton palace Fulham and others could all provide a first class top league without those greedy clubs.
    Let them go and bar them from all domestic comps

  • Andy Mac

    The founding clubs guaranteed not to be relegated for 20 years ?

    That’s not football Football is all about competition. If you take that away then what you’re left with is a whole season of meaningless friendlies ?