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Burnley fans comments before and after defeat against Newcastle United – Entertaining

2 years ago

Burnley fans watched their team hit the heady heights of seventh last season.

Sean Dyche lauded by locals and neutrals alike for doing so on a relatively limited budget.

It hasn’t gone quite to plan this season so far and Burnley fans were looking on last night as the proverbial six pointer that could kick start their season.

Below we have a range of comments from Burnley fans before and after the match.

Before the game there was a sizeable range of bizarre comments regarding still holding a grudge against Newcastle from back in 1974…

After Monday night’s defeat, the post-match patter was roughly split between Burnley fans who thought their team had been rubbish or Newcastle had been lucky, whilst a minority did think Rafa and his team were deserving of some praise.

Maybe the strangest of all, is the one who thinks Matt Ritchie’s wasn’t that clear a chance!!

Burnley fans comments via their top Up The Clarets message board:


‘The toon fans are on the march again, amazing what 2 wins can do, until you point out that it is 2 wins this season. Same for us so we are in for an important game Monday night.’

‘Big game indeed on Monday, i think we have a decent record at home against Toon, so hopefully a much needed 3 points will be on the cards for the clarets.

I hope so because if we end up losing the game, we are in for a really tough relegation battle, there are worse teams than us in the PL but they are playing better football than us without getting results, we have been lucky against Cardiff,Huddersfield and Leicester, things could have been a lot worse.

At least our injury list is shrinking and hopefully a bit of form is returning, I think we can win but its going to be close, come on you clarets.’

‘Has to be a win, no other result will do.’

‘Absolutely unreal. We had by far the better side but they beat us in the semi at Hillsborough, the Texaco Cup Final, which should have been two legs but ended up one at St. James’, and then cost us Europe with a 1-1 draw ont’ Turf last game of the season.

Total jinx.’

‘I went to the semi as did a number of the older posters on here and it’s a bit poor when we have to keep referring back it whenever we play them.

I was as disappointed as anyone that day but it was nearly 45 years ago. It’s like someone in 1974 still having a gripe over a minor setback that happened to them in 1929.’

‘My worst experience at a football match ever and I would imagine the same for a number of supporters it wasn’t a “minor setback” then and isn’t now!’

‘I remember that season well and still look back with a certain hatred on ‘Supermac’ who I think scored in all 3 games.’

‘Toon will have a magnificent following.’

‘Newcastle fans are awesome.. Never forget beating them 1-0 in the last minute in the fa cup.. On the way home thousands surrounded my car and rocked it, trying to turn it over.. Awesome..!’

‘No game’s a must win at this stage, but make no mistake about it this is a massive game for us, purely with the run of fixtures coming up.

Let’s hope we don’t serve up the toothless long ball dross we have been doing.’

 ‘Still need payback for 74.’


‘Scary how we can’t pressurize a feeble team like Newcastle.’

‘Relegation fodder. If we get to 15 points that will be some achievement.’

‘Managers become stale, just like in any other employees, in any job you move people around to keep them fresh and when people dont perform you replace them including managers.’

‘Showed a bit of fight but had no pace, no quality. Newcastle deserved the win and we need to do better.’

‘Utter shambles. All that was great last season has gone. They are not playing for the manager and Burnley will never lay out the money to change personnel so it might need a new hand on the wheel.’

‘Our resources are a £100m+ squad you daft apeth (#26). Let us stop believing we are little old Burnley (though Dyche never has).

Tonight was the final straw. After Europe I said I’d be happy with him going but wasn’t calling for his head. Now, entertainment, bloody mindedness and results all bad – he has to go. Apologies for upsetting the loyalists.’

‘Should have been four, we got off lightly.’

‘One of our better performances this season and we were still lucky not to lose by more after gifting them a couple of massive chances.’

‘The alarm bells were ringing loud and clear after the Fulham game and bar the freak result against Bournemouth we have continually been dreadful.

Yet again we were a horrific miss and the width of a post off another hammering.’

‘Newcastle were hungier than us.’

‘Newcastle got lucky and basically sat back whilst we had the majority of possession and doing all the probing to get back in it.

Not easy penetrating a team that has got a lucky 2 goal lead to defend.’

‘Didn’t think we’d sink much lower than Huddersfield at home but my god they’ve actually gone and managed it’

‘I think we’re playing well, but had 2 sucker punches.’

‘Both Newcastle goals came from set pieces where they had all of their outfield players in the final third.

They were clearly well aware that we didn’t have enough pace to be able to hit them on the counter attack and that gave them a real advantage.’

Rafa is a smart boss, his team were well set-up against us, they defended their box well as they generally have all season.’

‘Sean Dyche thinks we deserved something? I would have been embarrassed taking a point from that game tonight.’

‘Pretty dull affair tonight. On occasions we did try and up the tempo and at that point looked half decent. But all too often its too pedestrian. Newcastle aren’t a great side and yet fairly comfortably pushed us aside.’

‘We have to cut out the mistakes. Newcastle could have scored two more directly due to errors, and the two they did score were because we gave the ball away cheaply under little pressure and headed a corner away for another corner when it was easily to just clear it.’

‘Strange game. We started well and got straight back at them after both goals. In parts we played some of our best football through midfield all season, moving it quickly as stretching Newcastle. Yet in other parts we looked laborious, a bit timid and gave the ball away cheaply.

Unquestionably a draw would have been a fair result on the balance of play but a lucky goal and poor one defensively so early on have given us too much to do. They had 2 shots on target all night and both went in. As ever its fine margins and we’re on the wrong side of them at the moment but we really aren’t helping ourselves.’

‘Newcastle had 4 chances – they scored 2 goals, one with the aid of a massive slice of luck, and the other two (which admittedly they should have scored because they were gilt edged chances) were a direct consequence of abysmal errors by us.

But we were unfortunate to find ourselves behind at the interval given the balance of the game, and Wood had 4 presentable chances in the 90 minutes to score and only worked the keeper with the hardest of them.’

‘In terms of chances, the two newcastle missed were good chances but don’t think they were better than any we had. wood has made the keeper pull off a smart save in the first half from close range and in the second he’s shot right at the keeper, again from close range, then had another blocked by the keeper, again from close range.’

‘I think you need to watch a replay of the game….have you had a bang on your head on the way home last night ?!!

They missed an open net from one yard….one yard and nobody in the net……about 3 foot and an empty net……!!!’

‘Very average performance against a side who were there for the taking. Having said that, we didn’t have much luck at all.

The best chances Newcastle had were from our mistakes, and I’d say both goals conceded were as well.’


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