Alan Shearer says his spirits have been raised with the last two matches.

The former number nine saying he and the rest of the Newcastle United fanbase have some ‘hope’ now, following consecutive wins over Watford and Bournemouth.

As well as hope, Shearer thinks that the positive results will have given both fans and players some much-needed confidence, after 11 games without a win it is always tough to pull out of the slump.

Alan Shearer things that a big factor behind the upturn is that ‘Newcastle have looked tighter, a better unit, in recent weeks’, especially with only one goal conceded in six hours (including injury time) of football.

However, he thinks that Newcastle fans still are very realistic and know that this will be a season-long battle against relegation.

Shearer believes a point would be a good point if they draw at Burnley on Monday night and if making it eight points from the last four matches, it would definitely start to look like they are putting a run together.

Alan Shearer talking to Coral:

“The last two games have given everyone hope, a bit of confidence.

“First of all against Watford, picking up three points.

“Then against Bournemouth, I thought it was an impressive performance. Rondon scored two very good goals, could have had a hat-trick.

“So much brighter for Newcastle.

“Tough one against Burnley on Monday evening, they will look to go there and continue their good form.

Newcastle have looked tighter, a better unit, in recent weeks.

“They have given themselves hope and they are the games, particularly at home, that you have to pick up the points.

“I think the Newcastle fans understand where Newcastle are at this moment in time and it will be a long hard season, a relegation battle.

“And those are the games where you have to pick up the three points, the teams in and around you. Albeit Watford and Bournemouth are doing really well at this moment in time.

“They go to Burnley and that is another team where if they a point, it will be a good point.”

  • Superdooperhooper

    Another ad for a bookmaker! And so what if we stay up Alan ? To have another season of struggle?

    • JohnnyH

      Ditto again

    • Wezza

      Yes rinse and repeat while the FCB takes 150M plus and 50,000 sheep still accept this.

  • Steven05

    Sorry but the only hope I have left for Newcastle United is change of ownership.

    • JohnnyH


  • Wezza

    There is no hope.
    We may avoid relegation but then what next season? And the season after?
    It’s time for the season ticket holders to either boycott or continue to hand over money to be served up with a non ambitious, non staffed backroom, bargain basement buys loans and freebies just avoiding relegation so the FCB scan get his hands on the 120M plus TV money. MASH Holdings has had some money put in!

    • Geordiegiants

      None what to ever.

  • DeadToiler

    If there was a huge and successful boycott would that stop relegation? “Fans” are using the boycott as a reason for not attending. it gives more credibility than saying “I can’t be bothered to go because the standard of football is poor”.

  • graham18

    And we know who to blame for all of this mess the FCB

  • Rich Lawson

    Don’t agree Al’,we need 3pts of this one to try and move away from the pack,1pt we’re just standing still.