With VAR now set to finally be brought in next season, Sky Sports have picked out the most blatant examples of decisions this season that would have been overturned.

In their shortlist is the game at Old Trafford on 6 October 2018.

Newcastle cruising at 2-0 up and as obvious a penalty you could hope to see, as Ashley Young raised his arm and stopped Jonjo Shelvey’s free-kick from 10 yards away heading into the box.

The failure to give that opportunity for a surely winning 3-0 lead, made all the worse, by the fact that a week earlier Newcastle had been punished with a penalty and opening goal when DeAndre Yedlin had the ball blasted at him from only a yard.

Sky Sports:

Video assistant referees are coming to the Premier League next season – but which key decisions this term would have been overturned if the officials were permitted to check a replay?

Manchester United 3-2 Newcastle – Young handball?

‘Manchester United pulled off a thrilling – and much-needed – comeback win over Newcastle in October – but should the visitors have been awarded a penalty when they were 2-0 up at Old Trafford?

‘Jonjo Shelvey’s free-kick hit Ashley Young’s arm in the box as he attempted to block it – but referee Anthony Taylor awarded a goal-kick when the ball went out of play rather than a penalty. Could United have come back from three goals down?’

Back in October in the aftermath of the Old Trafford match, former top ref Dermot Gallagher had this to say:


“With Newcastle 2-0 up at Old Trafford, Jonjo Shelvey whips a free-kick into the box that hits Ashley Young’s arm as he goes to block it.

“Referee Anthony Taylor incorrectly awards a goal-kick and waves away penalty appeals.”

Dermot Gallagher verdict:

“Wrong call, it’s a clear penalty.”

Dermot Gallagher says:

 “It raises an interesting point.

“The referees are going to have to think about where to stand for a free-kick.

“His priority is what is going on in the box – is there going to be a foul?

“I think the learning point is to try and find a different angle so you can see both the free-kick and what’s going on in the box.”

The bottom line surely is that it has become increasingly ridiculous, that everybody watching on TV sees decisions that are so blatantly wrong and it brings the game into disrepute when the match officials get it wrong and don’t get the help to put it wrong.

Introducing VAR is hardly controversial seen as it is already used in the German, French, Italian and Spanish top tiers, as well as at the World Cup finals earlier this year.

A bit embarrassing really that the Premier League has dragged its heels.

That Newcastle game at Man Utd made all the worse when the Premier League once again allowed Anthony Taylor to referee one of their matches, despite him living only a few miles from Old Trafford.

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    We all know some refs can be biased towards bigger clubs but I think that particular incident was down to poor refereeing. Taylor wasn’t looking in Shelveys direction when he took the free kick and just assumed it went straight out for a goal kick – why didn’t the linesman help out? Anyway, we’ve had a few decisions go our way this season too, so no point dwelling on what could have been.

    • mentalman

      The refs aren’t helped with all the stupidity which goes on in the box these days. They are watching for that and the linesmen are concentrating on players being offside.

    • Martin Rooney

      Linesman was on the other side of the pitch checking offside so totally blocked by the grouped players in the box

  • MadMag83

    It’s like saying VAR would rule out that goal in the 1966 World Cup, it’s gone now. VAR wasn’t available, bit of a daft debate for them to have really unless they’re going to give us a retrospective 3 points?

    • Peaky

      Some idiot on here will be doing final PL tables from the last 25 years if VAR had been in use…

      • Toontaff

        ‘Some idiot’ will also workout how many Euros it’s cost us all!

  • Dillon Tovak

    I bet the refs won’t go to the VAR against the big 6.

  • Mrkgw

    Lets just hope that this doesn’t cost us dearly come the end of the season.

  • Wezza

    We were robbed that day.