Daniel Sturridge has been charged with breaking  betting rules by the FA.

BBC Sport have covered the story and they have picked out the fact that the FA have stated that the breaches were claimed to have happened in January this year.

The BBC’s Simon Stone saying (see below) that this of course was the time when Daniel Sturridge went out on loan.

If you remember, the striker was supposed to be joining Newcastle for the second half of last season, the deal widely reported to be done and dusted and the player even said to be en route to Tyneside.

Only for suddenly it to be revealed that he was joining West Brom and Alan Pardew instead.

The implication clearly appears to be, which BBC Sport have picked out, that the betting offence could be related to betting on the next club a player will go to.

The charges against Daniel Sturridge include ‘providing information’, which could suggest he has simply told a mate who has then piled his money on the next club being West Brom, knowing fully well that  his horse is already past the post as a winner, due to the inside information.

The bets allowed on these kind of betting markets are normally quite limited because of exactly this reason, that somebody could have found out where a player is moving to.

If this is the case, I bet…Daniel Sturridge won’t be too impressed with whoever has put the bets on.

BBC Sport:

Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge has been charged by the Football Association with misconduct for alleged breaches of its betting rules in January this year.

It is alleged he breached one rule relating to betting on football, and one which covers providing information relating to football which has been “obtained by virtue of his position” and “is not publicly available”.

A Liverpool spokesman said Sturridge, 29, had co-operated fully “throughout this process” and “stated categorically that he has never gambled on football”.

The England international has been given until 18:00 GMT on Tuesday, 20 November to respond to the charge.

The Liverpool spokesman added: “As with any issue of this nature, we will allow the process to be concluded in its entirety before making any further comment.”

Sturridge, who joined Liverpool from Chelsea in 2013, spent the second half of last season at West Brom after moving on loan on 29 January.

BBC Sport’s Simon Stone

There has been no confirmation of what precisely Daniel Sturridge is alleged to have done.

However, in stating the offence took place in January this year, the Football Association appears to have provided a major clue.

January was when Sturridge sprang something of a surprise by joining West Brom on loan, when it had been expected he would move to Newcastle.

The FA has also pointed out that not only is it a breach for players to gamble on anything to do with football themselves, it also breaks the rules if they pass on ‘insider information’ to third parties.

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    So it doesn’t really involve Newcastle United.

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    Someone`s let him down!

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    Not bothered about that but what concerns me is why the MAG propagates the sponsor of LIVERPOOL FC…. the bookie B**V***r

    …..take money from United fans and give it to Liverpool for an advertisement featuring Merson, Wright, or Owen!

    Height of treachery or bloody stupidity…. more likely the latter.

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    Why offer effin stupid bets like this anyway? Struggle to see how society has benefitted from Betfuk allowing you to combine a bet of when the Ref last had a dump with the final outcome of a game.

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    Straws and Clutching are two words that come to mind here.

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    They’d have made more money betting how long he would last in his 1st match ?

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    Actually, there’s no connection with Newcastle United because no-one connected to our club had anything to do with this. We’ve got enough problems at NUFC without having to invent an imaginary connection to an alleged betting scam.

    And if Sturridge, who’s apparently on £150k per week, really did earn a few quid on the side from choosing to go to West Brom instead of Newcastle, then he really is the a*sehole that he always appears to be.

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    This waste of time can’t even bet properly