Some interesting stats have been thrown up by Martin Tyler when it comes to Premier League clubs and their survival chances.

The question asked about those clubs in the Premier League era who have failed to win in any of their opening 10 (or more) matches.

In his regular Sky Sports column, Martin Tyler was prompted by somebody asking about Huddersfield and Newcastle United.

The two clubs going into this weekend’s matches with an identical record so far of three draws, seven defeats and no victories.

The quick answer being that of 11 clubs in the Premier League era not having a win in their first 10 games, only three ended up not relegated.

Not the greatest of odds…these were Everton in 1994/95, Blackburn in 1996/97 and Derby in 2000/01.

It gets even worse when you look at it since the Premier League clubs went from having a 42 game season to a 38 match one.

Swindon went down in 1993/94 after not winning any of the first 10, whilst Everton survived in 1994/95.

However, from 1995/96 clubs had four less matches to turn it around and only two of the nine managed it.

As for two clubs not winning any of their first 10 games in the same season, that happened only once before and that was 2012/13, when QPR and Reading ended up both relegated…

Sunderland are one of the clubs who failed to win any of the first 10 games, they did so in 2016/17 and ended the season rock bottom.

Martin Tyler column for Sky Sports:

Newcastle and Huddersfield haven’t won after 10 games in the Premier League – how many clubs have done this and stayed up?’

Martin Tyler:

‘Before this season, there had been 11 teams to have started the season without a win from the first 10 games, and only three of them avoided relegation.

Everton finished 15th in the 1994/95 season despite not winning any of their opening 12 games in a 42-game season.

Blackburn managed even better in 1996/97 as they ended the season in 13th place, having not won until their 12th game of the season.

Derby also avoided relegation in 2000/01, finishing 17th after failing to win until their 12th match.

martin tyler

However, teams have usually found it hard to recover from 10-game winless starts.

Swindon (1993/94), Watford (2006/07), QPR (2012/13) and Sunderland (2016/17) all finished bottom while Norwich (2004/05), Reading (2012/13) and Burnley (2014/15) ended second from bottom.

Manchester City were also relegated on goal difference in 1995/96 after not winning of their opening 11 matches.

There has only been one other season when two teams have failed to win in their first 10 Premier League games – 2012/13 when QPR finished bottom and Reading finished second bottom.’

  • Paul Patterson

    Meanwhile Mike Ashley buys another failing business.. 🚲🚲

    • Peaky

      ……then tells Rafa there’s no money in January….

    • Ashley-out

      sacks half the staff & halves the rest wages, the fatcunt should be hung up by the knackas

    • Rabid Dog

      Free bicycles for the squad if we stay up….

  • Paul Cannell

    It looks bleak.
    A double relegation is a definite possibility.

    • wheyayeman

      Thats not a bleak future if it’s one without Ashley!

  • Tweed Mag

    Yep, looks like our owner has gambled once too often. A cycle of relegation and under achievement continues. Ashley has punctured the club, whilst his cronies pedal lies. Time to put a spoke in his wheels, stay away and we might end up with someone else in the saddle.
    Terrible, I know.

    • Dave Pattinson

      …..but worth a try!

  • Andy Mac

    I’m so blase about the Toon this season that I cannot be bothered if we win or lose ? Fatso has done this not only to me but plenty of others. Those people who have deserted will probably never come back again even if Fatman goes ?

    In the past a Dad took his son/s and they became fans and their sons etc etc Now a lot of the hard core fans, especially the older generation (50-70 ?), have deserted SJP and those that remain are (being polite) just stadium fillers.

    So it’s not just the Fat Pherkrs dereliction of duty to the club, he’s also managing to alienate genuine fans and it may be generations before the diehards appear from within the current set of handsitters ?

    In the end he’ll Pherk off but what will be left behind ? Who knows ?

    • wheyayeman

      Nowt wrong with you mate more and more fans feel exactly the same way now. Rafa can’t do anything to sway it. Nobody can! It’s time to step back and watch the whole burning wreck fall in on itself and come back when the embers have stopped smouldering. I think we will be relegated for sure and he won’t be as lucky next time because Rafa will be gone and this awful awful squad can’t possibly get another fast track out of the championship. Once the parachute payments have been wasted on failing to get out of the championship or even falling out of the championship, Ashley will be planning his exit.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Dead right Andy. First game,dragged along by the old man, was Wolves in 1952 when I was 5. Never stopped 2 going till 2 yrs ago when I suddenly had a Road to Damascus moment & realised that it wasn’t our club any more and by giving Fatboy my season tkt money, I was propping up the regime. Been occasionally to watch, but its not really an enjoyable experience….and we all know why. Hope to be back when Ashley fluffs off into the sunset.