We would all love to write something good about Newcastle United.

Anything would do. A bit of hope. A change of luck even.

That capitulation at Old Trafford said it all. It was our club in a nutshell. The doomed United.

We’re in the throes of yet another implosion. The Ashley era speciality – where simply nothing goes right. I can’t think of a single positive at the moment, save for him not putting the club into administration.

In any badly run organisation the problems start at the very top. The chaos flows from there. Ashley is a disease who has infected our football club in every single pore and the symptoms are pretty awful.

The first team hasn’t been strengthened and it’s out on the pitch where this gets ruthlessly exposed, as the other teams see us as an easy kill.

As an attacking force we’re a shambles. The recruitment hasn’t worked. Muto will take time to settle. Perez is out of form and it’s a horror show, and Joselu tries, bless him, but he just can’t find the net.

Then we have Rondon. An upgrade yes, but hardly prolific and injury prone.

Lee Charnley told the fans forum Rondon was the player that Rafa wanted. Now that comment was disingenuous given the manager was told there was no serious money to spend. They then sanctioned the sale of Mitrovic and somehow we end up looking weaker heading into that dreaded second season syndrome after promotion. Gayle goes out the door too and one of the most popular lads in dressing room is lost.

The manager has been badly let down by the leadership. Promises have clearly been broken. There remains no sign of him extending his stay beyond next summer.

Rafa is now coming under scrutiny for the way that the team is playing – our worst ever start to a season. He’s accountable, as the manager, but under this owner the alternative to Rafa will be way worse. Be careful what you wish for.

Given Ashley’s track record for making the wrong judgement call we’ll end the season with Steve Bruce at the helm. Hold that thought before you tweet for the Spaniard to be handed his P45.

Then we have the players.

They’re only human. Just like the fans I suspect that they wanted to see some investment too,  building on all that toil that secured a tenth place finish. Instead they came back from their holidays to something bordering on farce. Then there was a dispute over bonuses just to lower the morale even more.

This has all led to a new battle front between fans and owner. The protests are back and bigger than ever, with plenty more to come over the next run of games at SJP.  Nobody knows where the money has gone at a time when other clubs seem capable of trading, and strengthening, without any real fuss.

All we see are mysterious briefings from unnamed sources appearing in national newspapers saying that there are people who want to buy the club and take it forward. Where are these buyers?

Surely it must be a ruse to put a lid on the unrest by making supporters think he’s about to get the hell out of town, when in fact he has no such intention.

Throw into the mix the dilapidated state of St James Park, problems at the box office, a training ground in desperate need of modernisation and an academy that needs some money pumped in and you can see where I’m going here…

Nothing at Newcastle United is any good.

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  • Alex

    Don’t worry, the Chronic reports that yet another ‘5 year plan’ is in the offing.

    • Carverlier football

      Jam tomorrow…

  • JohnnyH

    Ive never known things to be this bad at the toon in forty odd years of supporting the club. We’ve just got to hope the future will bring change.
    Anyway for the moment my thoughts are with Leicester City.
    An owner who genuinely took an interest in the club, who made gestures such as buying the fans a beer and sarnie to watch the game. Helping them achieve winning the Premier League.

    A real shame.

    • Kenny

      Tragic, a real football man, a real owner.

    • Carverlier football

      Absolutely, a tragic incident. Awful news for football and Leicester City in particular.

      I wouldn’t put it past the KB PR machine to somehow try and leverage the incident to paint anti-owner protests as disrespectful.

  • Kenny

    the so called boycott shouldn’t start with the Wolves game it should start now.
    as for myself I’m cynical when it comes to Nufc & don’t think a boycott of any significance will happen

  • Paul Patterson

    It’s easy for Charnley to say that Rondon was the man that Rafa wanted.

    If a child goes into a supermarket with it’s mother and says ‘I want lobster and spinach with potatoes and tartare sauce but mother turns round and says ‘You can have tinned ravioli and potato alphabets’ or nothing at all, the poor lad will have to agree.
    Fast forward to back home, dad asks why the youngster is getting what he’s getting and mother says ‘It’s what he wanted’.

    • Kenny

      Penfold is a liar, just like his master, both are vermin scum

    • Wor Lass

      Potato alphabets – Where can you get them?

      • Toontaff

        The word on the street is……………

      • Paul Patterson

        Most supermarkets.Sadly the big child in me just makes rude words out of them . .

      • Rich Lawson

        Scotland or Poland ? I bet your going to say that the snails n frogs legs tins at your local deli bend nicely to make a letter now ?

    • Sickandtired

      No need for analogies. Charnley finds it easy to say because he’s a lying brown nosed hoop licking little [email protected]

  • Peaky

    Good article….pretty much sums the whole farce up..

  • Peaky

    The way both Watford and Bournemouth played yesterday and after watching the highlights on MOTD i really can’t see us getting anything from the next two games….

  • Phil Yare

    its worth pointing out that dortmund and liverpool have had protests and with the latter they succeeded. they earned a lot of respect for doing so. the problems we have had to endure are obviously a million times worse and yet we’ve barely ruffled the feathers of the hierarchy with many supporters remaining obedient to the fat one and even walking around with their massive tacky s**t direct plastic carrier bags.
    It would be nice to get creative, like the lazio fans that ordered sacks of manure and had it delivered to the training ground. although less successful, charlton fans disrupted a game by holding a mock funeral then throwing dozens of balls on the pitch during the game.
    anybody who says back the team and not the regime has clearly had their head firmly up their *** for the last 10 years.
    there’s no way you can expect people to burn season tickets they’ve been tricked into buying for god knows how many years based on lies and false promises but short term sacrifice is required whilst the club retains some kind of value.

    its quite ironic that every year he wants £100m more for a club that has £100m stripped of its own true value every year. another 10 years and we’ll be nothing…..even smaller teams will have new stadiums to match our dilapidated vandalized home.

    • Malcolm Fisher

      Missing one game,even if you are a season ticket holder,is a small price to pay if it gets rid of Ashley,especially if thousands boycott rhe same game….MISS THE WOLVES GAME

  • Toontaff

    Great – no need for a tennis ball, when I can take a cabbage to throw!

  • kingfisher

    It’s strange isn’t it? 99% of people who post on here believe the 50,000 should stop going to SJP and yet still they go.Is it based on finances as they have already bought tickets?, Is it because they truly believe that with their support the team will do better? Are they just doing it to spite those who think they should stop going?

    I wonder what the percentage is of all Newcastle fans worldwide who think the fans should stop going?

    • Tadger45

      I live in Australia and people need to seriously think about boycotting the Wolves game. You are right one small financial sacrifice times upwards of 50000 makes it a huge gesture. For those that say what about the players ! well they can read like the rest of us and they will know its not aimed at them perhaps they should win the game in an empty stadium to motivate people to come back, and its not going to really affect them if they are playing badly as it is.

      • kingfisher

        Well said Tadger.You’ve made some good points there.So even fans on the other side of the world think the 50,000 should stop going ! 👏👍