Newcastle Captain Jamaal Lascelles handed bumper new six year contract.

These were the headlines that greeted me when I went online this morning.

I had to check the date on the story.

Yes it is dated Thursday 1 November 2018.

The reason I say this is that we saw exactly the same story only 12 months ago, checking back it was 6 October 2017 when Jamaal Lascelles signed a new bumper six year contract, securing him until blah blah blah.

Contracts as we all know are meaningless, if a club comes in and a player wants to leave, then the deal is just as likely to happen whether Jamaal Lascelles or whoever has a five year or six year contract.

In reality, the NUFC Captain has just been given a one year extension on the deal agreed in October 2017 and a few extra quid presumably.

I can’t help but think this is simply a very lame attempt at a feel good story by Mike Ashley and his PR people, a desperate attempt to try and stifle protests by Newcastle fans.

The Magpie Group last week announcing a two month rolling programme of protests, with ‘coincidentally’ a meeting at 7pm tonight at the Tyneside Irish Centre, where fans are invited to go along if they are willing to be active volunteers in helping to organise and take part.

The only positive I can see with the new Lascelles deal is that at least it is a step up on the past, when rather bizarrely, when Newcastle fans were unhappy there would invariably be a new contract announced for Shola Ameobi or Steven Taylor, the NUFC owner and his PR people somehow believing these to be ‘feel good’ moves.

The Mag helpfully produced a list this morning of when all of the NUFC squad see their individual contracts run out:

30 June 2019:

Mohamed Diame, Jack Colback, Kenedy, Salomon Rondon, Callum Roberts

30 June 2020:

Federico Fernandez, Karl Darlow, Rob Elliot, Joselu, Javier Manquillo, Freddie Woodman, Ki Sung-yeung, Jamie Sterry

30 June 2021:

Fabian Schar, Achraf Lazaar, Henri Saivet, DeAndre Yedlin, Rolando Aarons, Christian Atsu, Jonjo Shelvey,  Ciaran Clark, Dwight Gayle, Isaac Hayden, Ayoze Perez, Matt Ritchie

30 June 2022:

Martin Dubravka, Paul Dummett, Florian Lejeune, Yoshinori Muto

30 June 2024:

Jamaal Lascelles

The news this morning doesn’t make me think in any way that it means it is more likely Jamaal Lascelles will be at the club long-term, the only thing the one year extension and paying Lascelles a few more quid might mean, is that Ashley will bank a few more quid if/when the defender is sold.

Proper investment elsewhere in the squad is what would encourage somebody like the NUFC captain to stay longer-term, the very thing Mike Ashley has refused to do.

Putting a better team around Lascelles and the other small handful of good players we do have, would then give Newcastle a chance of being a successful Premier League team AND increase the prospects of an England call-up for the former Forest player.

A longer and better paid contract won’t make any difference if due to Mike Ashley’s refusal to invest in the squad, Newcastle are relegated in May and Lascelles is still ignored by England, as he is dragged down by the sheer lack of quality in the NUFC team and squad.

To be honest I would have been experiencing the feel good factor far more if it had been announced that Rafa Benitez, Fernandez, Lejeune, Shelvey and Dubravka had all agreed new deals that would mean they joined Jamaal Lascelles on being contracted until June 2023.

Along of course with a commitment to start recruiting the other players, especially creative and goalscoring ones, that are desperately needed to play alongside our small handful of players who are good enough.

You could almost call it a five year plan…but this time it being one that exists in reality, not a PR bluff from Mike Ashley and his people to pretend and try to convince fans that there is some kind of long-term strategy aimed at success.

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  • Paul Patterson

    An attempt to head off protests, shows faux ambition, Jamaal gets a bit more money and when he’s sold the club can get more money for him (just wait until Lejeune is back fit) which won’t be re-invested in full.
    Everybody wins, except the club . .

  • Leazes.

    I don’t think its for that reason at all….. they’re going to sell him in the summer, relegation or not….

    …..the club will try to get the maximum they can and the player will get his loyalty bonus as a percentage of the fee…. so long as he never mentions it to the press or radio….. he’ll have been made a verbal promise (dangerous ground with Ashley).

    …. the larger the fee the better as far as both parties are concerned.

    Is that the action of an owner who is selling a club?…. No its the action of an owner preparing to play this same game….. again and again.

    And it will of course help Ryder and Douglas spin the lie again, Ryder already calling it commitment, which is nonsense, because it isn’t a new deal its an extension to safeguard value of an asset which hasn’t been stripped.

    • Kenny

      Maybe in January if we are adrift at the bottom along with Jonjo

      • Leazes.

        Not a chance of a January sale! Rafa is still here, it’ll be for the summer.

        • Wor Lass

          You won`t need more than two guesses to get who said this – and where, “Lascelles’ commitment will help put an end to speculation linking him with a January move to clubs like Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.” That was under the heaadline, “Jamaal Lascelles ends January speculation by signing new deal …”. If I didn`t laugh I`d cry!

          • Wezza

            Sounds like the usual garbage from Ryder – just a hunch.

          • Wor Lass

            Pass Go and collect £200!

