Sam Allardyce has been having his say on Newcastle United.

Nothing new there.

Despite having spent only seven months at St James Park before getting the sack, Newcastle United is Allardyce’s favourite topic when out of work.

Still counting his latest pay-off, from Everton this time, Sam Allardyce has been talking about NUFC and thi summer’s transfers.

Quite amazing just how wrong he gets it, whether deliberately or not, Allardyce saying about this summer’s transfer window: ‘The Newcastle fans give Mike Ashley a lot of stick but he is the owner of the football club and he has put his money in. Whether that is enough or not he decides how much money he wants to give the club and it’s up to you as the manager to try and spend that as wisely as you can.’

Well Mike Ashley forced Rafa Benitez to generate a £20m+ profit on deals in and out this summer, the club’s 13 years (and counting) record transfer fee very safe, as Rafa wasn’t even allowed to even £10m on a player.

In fact, of the seven incoming deals, two were on loan, another a free transfer, with then fees of £3m, £4m, £6m and £9.5m for the other four. Mitrovic alone was sold for £22m, which could rise to £27m.

The most laughable part of all is Sam Allardyce saying Mike Ashley has put his money in this summer and so it was up to Rafa Benitez to ‘spend that as wisely’ as he could.

Ironically, the latest Newcastle United Fans Forum minutes saw the club admit, though it was very well hidden away, that rather than putting money in as Allardyce would have it, Mike Ashley actually took money out of the club this summer. It was laughable as in the minutes the club claimed that they had tried to sign players well above the £16.8m Michael Owen record, but that they couldn’t find any of these players who were willing to sign. So after the transfer window closed the owner took out money instead.

Sam Allardcye says ‘Only time will tell if Rafa has’ spent ‘wisely’ this summer…it is a whole lot easier to spend ‘wisely’ when most clubs this summer had a net spend at least £50m more than Rafa did, or in some cases such as Fulham and West Ham, net spends of over £100m higher than NUFC.

Sam Allardyce as quoted by ITV News:

“If you are going to be successful, harmony at the top (of a football club) is very important – communication and pulling in the right direction.

“Whether that’s happening with Rafa Benitez and Mike Ashley, I’m not privy to that information, but certainly, from my point of view as a manager, the relationship between the owners and you as a manager is critical.

“A club can succeed but you have to put your differences to one side, both the owner and you, as the manager, and work together to get on with the job. Whether you like each other or not doesn’t particularly matter; as long as you do the business and the best for the football club.

“I was there (at Newcastle)  for seven months and never really had a relationship with Mike – he wasn’t the type. He wanted other people to run the club and he wanted to come along and enjoy the ride. I don’t know whether that’s changed or not.

“Because (in the transfer market Benitez is) limited, as we all find ourselves with whatever club we’re at, we try and use our tactics and the players we’ve got to the best of our ability.

The Newcastle fans give Mike Ashley a lot of stick but he is the owner of the football club and he has put his money in.

“Whether that is enough or not he decides how much money he wants to give the club and it’s up to you as the manager to try and spend that as wisely as you can.

“Only time will tell if Rafa has.

“He certainly did last year; he finished very, very strongly. This year’s a difficult start but maybe again they’ll come through. New players again – we all have to settle players in very quickly, and that’s very demanding as a manager.

“Early days yet – we saw West Ham go four defeats on the trot and then they came around against Everton and Manchester United.

“There has to be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel when you score two very good goals in the space of 10 minutes, as we saw (for Newcastle) at Old Trafford.”

  • MrShack66

    Probably our next manager.

  • Leazes.

    Don’t tell us….send him a tweet,

    ……what’s the point of writing these articles just to make a few morons come on here and call him names!

    Tell him he’s wrong otherwise he repeats it again and again.

  • Tweed Mag

    Tedious stuff. Too many ‘not sure’ caveats in Allardyce’s comments. Who cares what he says.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Ashley cares what he says..

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    Fat Sham backs the FatTwat….what’s that saying….”thick as thieves”…..

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      Our next manager.

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        Aye…you may well be right….him & the pie chomper…footballs answer to Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid….take anything by whatever means.

  • HarryHype59

    He is simply throwing his hat in the ring to be the next NUFC manager when Rafa leaves.

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      Course he is …….another sycophantic twt…..

  • Jay

    Coming from a fraud who shouldn’t even be allowed in the football business after England. How corrupt is football.

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    I’d love to kick his massive head of his shoulders.

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      You’d break your foot.

  • Jack hendry worst player in uk

    I see Mike scumbag Ashley Taking my club glasgow rangers to court today trying to get his fat greedy hands on the club merchandise income. What asad human beings he and the rats who he pays to lie for him are

    • SuperDesHamilton

      This is a Newcastle forum not a non league one. No one cares about Scottish football man

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        Sorry Des but we share a common hatred here and we need as many allies as we can in our fight to get rid of him

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          It’s some weirdo that just calls Celtic names look at his name man. No one cares about Celtic & no one cares about rangers or Scottish football

          If he came with a bit more then I’d care

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            I read his last post and he slated Ashley and his minions, that’s good enough for me

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            He’s a weirdo religious zealot. No time for that

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            He wants Ashley out, God bless him!

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            He also hates anyone not white and prodestant or what ever rubbish he believes in that book he bashes

          • SuperDesHamilton

            He wants him out of rangers, didn’t rangers go bust? Seems as though there fans done a good job with that

      • Jack hendry worst player in uk

        Sorry des but if all enemies of ashley stand together against him then we get to hear more of the truth. I boycotted my club’s games and my club’s merchandise because of mike Ashley I also try and carry the message that this man and the scumbags he pays to lie for him are not fooling everyone. Does it matter what my name is and what are you doing to get rid of ashley are you boycotting . I get the feeling you are not

        • SuperDesHamilton

          I’ve never been for close to 4 years now. If that’s ok with you?

        • kingfisher

          Well said ! If more fans actually boycotted games like you,me and many others,then Ashley would have been history a long time ago.

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        Don’t understand why your having a go at someone who is on our side against Ashley?

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          because most his posts from multiple accounts religious clap trap

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            I’m not into any kind of religion, but if he’s against Ashley, it’s ok with me.

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        Mike ashley and his band of paid liars get away with what they are doing because of people like you des. You are a not a real newcastle fan. You should be using all your negative energy against Ashley and trying to expose his wicked ways. We got Ashley out of rangers because we all stood together against him.. by the way I am no interested in religion I am only interested in football you ignorant waste of space

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          Expose his wicked ways, there well known fella doesn’t take me to say. Worry about your own Sunday league team you mental religious zealot

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    He’s just crawled out from under a stone as he sniffs about for the aston villa job, how this corrupt, greedy disgrace of a man keeps getting jobs in football is beyond me.

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    This bloke spent £15 million on Matt Jarvis so his opinion on transfers is irrelevant

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    If Hippo Head is our next manager, I’d seriously consider taking a complete break from football for several years.

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    Talk about stirring the pot – the guy`s a boring journeyman and we were well rid of him but I don`t see that he says too much that`s controversial – other than legitimising the Fat barsteward`s pillaging of the club, of course. But that`s par for the course, no surprise whatsoever. The only reason for tis piece of twaddle is so Jim can spin it a bit and wind people up enough to click on it.

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    Yesterday’s man who is desperate for attention. Ignore him.

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    The bloke is just one bigprick. who give a fuckwhat he gobs off about.He’s In the same catogarity as pardew, McLaren, jofuckinkinear and all other conmen that call themselves football managers.