Danny Mills had some interesting views after watching Burnley 1 Newcastle 2.

Working for Radio 5 Live he sees problems ahead for both Burnley fans AND Newcastle supporters.

When it comes to the home side, the BBC pundit thinks they have to change the way they play.

Danny Mills saying that Sean Dyche can’t keep to a plan of ‘Lumping long balls up to two big lads up front’ and expect them to climb the table.

As for Newcastle fans, he sees a very different problem.

Mills declaring: ‘The trouble for Newcastle fans is it looks like Rafael Benitez is going to do it again and will get Newcastle out of trouble. But that means Mike Ashley will stay. That’s the issue for them.’

It is a conundrum because with Ashley’s plan throughout his 11+ year rule being for Premier League survival with the cheapest outlay, why would he change his stance?

Last season, Rafa Benitez achieved 10th with minimal support in the transfer market.

Mike Ashley’s reaction to that was rather than helping Rafa to build from there, he instead insisted on a £20m+ profit on transfer deals this past summer.

Now Rafa has plucked three wins in a row, what will the NUFC owner be thinking if the manager can find another 10 points or more from these next seven matches before the transfer window opens, only one of these seven games being against a ‘big six’ club.

Of course, the difference this time is that Rafa Benitez only has months left on his contract and has repeatedly said he won’t decide on any extended stay until he sees what support he gets in this January window.

There is only one thing any normal Premier League club owner would do, but as we know to our cost by now, Mike Ashley doesn’t do normal.

As Danny Mills points out, the more Ashley thinks he can get by season by season in the Premier League, how will we ever see the back of him?

Danny Mills talking on Radio 5 Live:

During the match:

“How on earth have they missed that? Matt Ritchie has missed an open goal from two yards out.

“That is unbelievable!

“The game has a very lacklustre tempo, especially from Burnley. At home, you expect them to come out and have a real go at Newcastle but, just as in the first half, they’ve sat back.

“There’s a real lack of quality at times and you can understand why both of these teams are down at the bottom of the table.

“A goal could come from anywhere. Both sides lacking inventiveness in the final third.

“Newcastle look like they’re trying to play on the counter attack and protect their lead a little bit.

“They have only had two shots on target and scored two goals. I think you’d call that clinical.

“It seems like neither of these teams has done any work at all on defending crosses. Some of the clearances in this game have been dreadful!

“How hard did Joselu hit that ball?! It was a fabulous jinking run by Ayoze Perez and you just thought Joselu was going to place it. He absolutely leathered it and it smashed into the post.

“Keep the ball or go to the corner flag – that’s what Newcastle have to do.

“Run down the clock, because when Burnley get it you know exactly what they’re going to do. The ball is going straight in the box.”


“You have to start to think Burnley are in trouble. That’s why I posed the question to Burnley fans.

“At what point, if ever, does Sean Dyche come under pressure? I feel they have to find a different way to play.

“The trouble for Newcastle fans is it looks like Rafael Benitez is going to do it again and will get Newcastle out of trouble. But that means Mike Ashley will stay. That’s the issue for them.”

“I’m a massive fan of Sean Dyche. He’s worked wonders at this club and they’ve punched above their weight for so long.

“But you can’t keep playing like that – pumping long balls up to two big lads up front. They need something different.

“They’ll score the odd goal like that but not two or three and then you’re not going to dominate sides, so you’ll always be under pressure. They need to change the way they play.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Burnley 1 Newcastle 2


Newcastle: Fernandez (Mee own goal?) 4, Clark 23

Burnley: Vokes 40

Possession was Burnley 56% Newcastle 44%

Total shots were  Burnley 14 Newcastle 17

Shots on target were Burnley 4 Newcastle 3

Corners were  Burnley 5 Newcastle 5

Referee: Anthony Taylor

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Schar, Fernandez, Clark, Ritchie, Diame, Ki, Kenedy (Hayden 90), Rondon (Joselu 71), Perez

Unused Subs:

Woodman, Manquillo, Shelvey, Murphy, Atsu

Crowd: 20,628 (Newcastle 2,400)

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  • DZA

    Burnley problem they keep faith in Joe Hart which is good for the rest of us as he was a number 1 keeper but now just looks poor over the years. Joe has not done well with age which happened to Owen and Rooney etc. Otherwise, we played well last night and was unlucky not to score more and that shows our weakness up front and midfield as we failed to score more than two when the game was open.

    • Viru leckworth

      I was hoping someone could take a massive goalward punt up the pitch when Joe Hart wa pretending to be an attacking forward. And how did Richie miss from a couple of yards out?

      • DZA

        I was shocked Richie missed as he should of killed off the game at this point.

  • Toontaff

    Unfortunately, best case scenario appears to be : we stay up, due to Rafa, Rafa leaves, we leave. Next season we are relegated with a half empty SJP.

    • Kenny

      That`s about the strength of it

  • Lewis SG

    Burnley is incredible, no idea how they stacked up so many England national team goalies when they can only play one.

    Ashley Barnes is even more incredible, whenever you ask yourself, who the f is that guy? He then scores a looping header and then an overhead kick.

  • Kenny

    Both clubs spent hardly anything in the summer Dyche stated that months ago as did Rafa.
    Dyche is a very good manager but he came up against the Master.

    • Carverlier football

      Burnley, just like us, prove the need to compete in terms of investment. They did brilliantly last year with a limited squad, failed to build on it in the summer and guess what? They’re back floundering about at the bottom.

  • Leazes.

    When is ‘Jackie Smithfield’ going to analyse the way the Chronicle interprets United?….

    …. instead of these strangers from afar who sometimes get it right, you allow Douglas and Ryder to govern the thought process of the region unchallenged, you allow them to get away with murder.

    It was Douglas who fed the London and Manchester media with the fake stories of a club in debt and Ryder who downplays demand and expectations and together that makes one he ll of a potent force for the destruction of a footballing institution….

    …between them and Gibson and Oliver, Lowes and Anderson Starforth and Brown…. they’ve Allowed Ashley to take bit by bit the competitiveness of a sporting club and turn it into a social club, fit for day trippers for a matchday experience….

    ….a not so jolly boys outing!

    Where is your backbone….. Merson and Collymore, Owen and Wright are NOT the people doing the damage….. its much closer to home!

    Of course the London and Manchester media want United out of the way…. there are only so many prises up for grabs, and a competing club would intrude…. they have their perfect owner for United…. an asset stripping Chelsea fan….

    …..they must love Douglas and Ryder!


    If you care about the club stay in the pub.

  • Cushty lad

    Who gives a t**s what the chronic says. Do as you do to most sensible posters on here leases and block it. You keep going on about it. DON’T READ IT and stop boring us all. Stick to the beano or jackie,

  • Danimal

    In terms of the football, looks like Mills decided before the match what he was going to say and stuck to it, despite what was clearly happening in front of him. In terms of being stuck with Ashley, fair comment – but it looks like Jackie has muddied the waters by interspersing Mills’ comments with some of his/her own.