I saw a conversation between some Newcastle fans on Twitter.

The talk was about midweek matches and how Newcastle have ended up having more away ones than at home in recent years.

Obviously for away fans especially, midweek games are extra difficult to get to, so you would think that those in charge of such things (Premier League, TV companies etc) would try and be as fair as possible in dividing up the midweek treks.

Apparently not.

The more I looked at the stats, the more I couldn’t believe just how bad the disparity was for Newcastle fans.

Including last night’s win at Burnley, since promotion in 2009/10, Newcastle United have now played midweek (Monday-Friday) on 55 occasions.

Wait for it…18 of those were at home, whilst away they have played 37 times.

In fact, every single season, Newcastle have had more away midweek PL matches than at home, here is the breakdown and then the matches detailed below:

2010/11 (3H and 5A), 2011/12 (3H and 6A), 2012/13 (2H and 5A), 2013/14 (3H and 5A), 2014/15 (2H and 5A), 2015/16 (2H and 5A), 2017/18 (3H and 5A), 2018/19 (0H and 1A)

All midweek (Monday-Friday) Premier League matches for Newcastle fans since promotion back in 2009/10 (M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, Th =Thursday, F = Friday):

Premier League 2010/11

Home: Blackburn (W), West Ham (W), Man Utd (T)

Away: Man Utd (M), Spurs (T), Fulham (W), Birmingham (T)

Premier League 2011/12

Home: West Brom (W), Man Utd (W), Bolton (M)

Away: Stoke (M), Bolton (M), Liverpool (F), Blackburn (W), Arsenal (M), Swansea (F)

Premier League 2012/13

Home: Wigan (M), Everton (W)

Away: Everton (A), Stoke (W), Fulham (M), Man Utd (W), Villa (T)

Premier League 2013/14

Home: Stoke (Th), Tottenham (W), Everton (T)

Away: Man City (M), Everton (M), Swansea (W), Norwich (T), Arsenal (M)

Premier League 2014/15

Home: Burnley (Th), Man Utd (W)

Away: Stoke (M), Burnley (T), Man Utd (F), Palace (W), Liverpool (M)

Premier League 2015/16

Home: Man Utd (T), Man City (T)

Away: West Ham (M), West Brom (M), Everton (W), Stoke (W), Leicester (M)

Premier League 2017/18

Home: Everton (W), Man City (W), Burnley (W)

Away: Burnley (M), Stoke (M), West Brom (T), Everton (M), Tottenham (W)

Premier League 2018/19


Away: Burnley (M)

Surely this is something that Newcastle United should be taking up with the Premier League and the TV companies, they should feel a moral obligation to keep it fair and an equal split.

As for reasons why they do this, I have come up with two.

Either the TV companies think that Newcastle’s travelling fans add to the product they are trying to sell, or they believe that it is easier for Newcastle fans to travel ‘down’ to away games, unlike the poor cockneys, Mancs and Scousers who have to travel ‘up’ to Tyneside…

As for the Championship season of 2016/17, once again Newcastle fans had more midweek away games as opposed to home ones, though the difference was only one.

However, the big story there is the sheer total of away Championship games, Newcastle had a massive 19 in total that season, nine at home and ten away.

Obviously each year there are odd games at the likes of Christmas and New Year when most/all clubs play midweek but with them having a fairly even split home and away, those don’t change the overall shocking disparity in home and away midweek games for Newcastle fans.

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  • Steve Smith

    It’s a consequence of our shoddy ownership.

    It’s not a stretch to imagine the scheduling is to accommodate the teams who are playing in Europe. As a team who has barely done this under Ashley we’re suffering as a result.

    • Themoscow72

      Rubbish the T.V companies stitched us up long before Ashley came.

      • Steve Smith

        Picking a European season at random before Ashley

        2002/03 season – 7 home mid week games, 4 away. One of the 4 being down the road.

  • Leazes.

    If you happen to support a London team then you don’t leave your own city on 25 occasions anyway….. the FA was always structured towards London and Lancashire, as is the Premiership.

    United don’t have a voice, we don’t have a Chairman or owner who speak in any case, so we’ll not even get a representation to draw attention to the anomalies that the governing bodies of the FA and its refereeing organisation bring,such as the discrepancies of bias for sendings off, and penalties.

    United fans have further to travel anyway, why not stick the boot in and make it at the worst time as well?

    This is a club with a heck of a lot of problems and a lot of them can’t even be addressed until the main problems are solved, the first being the ownership of the club by a Chelsea supporting Londoner.

  • Themoscow72

    For once a sensible article on the facts. Got back 4.10am and now at work. Will be the same next Wednesday. Think we have played Burnley three times mid week in a row it’s a joke. They put us on as we will travel. Shock new West Ham have not taken there full allocation and five hundred tickets gone on sale for their end.

    • Kenny

      seen you on the telly with the big black & white hat with the bells on

      • Themoscow72

        No colours no weapons no place to hide. Perez had great game but man of match was Ki brilliant.

        • Kenny

          What asylum do i send your Christmas card to.

          • Themoscow72

            Care of Monseaton Arms thanks just put Newcastle fan they will know who it is.

          • Danimal

            Just put Mike Ashley Fan. Then you won’t even need an address or postcode.

          • Squintytoonarmy

            Might actually do that .. I will put a message in it and then you can retype that message here?

        • Cushty lad

          Address yours for Kenny to “Joey Essex, early learning centre, gateshead”

  • Wor Lass

    I usually see these articles about how the FA/Premier League/referees association/United Nations have it in for us as the product of drug-fuelled imaginings but those statistics are actually very unfair and quite surprising.

  • Sing in the Leazes

    I have recently realised that there is a real thing called racist against Geordies.
    Because I live here and love it, I never noticed before. Or wanted to admit it. But it is real.
    A lot of English, especially southerners, don’t respect us. They look down on us (except when looking at the map – LOVE that theory by the way!) and they think we are stupid and thuggish. ‘Basically a Scotsman with his head kicked in’ is how I have heard us mirthfully described before.
    They look at our away support and shudder at how uncouth and loutish we appear to be. The cameras always pick out the 32-stone topless blokes in the crowd. We’ve all seen it.
    Now I don’t mind admitting there are countless statistics available showing that we are around the bottom of various league tables for health, alcoholism, smoking related illnesses, poor diet, reduced life expectancy, teenage pregnancy…etc.. in fact any symptom of a society with high levels of poverty.
    But as a people we are also the most sincere, the warmest, the most fun, the most likeable, the most likely to win a reality popularity show, the people most generous when giving to charity.
    In other words we are richer in the ways that really matter.
    And they hate us for it.
    They don’t understand us.
    How can we keep travelling to all these midweek games with no money and no hope of winning?

    We are the Geordies…..