Eddie Howe has been looking forward to Saturday’s game at St James Park.

The Bournemouth Manager taking his pre-Newcastle press conference on Friday morning.

Still only 40, ironically he is the longest serving manager at any of the 20 Premier League clubs.

Appointed back in October 2012, 17 days before Sean Dyche got the Burnley job.

Both clubs benefiting by finding the right man and sticking with him.

Eddie Howe thinks it will be a tougher game for Bournemouth due to the belated confidence Rafa’s players picked up with their first win of the season, having to wait three months for it.

As for the Cherries, Howe thinks that a pivotal reason for their current sixth place was winning the first two games of the season, giving them the confidence.

Accidentally, Eddie Howe also has pointed out a major factor in Newcastle’s shocking start to the season.

The Bournemouth boss thinks their early season form and victories was very much down to a ‘really good pre-season’ for the club.

This is the exact opposite of the farce Rafa Benitez was forced to put up with.

Not only did Mike Ashley insist on a £20m+ profit on transfer deals, he also prevented Rafa making the early signings he wanted to, so they could get settled in and help hit the ground running.

The pre-season friendlies saw signing get these amounts of minutes in the pre-season friendly programme: Rondon (0), Fernandez (75), Muto (0), Kenedy (67), Schar (102), Ki (130), even Dubravka only got 142 minutes.

Obviously the fact that Eddie Howe has been backed to make £20m+ signings, rather than just selling them, doesn’t do any harm either…

Eddie Howe:

“The mentality going to Newcastle this year has to be the same as last.

“The circumstances of the game are different but the mentality has to be the same.

“I think both results against Newcastle last year, in different ways, helped us and we learned a lot from them.

“It’s difficult to win in the Premier League. Every game is so different,

Newcastle will be on a high going into this one, so it’ll be tough.

“I think a really good pre-season has helped us this year.

“The first couple of wins also gave us confidence and that was pivotal.

“Joshua (King) has been training this week.

“We’ll make a late decision on him.

“At the moment, we’re not sure if he’ll play or not, so we’ll have to see.

“I’m delighted for Callum Wilson and his family (after the striker’s England call-up).

“It’s fully deserved in my opinion and I’m delighted he’s been paid back for the mental strength he’s shown.

“He faced those moments on the sidelines with courage. Never a day did I see him down, which is sometimes very difficult.

“I think Callum is a very positive and driven person. He’s really well liked by his team-mates, so I’m sure they’re delighted for him.”

  • Paul Patterson

    A couple of £20m players that were Rafa’s first choice would have had us playing on a fair pitch with them.
    A club with less than 12,000 fans at home games and they show more ambition than us. That’s the legacy of this owner . .

    • X2

      I’m envious of Bournemouth fans. They have a real football club to support. Good luck to them. We just get to listen to Ashley lies and spin.

      • Kneebotherm8

        10 years ago they were on the verge of non league oblivion…. now they’re head and shoulders above us….

  • mentalman

    Did MA really insist the club had to make a £20m+ profit in the summer or is it just another line the mag likes to cling on to

    • Carverlier football

      I don’t think he picked a target profit, and the word “insisted” is being overused, but the underlying message of gross underinvestment stands. You never told us who all those amazing bargain buys that other clubs made are yet btw…

    • mactoon

      I don’t think he ‘insisted’ we made a profit, I think he merely refused to sanction purchases to try and get Rafa to sign a new contract.

      • Danimal

        Yeah, he isn’t signing a contract because he doesn’t believe he’ll be backed. Backing him even less sounds like a terrific way of persuading him to sign. Genius.

        • Kneebotherm8

          Does he not take honest Mikes word on these things ?……..

    • JohnnyH

      What do you think?

    • Paul Patterson

      The bare minimum to just get by. That’s the clubs unofficial policy. If a profit can be made then all the better.
      It’s been like that for 10 years. Buy low, sell high. Ashley buys up business’ in his retail empire and trims the fat off them. It’s the same at the football club, buy low sell high and re-invest as little as possible each time.
      Eventually it catches up with you and fails to work effectively.

    • GlasgowMag

      In any event your point is irrelevant because the reality is he did make a 20m + profit!!!

    • KennySamsung


  • mactoon

    This is groundhog day. The only man around the club who knows anything about football is Rafa. He insists on getting transfers done early in the window in order to bed them in so they get used to playing with their new team mates in preparation for the new season. He does his homework early and provides names to Charnley. Then for whatever reason, nothing is done until late on, meaning the players who do come in have no time to be integrated into the team.

    It may be due to Ashley not wanting to pay wages early on but I think the main reason is that they try to get Rafa’s first choices cheaply by offering bids below the selling clubs’ valuations meaning in reality we have no chance of getting them and end up with cheaper players down the list or loan deals very late in the window, having wasted the majority of the time haggling.

    I think the main problem is Ashley’s insistence on buying younger players with a sell on value and a transfer cap of around £10 million. Rafa’s choice of players fit neither criteria so our transfer windows are doomed from the beginning and that won’t change anytime soon.

  • Wor Lass

    Good man, Eddie Howe. It`s funny, though, mentioning him and Dyche like that because when Howe went to Burnley it just didn`t work for him. I think he went back after Bournemouth approached Burnley and the clubs came to an understanding. Howe went “home” and Dyche came in. I bet both clubs consider that a good bit of business. If we don`t start like we mean it tomorrow we could be paggered. Wilson and King are a handful and the young lad Brooks looks like a real prospect. I just hope you-know-who doesn`t come on to provide any late drama. I do think last week`s win will have lifted the lads, though, and they could give us another win.

    • Danimal

      Yes, I remember at the time Burnley was a big step up for him. They’ve both done well since but it looks like Bournemouth are the money club of the two. I’m disappointed we didn’t go for Brooks although I don’t think he was expected to be a first team regular at this stage, so no way any of our non-existent budget could have been risked.

    • KennySamsung

      ‘Paggered’ noted thanks .. we’ll win tomorrow 2-1 .. … 3 own goals

  • Ashley-out

    If they get the first goal then it will be curtains as it takes us 3 games to score one never mind two, a draw i think