  • Kenny

    No way is it for the fans, the longer the contract the higher the selling fee.
    the vermin does nothing for Nufc it is for his benefit alone

  • Cockneytrev

    What exactly does a one year extension prove? Frack all,,,,,

  • Gallowgate1982

    Without giving MA any leeway whatsoever because that is just not going to happen WTAF is wrong with giving Lascelles a longer contract?..I want players of his calibre and commitment on long term contracts so that if a LFC or other comes calling they will have to pay ridiculous money to get him…Its sound acumen in that respect. However if it were the case that a potential transfer fee was going to be reinvested in the team or a purchase of players to build around that on field leadership then again no problem…We all know neither is going to happen but I still want the likes of Lascelles on long term contracts so I cannot see the point of this article or what people have a problem with our players signing contracts with the club…What do you want?? the player to just let his contract run out?


    This is purely and simply a way to get more money for him when he is sold, spin it how you want, he is currently the prize asset and its all down to money money money, not loyalty, not commitment, not ambition

    • steve

      Whether he has 5 or 6 years left on his contract would make no difference to transfer value.

      • Wezza

        It can, tells other clubs we rate him highly and wish to tie him down for 6 years.
        Of course it is all a PR ploy to pre plant the seeds for when he is sold…
        “We offered him great deal”
        “We didn’t want to sell”
        “His head was turned”

        All the club does is lie.

  • Magpie

    Transfer interest, agent touts him about, club offers new deal for increased salary. Same thing that happens in every other club. Nothing to see here at all

  • Wor Lass

    Hopefully, I`ve guessed which word has offended disqus – this is getting seriously annoying. I shouldn`t think the protests have got anything to do with this. It`s one of two things (and I`m sure I have an inkling as to which one is more likely!). IF (note, big “if”) the club really is for sale and if (very small one) we get relegated then at least £100 mill would be wiped off any asking price. So maybe the fat barsteward is going to splash some dosh in January and sign rafa up at the same time. The old finger in the d*ke scenario (that`s the Dutch d*ke, by the way). On the other hand, it just could be a typically cynical ploy to make sure that when Jamaal does go in January, Mike gets every last penny out of the deal, as usual. I know which explanation I favour but I await advice from Moscow as to the other strategy.

    • Wezza

      Of course it is a ploy. The FCB won’t allow any money to be spent in January. Just a glance a to history tells us that. As for the non monkseaton native, he’s a troll, expect nothing but Bishop regurgitated lies.

    • Themoscow72

      In all honesty I think they have given him an extra £20k a week to fend off interest in January and Rafa will sign a new contract in April regardless of our situation. Not sure if he is good enough for a top six club to be playing regularly so is happy here and will face competition for his place once Lejeune gets back. As to your other point no chance of selling the club if we go down so the protesters are actually doing their best to keep Ashley here in my book.

      • Wor Lass

        I hope you`re right aboutLascelles and Rafa but I rather suspect he`s done this (Ashley) to ensure we get top dollar for the lad if/when he goes in January. I really hope he has decided to change tack and back Rafa but even then I don`t see it as a genuine wish to improve the club but just what`s necessary to protect the investment. I can only be cynical where he`s concerned, past behviour being to only clear guide to future behaviour.

  • Leicester Mag

    My god there’s some dedritus on that list!

  • Rich Lawson

    But he’s signed for 6yrs,so he has to stay hasn’t he ?

  • relaxed

    Couldn’t believe what i was reading over on IRGWG site

    Jamaal Lascelles describes Mike Ashley as a “nice guy” and urges fans to stop protesting and concentrate on supporting the team.

    • Wezza

      More Bishop PR exercises. Get the captain and Rafa to heed off the protests. They’ll think they’re being quite clever except we see through all the clubs lies.

    • 45709

      Just read his interview, couldn’t believe it. Makes me think he’s been paid a nice sum to say that. Cause it’s obviously the fans fault there’s no money etc….

  • Wezza

    Yes, that as well. It’s just a PR exercise, nothing more.
    Expect more dirty shenanigans from KBA – they’re desperate now and will stoop to new lows. It is up to us to see through their lies.

  • robbersdog

    The investment in an extra year on Jamaal’s contract means that the transfer kitty will be empty in January.

    Mind you, our transfer kitty seems to be permanently empty; even if half of our squad was sold, Mike Ashley would simply insist that the groundsman and the tea lady should play up front.

  • toonterrier

    Something is not right. He could double his wages with at least half of the Premier clubs. Would be interesting to read the small print on the contract which will no doubt say if any club offer over twenty five million then we will happily let you move on and the fat man could buy another shop to sell his tat in. Goodness knows why he is bowing to the owner unless he’s been offered a new bicycle from the Evans bike shop.

    • Rabid Dog

      That’s exactly how I viewed it too. There will be a buy out clause for sure. Also it doesn’t really show much ambition on his part, signing for 6 years…. does not add up.

    • JohnnyH

      Because he knows it’s meaningless. It just adds to the compensation, He’ll still be sold during the term of the contract. Ashley’s probably put a little sweetener in it for him,

  • 1957

    Next thing you know Benitez will take Mike’s 30 pieces of silver and sign up to a rolling £6m+ a year contract…

  • JohnnyH

    This is just a big for sale sign.

  • Milburn_Mag

    On 8 October 2010, Andy Carroll signed a new 5-year contract to “commit himself to NUFC”. Just over 3-months later in January 2011, he was sold to Liverpool for £35m. Contracts mean absolutely nothing.

  • TheFatController

    If you knew you could jump ship at anytime because the owner loved money and you were worth plenty of it, why would you not sign for more money per week?

    If Rafa won’t sign a contract, why not offer his captain a contract as a PR stunt?

    Yep, nothing to surprise us here.