We have just heard from good sources that the Newcastle fans protest today against Mike Ashley at his Sports Direct HQ in Shirebrook has been cancelled.

So if you were going to head along there today, please don’t.

Also, if you know of anybody else who was intending to go along, please let them know.

There has been no announcement/communication from The Magpie Group who had organised the SD protest at Shirebrook but we are told it is definitely not going ahead.

However, the protests planned for noon today by the London Magpie Group outside the Oxford Street flagship store of Sports Direct WILL go ahead as planned.

Details of that protest are below.

The Mag – Earlier Today (Saturday 17 November 2018):

Coordinated protests will take place today against Mike Ashley.

Newcastle fans have organised demonstrations in both London and Shirebrook against Ashley’s’ ongoing ownership of Newcastle United.

Shirebrook is of course where the Sports Direct HQ is and as well as those heading there via organised cost price coach travel, anybody else in the vicinity who fancies turning up to join in, should meet between 11am and 11.30am outside the main entrance of Sports Direct at Shirebrook.

Meanwhile, in London, Newcastle fans will protest outside the Sports Direct flagship store on Oxford Street.

This protest action has been organised by the London Magpie Group and full details are below, with the protest set to take place from noon.

Those in the capital are asked to meet at All Souls Church, Langham Place, W1B 3DG, at 11.45 AM, before going to Sports Direct Oxford Street at midday for a peaceful protest.

London Magpie Group Press Release from Monday:

Taking the fight to Ashley’s back yard

‘For many Newcastle fans, this summer’s transfer window was the final straw.

After years of underinvestment, neglect and rank incompetence, many supporters had seen enough.

In response, we’ve seen a new wave of fan activism aimed at ousting Mike Ashley.

This has included protests at St James’ Park and on Northumberland Street, upcoming boycotts and a protest planned for next weekend at Sports Direct’s Shirebrook Headquarters.

To this point, a lot of this activism has taken place in Newcastle itself, where the club is and where the vast majority of supporters are.

However, Mike Ashley’s business interests are spread throughout the country and, more and more, globally.

London Magpie Group is now mobilising to take the fight to Ashley in London – in Parliament, across the City and at his places of business.

We are a growing number of fellow Newcastle fans based down South, who are driven by the feeling that we have to stand up and be counted.

We can no longer sit back and watch one man’s reckless behaviour, greed and questionable morals ruin our club. His focus clearly isn’t Newcastle United and his time is up.

Next Saturday afternoon, to coincide with the protest at Sports Direct’s Shirebrook HQ, we’ll be outside the company’s flagship store on Oxford Street. We want to send Ashley a clear message – we’re everywhere, we’re angry – and we want Newcastle United back.

We’ll be meeting at All Souls Church, Langham Place, W1B 3DG, at 11.45 AM on Saturday 17 November, before going to Sports Direct Oxford Street at midday for a peaceful protest.

If you would like to get involved, email [email protected] to confirm attendance. Find out more on our website www.londonmagpiegroup.co.uk and follow us on Twitter @group_magpie.

  • Scoutingfromtherooftops

    Or in other words, no great surprise that people weren’t willing to travel 160 miles to go and stand in a small group outside some fairly meaningless bricks and mortar, staffed by innocent locals and East-Europeans (I assume Ashley isn’t scheduled to be in Shirebrook on weekends)? I mean maybe they could have taken in the sights of Mansfield on the way back or something but it doesn’t sound like my idea of fun or any more productive than going to a more local store.

    I think there’s an SD shop attached to the HQ but have read elsewhere the offices are only open Mon-Fri.

    Be interesting to see the London turn out but if it’s organised by a different, local group it’s hardly a fair comparison.

    • Toontaff

      Those East-Europeans get everywhere!

  • Mirandinha9

    In June, Cashley’s car pulled up alongside mine at traffic lights in Mansfield. It was a Saturday afternoon, so, yes, there may be occasions when he’s at the HQ on the weekend. He was driving and in the inside lane – I couldn’t see his left ear or left hand to see if he was giving his notorious v sign to anyone.

  • mactoon

    So the magpie group have organised a protest in London but it’s been cancelled on the day people are travelling but there is no notice on their website, in fact it’s crashed and unavailable at the moment?

    • Peaco

      Protest went ahead in London as planned.

      • mactoon

        According to the Chronicle Q&A the protest was cancelled due to low interest?

  • mentalman

    Who forgot to book the coaches

    • Pezza

      Should have asked Monk to organise them

      • mentalman

        He was too busy organising his trip with morpeth fc

        • Leicester Mag

          Yeah he’s in Loughborough. Offered to meet up. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it. Not sure who told him to go to Witherspoon pub. Some good pubs in Loughborough, this is not one of them!

          • Themoscow72

            Yes agree. Went to the Rose and Crown later on as that is where the bus left for the ground. A great bar.

  • Realist

    sound like they couldn’t organise a p1ss up in a brewery.

    Dum dudu dum du dum du dum dum …….

  • Wezza

    Cancel that PR KBA!
    Keep up the pressure!

  • graham18

    Has Ashley set up road blocks around it and electricfied the fences and buildings?
    FCB OUT!!

    • Peaky

      Many a true word spoken in jest.

  • Andy Mac

    Arguably this wasn’t particularly well thought through by those concerned ?

    Part of a demo is to raise awareness of the cause but another aim is to gain as much publicity as possible at the same time.

    Realistically its asking a lot for some media types to drag their R’s s out to some nondescript industrial estate in the vague hope Fatman might be there ?

    There are bigger battles to be won elsewhere, with the promise of media coverage, so probably not a bad thing that this one was cancelled ?

  • Blackburn1066

    Sky game, no one in the ground, WOW! BIG news front page news ( Pressure )