The question today is – Would you rather Newcastle United won the FA Cup or Mike Ashley sold NUFC?

Like myself, many of you will have given up any hope of either thing happening.

However, just for a second, suspend that reality.

This season’s FA Cup final takes place on 18 May 2019, before all football fans have an enforced rest in advance of looking forward to/worrying about next season.

I was asked this question in the pub last night, would I rather Newcastle United won the FA Cup on 18 May 2019 OR Mike Ashley had sold NUFC by that point.

I didn’t take any time in answering for myself but interested to see what the consensus would be amongst Newcastle fans.

At last see Newcastle win a trophy after a 50 year wait, or get rid of Mike Ashley?

Which of these is most important to you in these next seven months?

  • mactoon

    Bit of a loaded question lol although he did say he would leave if we won anything…

    • Danimal

      The U23s won a cup tie at Notts County the other day. I was hoping that might be the tipping point but apparently not. Maybe the thrill has just left him wanting even more.

      • mactoon

        I’m sure he did win the worst owner of a football club recently. Surely that counts.

      • Ron

        I think we’ve won the t0ss once or twice but the t0sser is still here!

  • superalansuddick

    What is the point of stupid polls like this. Every body and his dog knows whats wrong with NUFC,

    Its those pathetic white socks.

    • Wezza

      A bit of fun I’m sure but here is my take…
      I chose: Mike ashley to sell NUFC.

    • Ron

      So would you rather keep the white socks or Ashley, makings of another daft poll in “The Mag” – give me strength!

  • Paul Patterson

    Stupid question. We know the former WON’T happen without the latter happening first.

  • DeadToiler

    It’s a bad situation where the vast majority don’t want Newcastle to win a trophy

    • Steven05

      That’s the situation he has caused

      • James

        How far we have sunk

        • Alreet

          Well from top 4 and champions league to yoyo team of the millenia. At least some teams have the gaul and the ballacks to have a go in the league or just die peacefully and stay in the lower leagues for a while.

          Its like we want to be the rollercoaster team of yesterday where we struck fear into anyone one passed the gates of the Fortress St James.

          Now we are lucky to get a goal in a game let alone a win

      • DeadToiler

        Very true

  • Leicester Mag

    What an eff in stupid question. How can we win a competition we deliberately choose not to compete in? About the stupidest article published here.

    • Rabid Dog

      I completely agree. I’m surprised it didn’t have a BetVictor ad squeezed in there somewhere as well.

      I know. If you had to choose, would you choose black or white.

  • Ross Harrison

    Win the FA Cup for me. It would mean a lift in team spirit (the latter rounds hopefully coinciding with a successful survival push). Ashley always said he would sell up when we won a cup, so a win-win for me

    • Paul Patterson

      Court proven liar…

  • Leazes.

    For gods sake Porter!…. Simon Van der Velde…. give it a rest you daft git

  • Toon

    Good god, Porter you are an utter fool. Surely you can come up with better click bait rubbish then this

  • 45709

    Sell sell sell

  • 13258

    Not a well thought through question. FA Cup these days is little more than a distraction. 2 of the last 3 winning managers have been sacked (one of them within hours) a short time after ‘success’.

  • Ron

    We’ve already won the FA Cup – let’s go for something we haven’t done – get rid of Ashley.

  • GlasgowMag

    Pretty stupid question we have no chance of either of the options provided!!!!

  • Danimal

    Good theme. Tomorrow can we have one where we choose between a terminal illness and a fatal accident for our much loved owner? No need to cloud the issue with impossibly happy outcomes involving the football club.

  • graham18

    Rather get relegated to 2 divisions down if it means getting rid of him.

  • Andy Mac

    Eleven miserable years of treading water while occasionally going under ! No Brainer #FOFATMAN

  • Stephen

    Can we have an opinion whereby we choose the method of the owner’s departure?