Alan Shearer has been looking at the ‘race’ to avoid relegation.

Going into the international break with 12 matches played, things are incredibly tight.

Newcastle are 14th with nine points but only one point separates them and the four clubs directly below, with then Huddersfield on seven points and Fulham right at the bottom with five.

Alan Shearer thinks that the three clubs just above Newcastle – West Ham, Brighton and Wolves – ‘have got enough about them to stay out of trouble’ this season.

The NUFC legend believes that the final relegation spots will be ‘any three from the bottom seven’ at the moment.

The fact that despite winning their last two matches, Newcastle are still only one point above the bottom three, shows you just what a necessity it was to pick up these points, rather than it having created any kind of comfort zone between the Magpies and trouble.

Current Premier League table:

alan shearer

Once again with Rafa Benitez keeping Newcastle competitive in pretty much every game so far, it means that NUFC have the best/least worst goal difference of these bottom seven.

Despite winning only two of the 12 games, Newcastle’s goal difference is only minus six, compared to the very worst, Fulham on minus 20.

The defence can take most of the credit, conceding only 15 in the 12 matches, less than any of the six clubs below, with Fulham leaking a massive 31 goals.

In fact, only six teams in the entire Premier League have conceded less than Newcastle United.

Alan Shearer speaking to BBC Sport:

Newcastle have had two great wins to climb the table but before then, they were struggling for goals, just like Crystal Palace and Saints.

“Looking at the table and what we have seen already this season, it is any three from the bottom seven who will be going down.

“Just above them, I think Wolves, Brighton and West Ham have got enough about them to stay out of trouble, but it is going to be a real scrap for survival for the rest.

“Things like confidence and momentum will play a big part, as we have seen in the past couple of weeks.

“Newcastle have gone from 20th to 16th after taking seven points from their past three games – but even one win is huge when you are desperate for points.

“It is the same with Cardiff’s win over Brighton this weekend, and the belief that they and the Magpies have got right now is the biggest difference between them and Fulham going into this international break.

“Things are even tighter at the bottom of the table than they are at the top, and this is a battle where nobody is going to be sure of safety until the very end of the season.”

  • Kenny

    Fulham, Huddersfield & Southampton will most likely sack their manager if their form continues, Newcastle won`t and the stability Rafa brings to the squad will see us survive once again and that`s exactly what the Fat Rat is banking on.

    • Steven05

      And then same again next season, minus Rafa

      • James

        An endless cycle

    • Wor Lass

      Fulham`ll be Ok either way – guess who`s the odds-on favourite to take over if Jokanovic goes!

      • Kenny

        chances are he will say no as he`s waiting for a call off Penfold

        • Wor Lass


      • Nut

        Lol maybe but luckily for us they took Mitrovic for what at present seems like the deal of the century for us as it would appear he is back playing rubbish once more.

        To be totally honest he is ok at holding up the ball and as a target man but he isn’t that mobile, he isn’t that good at finishing and his willingness to back track leaves a lot to be desired.

        Maybe one day he will learn what he is doing wrong and fix it.

        They look like a team that will likely have to sell next season if relegated regardless.

    • Ram Kishore

      There is a possibility Huddersfield could stick to the manager. I remember reading about Huddersfield many weeks back about their new presence in PL. They seem to have a plan if they went down. Top head of the management seemed like backing the manager even when results go bad.

      As for Saints, they seem like the unluckiest team. If their owners want stability, there is a possibility of sticking with Hughes.

  • Wor Lass

    That`s expert analysis by Big Al! I wouldn`t completely discount Brighton. If we`d tubbed them, which we should have done, we`d be a point above them now. The team that must be most worried at the moment (apart from Fulham, of course) are Burnley. Let`s hope we rub it in and make matters worse for them in our next game.

  • DeadToiler

    Stating the obvious really but getting our league position wrong

  • Themoscow72

    We need to beat West Ham, Wolves and Fulham at home and Burnley and Huddersfield away simple as that. If we can do that we will be mid table and out the danger zone. The club needs your support December 9th 4.00pm.

    • Realist

      It’s all starting to come good after a tough start. We should have 7 points more on the board 1 off spurs 3 off cardiff 3 off man Utd. Spoke to 10 plus about boycott and not one of them is boycotting, alot took offense when I asked what they thought of it. After Saturday’s result around 350 400 Huddersfield tickets sold from then till now, not many left now.

      • Themoscow72

        It’s still on ninety points. Got a lot of mates on fifty odd points who are waiting for it to come down.

        • Realist

          250 odd tickets left as of now, I think they will probably sell out on 80.

    • Wezza

      And if we survive relegation? Then it’s another relegation fight while the FCB takes hundreds of millions from the club. If you really were a toon fan you’d be not happy with it in the very least. Instead you stick up and lie for the FCB. My question is why? What has he done for you? (Don’t say save the club that’s been debunked) you clearly have an agenda.
      I will be in the monkey tonight.

      • Themoscow72

        Good will be in ten past five till about seven. For your information Mike Ashley has not taken a penny out of the club unlike others who took millions.

        • killymag

          you really are a f##kwit

        • Wezza

          Must have just missed you then! Never mind.
          You just debunked yourself because FCB has taken money out of the club. You know it, I know it and everyone else knows it. You’re trolling again!