Abdoulaye Doucoure thinks Watford have a great chance of beating Newcastle United but says ‘I think we have to be humble.’

In seventh spot, Watford have beaten Newcastle the last five times the two clubs have met, and he personally has a record of played two and won two against the Magpies.

The midfielder was impressed with what he saw last season on his first visit to St James Park,  declaring that the Newcastle fans were ‘amazing’ and he liked the ‘big’ stadium.

Obviously a victory colours anybody’s judgement/opinion and to win 3-0 last season on Tyneside wouldn’t have exactly made the visit less pleasurable.

Not sure how often he has watched NUFC recently as Abdoulaye Doucoure claims ‘I think they have good strikers.’

Although when it comes to picking out one player who can hurt Watford: ‘Shelvey is a great player for me.’

The Watford player thinks the first 20/25 minutes will be crucial and the first goal likely to be key to the result.

In all 11 matches this season, only at Old Trafford have Newcastle actually led in a game, that one not ending too well either.

However, if Rafa’s players can somehow find a goal from somewhere, before the visitors get on the scoresheet, then just maybe Newcastle can get that first victory before bonfire night comes around.

Abdoulaye Doucoure speaking to Premier League Productions:

“I think we have to be humble.

“Newcastle has a very good squad and are a very good team.

“Perhaps they have a lack of confidence because of their results, but they will react, and I think we have to be ready to win there.

St James Park is a great stadium.

“It was my first time playing in Newcastle [last season] and I was very pleased to play there because the stadium is big and the fans were amazing there.

“Our fans came and made a big noise and very good support for us. I was very happy to go there and take the three points.

“We have to take this advantage for us, to win the game.

“I think the first 20 or 25 minutes will be very important for us. If we can score first I think we are in a good position to win the game, and of course you have to put pressure on the players on the pitch and you have to come back from St James Park with three points.

 “I think they have good strikers and midfielder, Shelvey is a great player for me.

“I think everyone in this team wants to react and to beat us and I think we have to compete very well there.

“This year we want to achieve something special for Watford.

“We want to stay in the top 10, and we want to stay in the Premier League as well, it is very important.

“Last season we had a bit of trouble at the end, so we want to make sure we stay in the Premier League, and after that you can dream.”

  • 1957

    ‘Good strikers my a##e’ as Jim Royle would probably say

    Rondon seems to be permanently injured, you can’t really judge Muto at the moment, Perez couldn’t hit an elephant’s posterior with a banjo and the Hoss… is simply a donkey

    • Kneebotherm8

      Yeah,he’s right, our strikers are bangin’ them in left right and centre…….

    • 45709

      Rondon is another Owen: “I’ll take the money but I’m a poorly boy”

  • Kenny

    he was doing ok until he mentioned strikers

  • Kneebotherm8

    What’s he on then?

    • Peaky

      😂😂 was going to make an Elton John reference then but I just stopped myself in time….

  • Leazes.

    Great bit on tyne tees by Wallace….. #BoycottWolves

  • Ba ba.

    Is he mad?

  • London_Mag

    It’s kind of like he’s taking pity on us by saying we are good.

    • panther

      It’s like we’re a bit special and they’ll give us a 2 goal head start

  • Blackburn1066

    #BoycottWolves do I need say more

  • panther

    Never make a manager if he’s picking Perez and Joselu out of a pool of nobody anywhere