The next phase of protests against Mike Ashley, sees Newcastle fans targeting Sports Direct.

The full list of planned announced protests (so far) are detailed below but the Bournemouth home game next weekend won’t be targeted, in respect of that being the weekend of remembrance.

Instead, the next protest will see attention switch to the Sports Direct HQ at Shirebrook.

This is around 150 miles from Newcastle and for those wishing to join in the protest, coach travel has been laid on from outside St James Park.

The Magpie Group announcing that the travel will be at cost price, with coach places able to be booked HERE for only £9.21 (£8 plus £1.21 booking fee).

The coach(es) will leave at 8am from Strawberry Place on Saturday 17 November, this being international break weekend.

The Magpie Group:

Saturday 17 November 8am

Shirebrook head office – Join us as we head to Sports Direct HQ to protect against Ashley

The Magpie Group coach travel to Shirebrook to protest against Mike Ashley. Coach will leave Strawberry Place at 8am.

Coach will be run at cost price.

The Mag – 1 November 2018:

Thursday has seen a new statement released by The Magpie Group ahead of the November and December protests against Mike Ashley.

These kick off on Saturday (see below), the day of the Watford match.

The Magpie Group add that they are also working on other protests against the NUFC owner but can’t make those public as yet.

New statement from The Magpie Group – 1 November 2018:

The Magpie Group have consulted as many fans as possible to come up with our next phase of protests against Mike Ashley’s running of our football club.

We’ve read hundreds of emails and messages, organised public meetings to listen to what fans want and polled those in attendance to get a feel for the most popular courses of action.

Three basic principles came up time and again. Protesting his store, protesting at games, and emptying seats at games. Given the popularity of all of these options, we see no reason to choose one and will organise and promote them all.

The games against Watford, Everton, Fulham and Liverpool will have a mix of pre and post match protests. For the home game against West Ham on December 1st we’re asking fans to enter the stadium 11 minutes after kick off. For the televised Sky game against Wolves on December 9th we’re advocating a total boycott.

We’re working on other activities we’re not currently in a position to make any public announcement on, but now it’s up to you. Democracy will win. The Magpie Group events that are well supported and effective will be more likely to be repeated in the new year. Those that the wider fanbase choose not to back in significant numbers will be less likely to form part of the ongoing actions. We need as many volunteers and active participants as are willing.

For those that choose not to partake in any of the events organised, we fully respect that decision and accept that a consensus will never be possible. It’s a personal choice. There is no reason for any animosity on the stands, on the streets or on social media.

Those fans that join protests and those that don’t, the team and the manager are Newcastle United. We all want what’s best for the club and do all we can to achieve this aim. The Magpie Group support everyone working for a better Newcastle United, however they feel is right. One man is working against Newcastle United and all of us that make the club. His only aim is to grow his retail empire at our cost.

Mike Ashley is the reason The Magpie Group was formed and we will continue to fight for a better future for Newcastle United.

The Mag – 27 October 2018:

Mike Ashley is set to face ever growing protests against his ownership of Newcastle United.

Friday night saw The Magpie Group announce a rolling  programme of protests that will ramp up the pressure on the billionaire.

Matches and his retail empire will be targeted (see below).

Protests are to continue pre-match outside the Sports Direct shops at St James Park and in Newcastle City Centre on Northumberland Street. With also post-match protests outside the main Milburn reception at the stadium.

The much called for one-off boycott of the Wolves match has been announced, as well as a request for fans to refrain from taking their seats until the 11th minute of the home game against West Ham.

There are also Sports Direct protests planned for at the SD HQ at Shirebrook, as well as before the games against both Everton and Liverpool, on Merseyside.

Mike Ashley’s PR minion Keith Bishop informed his boss that he didn’t need to worry as the protest would have blown over by September..

‘This is not blowing over’ and Mike Ashley must realise he is sitting on top of a crumbling mess of his own making and the only course of action for him, is to finally accept he has to sell NUFC for a fair market price and let somebody else take over who is willing to make the club work for everybody, not just his own selfish ends.

To help make this all happen as smoothly as possible and on the biggest scale that can be achieved, there is a meeting this Thursday (1 November) at 7pm the Tyneside Irish Centre, just down from St James Park (next to the Chinese Arch/Rosies Bar), an invitation to fans to come along who want to get actively involved in helping to make these protests happen.

