A victory for Newcastle United, what a splendid thing.

Instead of yet another post-match session in the Strawberry dissecting the latest defeat, you could actually enjoy the beer as you swilled it down your neck.

Match of The Day was also back on the schedule of post-match activities, I can’t remember the last time I’d bothered. We might have been on last but you don’t mind waiting (waking up) to watch it when you have won.

The same with newspapers and online, when you fail to win week after week, you can only take so much.

Now the hangover is wearing off though, I can’t really think of anything that changed yesterday, apart from a bit of luck heading our way.

I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any victory but I think you also need to have your reality head on.

Apart from putting the ball in the net and winning the game did anything at all change from previous weeks and months this season?

Attacking Threat

Pretty much non-existent really, as usual. Would love to know how many time Muto and Rondon touched the ball between them in that first half.

Perez was right place right time for the winner but apart from that was his usual self. Rondon missed a header but still the only possibility of improvement in future weeks up front is that he could do a lot better when fully fit, which clearly wasn’t the case yesterday.

Quality Of Football

No change there. Plenty of effort but the football was the same standard as we have been watching week after week.

It did improve slightly in final half hour due to the introduction of Ki and most importantly the fact Newcastle had actually scored a goal and taken the lead. The first time at home this season, only at Old Trafford had we previously led in a match. Watford seemingly stunned by the goal after having dominated and as they became more ragged, Ki and teammates had more space to play in.

Control Of The Game

As above. Watford dominated until that final half hour, when the game changing goal came and the visitors’ confidence visibly deflated as Rafa’s team’s grew.

Brighton has been the only match this season where Newcastle were undeniably in control of play, though only due to the fact Hughton’s team refused to attack most of the match.


Yet again, same as usual, if not worse.

I read comments about how great the atmosphere was yesterday but the game was played in almost complete silence for an hour. Nothing on the pitch to get people going after the opening five minutes when Newcastle tried to force the opposition back, before then having to accept they weren’t able to do it against a midfield with better footballers.

The goal of course did change things, including the atmosphere. Something for the fans to cling to and they did help the players over the line in those closing stages. However, it still wasn’t brilliant and overall very disappointing, most definitely a case of only singing when we’re winning.


Some poor positional play and marking in the first half but thankfully overall this was one area where we can be grateful it was same as usual.

Newcastle held on last week with some great last ditch defending at Southampton to get a point and this time the same grit and determination meant it was three points on Saturday.


Very much the game changer. Even the enforced substitutes seemed to benefit Rafa and the team, despite high profile players forced off.

The woodwork and wasteful finishing helped ensure a clean sheet against the odds, though not many teams will waste the number of clear opportunities Watford had.

Hopefully confidence, momentum and belief can grow on the back of this win and mean that luck won’t be so essential next week against Bournemouth.

A fully fit Rondon and the likes of Kenedy maybe able to play with a little more freedom going forward could possibly see a marked improvement in the play of the team.

Not expecting miracles of course but steady improvement would do very nicely.

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  • Leazes.

    Luck….well you omitted the 3 injuries…… isn’t great is it?

    • Kenny


  • Kenny

    Thank God for, Cardiff, Huddersfield, Fulham & Southampton,
    it`s hard to believe there are teams that are a bigger pile of 💩 than the Toon but there`s a few.

    • TheFatController

      I think the MOTD analysis of how to stop man city scoring 6 against you advocated Rafa’s approach, and showed how poor southampton’s effott and organisation was – especially compared to our lads’ effort in such games.

      Managers are there to limit goal difference damage when up against a Sheik-backed team where he can legitimately buy the world’s most effective players – if it’s not entertaining that’s the fault of the FA, not of the managers without Sheik riches to have fun with.

      By contrast, American football makes it harder, not easier, for any dominant team to stay dominant.

  • Ben

    sorry but please stop writing articles. you clearly weren’t watching the same game.

  • 1957

    3 points at last, that’s to be welcomed but nothing has changed…or can until there is a new owner. It’s a sad sentiment but I do doubt Ashley will leave us in the short or medium term.

    Benitez though, I believe, will get a little money in January, take Ashley’s 30 pieces of silver and sign a new contract. Mike may then have taken the sting out of the protests, when #ifrafagoesigo doesn’t apply anymore, will the anti Ashley movement fade into the background again.

    • Themoscow72

      The tickets were going to be on me but perhaps another time. When they had the protests in Northumberland Street there were only eighty there the last time so it was never massive anyway. In the Three Bulls on Saturday must have asked over fifty people or groups if they were going to the Wolves match. Everyone said yes so it’s looking bad for the Magpie Group very bad.

      • Wezza

        You said sixty. Ooops! Slipped up there, troll.

  • t00nraider

    We are due a bit of luck. If Ashley spends another £90 mil like he did between 2014 and 2015, I’ll be reasonably happy.

    • GlasgowMag

      Happy with what!!

      • JohnnyH

        Finishing 17th
        He’s a troll

        • GlasgowMag

          Yip thought so!!

    • JohnnyH

      He spent £40 million that season. Siem de Jong the most expensive at £7.8 million and he was $hit.

    • East Durham Mag

      With a bit of luck you will fk off Troll.

  • Martin Rooney

    The toon had better performances against Spurs arsenal Brighton and Manu we’re better than yesterday. So technically the other thing to change was that we played worse and won.

  • Spoon_Army

    We are due a little good fortune. Watford should have had this game all sewn up in the first half. But, they didn’t and got punished. Nice.