A decision has been reached on the next Summer transfer window.

Earlier this year, the Premier League made the move to bring forward the closure of the summer transfer window compared to previous seasons.

The window closing the day before the Premier League kicked off, a move which meant for the last three and a bit weeks of August 2018, Premier League clubs couldn’t sign players BUT clubs from other leagues could buy English top tier players for the remainder of the month.

Prior to today’s meeting of Premier League clubs, there had been suggestions there could possibly be a groundswell of opinion for reverting back to the end of August.

However, that has proved not to be the case and once again the Premier League will close the summer transfer window the day before the 2019/20 season kicks off.

No dates have so far been confirmed as to what next season will kick off.

As for this next window which will (hopefully!) be of major interest to Newcastle fans, Premier League clubs  can sign players from midnight on Tuesday, January 1, 2019, up to 11pm on Thursday, January 31, 2019.

Next season will of course see Premier League clubs have a mid-season winter break (see below).

This having been agreed earlier this year.

The Mag – 27 February 2018:

A very interesting exclusive on Tuesday morning, revealing that the long talked about mid-season winter break will at last arrive in the Premier League.

The Times exclusive though, says that this won’t apply to the Championship and Leagues One and Two, as their 46 game league seasons means there is no room to accommodate it.

The newspaper reports that the winter break will start as from the 2019/20 season and that under the plan all Premier League clubs will end up with a guaranteed 13 day break without a game.

This will be accommodated by playing the FA Cup fifth round games all in midweek in early February and without replays

The Times say that the break would be staggered, with five Premier League matches taking place one weekend and five on another.

No doubt this will be to maximise the number of Live TV matches that can be shown and it was always a guarantee that it would be the FA Cup that would be further diminished to help make room for any winter break.

Newcastle fans will hardy notice the difference…

In the entire time Mike Ashley has owned the club, Newcastle have never reached the fifth round of the FA Cup, so a winter break has become the norm.

Rafa, the players and fans have just ‘enjoyed’ a 13 day winter break between the Man Utd and Bournemouth matches, then are set to enjoy a 21 day spring one.

If Spurs beat Rochdale in their FA Cup replay then after the home match with Southampton on Saturday 10 March, the next game will almost certainly not be until Huddersfield at home on Saturday 31 March. An international break and Spurs having to cancel the Friday 16 March Wembley fixture against Newcastle will ensure that.

The whole idea of the winter break is surely aimed almost entirely at pleasing the most powerful elite clubs, who tend to have Champions League matches and later rounds of the FA Cup to play.

The newspaper reports also claims that the England team will benefit from the break, with players having had a mid-season rest before Euro 2020 and future World Cups.

Most fans have England very low on their priorities and whatever measures they take that are supposed to help the national team never seem to see any visible signs of improvement. Just as having longer breaks away together hasn’t improved matters, a winter break isn’t going to magically make an inferior set of England players better than their rivals.

The winter break would bring the Premier League into line with all the other major European leagues, as Germany, Spain, France and Italy already have a mid-season break of between 11 and 22 days.

The EFL have dug their heels in though when it comes to the League Cup, insisting that this stays as a two-legged tie when reaching the semi-finals.

  • Peaky

    Excuse me…..but what’s a transfer window ????????

    • Carverlier football

      A period of time when Rafa’s use of the words “hopefully” and “right thing” increases…

      • Leazes.

        Hasn’t every manager used the same words?

        • Paul Patterson

          Yeah but the other clubs owners make a genuine attempt ..

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            I mean ours!

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      It`s when leazes goes on his hols as he knows sweet FA will happen

  • Leazes.

    They should close it one day before season tickets go on sale. so fans can see exactly what the are paying for….

    ….. but given eleven years of Ashley pulling plugs and Charnley dithering over third rate players its not hard to second guess an owner who is quoted as saying….

    ….’I’m not allowing the club to use what is left after I’ve taken my share’…. or words to that effect.


    • Wezza

      It’s not even his share, it’s the blooming lot!

  • Kenny

    Newcastle always have a mid-season break by getting knocked out of the Cup in the 1st match.

    • Realist

      It’s the 3rd round Kenny not the “1st match” little by little you prove your a shill.

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        It is our first match in the competition.

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    Good news will give Rafa plenty of time to get the players in he needs.

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      Brilliant idea, relay it to the Fat Rat

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    Does it make any difference to us wether the transfer window lasts for one day or one year, fatty’s stance is you get what you are given.

  • Leicester Mag

    We’ve had a mid season break every year, 5 mins after the 3rd round of the FA effort cup