The Mag – 26 October 2018:

Friday night has seen The Magpie Group announce a major escalation of the protests against Mike Ashley.

The Newcastle United fanbase is being  asked to support a whole range of plans to exert pressure on the club’s owner.

The protest plans announced, extend over the next two months.

The big one will be a boycott of the Sky Sports televised Newcastle v Wolves match on Sunday 9 December.

Many Newcastle fans had backed this idea and it was time sensitive, as tickets will go on sale on Monday (29 October) for the game.

A boycott needing to be announced before then, so fans are made aware before they are to buy a ticket, as well as potentially booking accommodation and travel.

In short, the schedule of protests announced by The Magpie Group is:

Saturday 3 November 2018

Newcastle v Watford

After the game a post-match protest outside the Milburn reception

Saturday 10 November 2018

Newcastle v Bournemouth

No protest planned in respect of that being the weekend of remembrance.

Saturday 17 November 2018

No match as it is international break.

A protest at the Shirebrook HQ of Sports Direct.

Saturday 1 December 2018

Newcastle v West Ham

Fans to delay heading into the match until the 11th minute.

Wednesday 5 December 2018

Everton v Newcastle

A joint protest against Sports Direct in Liverpool.

Sunday 9 December 2018

Newcastle v Wolves

One-off match boycott.

Saturday 22 December 2018

Newcastle v Fulham

Protests outside the Sports Direct shops on Northumberland Street and at St James Park, plus another protest outside the Milburn reception.

Wednesday 26 December 2018

Liverpool v Newcastle

A joint protest against Sports Direct in Liverpool.

  • Paul Patterson

    Best of luck with the protest. The wider world should be there protesting at his business practices.

    • Alan

      Ashley’s business practices as far as Shirebrook are the same as Newcasle City Council.
      Basically have as few people as possible on your books and hire the bulk of people through agencies, then you don’t have to pay pensions, holiday pay, sick pay etc. The council do this with the guys who empty our bins.
      Not saying two wrongs make it right but it’s fairly standard practice in business.

      • JohnnyH

        The erosion of workers rights and the proliferation of agency work and zero hours contracts are in the ideology of the social elite
        It shouldn’t be accepted as ‘standard practice’ in a developed country

        • Alan

          True but as Pat Ritchie the leader of Newcastle Labour Council who is paid £169,000 a year by our council tax etc will tell you agency work is ‘standard practice’.
          Off course all celebrities and broadcaster will also tell you that ‘Limited Company’status which is the other end of the spectrum is also acceptable practice.
          But now we get football and politics mixed up

          • JohnnyH

            Nick Forbes was leader last time I looked, on around £34.000 expenses
            Most basic workers wouldn’t cope with limited company Status
            So we’ll stick to football
            Ashley is a complete [email protected] and we want him out.

          • Alan

            Last comment
            Pat Richie Chief Executive Newcastle City Council.

          • JohnnyH

            Ashley is still a [email protected] though

      • Toontaff

        Most of Ashley’s workers will be foreign and will not have a clue who we are!

        • graham18

          The FCB still doesn’t even know after 11 years of hell who NUFC are.

  • Kenny

    Good luck to all who goes.

    • Peaky

      Bet he hires a large security team… must NOT turn violent……Good Luck to all.

  • Danimal

    I’ll go. Are we guaranteed media coverage? There’s no point otherwise.

    • graham18

      Lets hope so.

    • Mrkgw

      Coverage if it all kicks off into one mass brawl. Otherwise, forget any support from the media.

  • Mrkgw

    Good luck to those that go and protest in an appropriate and orderly manner. Just hope thst it’s not sabotaged by would be anarchists as that would undermine the whole effort. Don’t be surprised either if trouble is rigged to make protestors look bad.

  • Paul Cannell

    shouting at shops may well work

    • Toon Arnie

      Sitting at your keyboard mocking definitely won’t.

  • Themoscow72

    Bad day for the Magpie group on three fronts. The team won, the fans were behind the team and the protests were not well attended. Be the usual six suspects on this bus blackening the name of Newcastle United and giving the media and other fans the chance to ridicule us as usual.

    • Big Hairy Man

      Our name is already blackened and we are the subject of ridicule by association with Ashley and his toxic brands.

  • Viru leckworth

    We need media coverage for it to really hit home. Ashley of course will prove as stubborn as a constipated mule.