Tony Cascarino is the latest to give us the benefit of his opinion about Newcastle United.

They say that a little knowledge is dangerous and that is very true when it comes to ‘experts’ talking about our club.

As Newcastle are still seen as a ‘big’ club in many ways and are at the very least a regular talking point, people tend to think they know more than they really do about what is going on at St James Park.

Apart from a select few who actually bother to do some research, people like Tony Cascarino think they can just talk off the top of their heads about what the issues are about at Newcastle United.

For example, they wouldn’t do the same with our current relegation partners Cardiff and Huddersfield, as they know nothing at all about them, apart from probably who manages them.

A bit of insight on Tony Cascarino, he has got some form when it comes to talking rubbish about NUFC.

Back in January, Liverpool beat Manchester City 4-3 at Anfield, the following  week Newcastle lost 3-1 at the Etihad.

Tony Cascarino bemoaned Newcastle’s defensive tactics that day and questioned why they hadn’t had a go just like the scousers had.

Plucky minnows Liverpool achieved that 4-3 win with a front five of…

£37m Firmino

£34m Oxlade-Chamberlain

£38m Salah

£37m Mane

£25m Wijnaldum

Nobody would call Cardiff or Huddersfield if they used similar defensive tactics but with Newcastle United, experts such as Tony Cascarino seem to have a temporary blindness when it comes to not recognising just how lacking quality and underinvested the Newcastle squad is, especially after a disastrous summer where Mike Ashley insisted on a £20m+ profit.

After Saturday’s defeat to Leicester, Tony Cascarino declares: ‘Yes, Mike Ashley is certainly not a great owner but blaming the board has gone on too long..He can’t blame the board for ever.’

He makes out as though Rafa blames Mike Ashley and the shocking lack of transfer backing after every game, he doesn’t…but the fans do.

That is because we know that the crippling lack of money made available for players means Newcastle have a very weak team and even weaker squad for Rafa to choose from.

The manager isn’t always entirely blameless on every result and performance but then no other manager is either. However, we all know the reality.

Tony Cascarino points to the lack of goals and chances created but with Rondon never having been fit and now injured, no proper investment this summer in quality strikers and creative players, it isn’t exactly a surprise.

He derides Rafa’s Newcastle for only having the one shot on target against Leicester and of course it is a shocker for the fans watching, although the lack of quality in the front third was summed  up by Diame missing a sitter and Joselu not even getting a shot in when sent through one on one.

However, you can’t ignore the fact that in the two and a half years Rafa has been at Newcastle, Leicester have signed 14 different players who all cost more than Rafa’s biggest signing, £12m Matt Ritchie.

Tony Cascarino obviously sees Leicester as just an average mid-table team and maybe he is right BUT that shows the challenge Rafa and his squad face, even mid-table teams have had massive investment compared to NUFC.

Rafa’s expertise and a huge dollop of luck helped deliver a 10th place last season and it is maybe the worst thing ever because pundits and neutrals look at that and think surely it can be repeated.

The reality of course was that with different results on the final day of last season, Newcastle have ended up as low as 15th and if we are honest, that would probably have been a fairer reflection of the strength of the first team, plus we saw massive luck in terms of injuries, especially in that run from February to April where the same team pretty much played every week.

That squad which finished 10th (could have been 15th) went backwards in the summer with a big transfer profit made, whilst pretty much every rival club had a net spend at least £50m higher. Newcastle ended up running backwards as the rest did their best to move forward and get better players into their clubs.

Tony Cascarino speaking to The Times:

“Rafa Benitez should be taking some of the blame for Newcastle’s struggles, he has been getting away with it until now

“Don’t get me wrong, some of the decisions at board level have made things difficult and, yes, they haven’t spent big in recent transfer windows, but their performances on the pitch, at home, have not been good enough.

“I’m not talking about those games against the top six where Benitez sets his teams up to defend, I don’t mind that.

“I mean games like Saturday, where they are playing against Leicester City in front of 52,000 fans and they manage to have one shot on target.

“They have had only 18 shots on target in seven games all season, the joint fewest alongside Cardiff and Huddersfield.

“They have created only 32 goalscoring chances, the lowest total in the league, even Huddersfield (33) and Cardiff (57) have managed more. They have to be better than that.

“I accept that they haven’t got the strongest squad in the league but in players such as Jonjo Shelvey, Matt Ritchie and Kenedy they have skill and ability to be creative.

“At the back Martin Dubravka is a solid goalkeeper and Jamaal Lascelles is a centre-back with talent and potential.

Yes, Mike Ashley is certainly not a great owner but blaming the board has gone on too long.

“Those Newcastle fans are brilliant and so desperate to get behind their team but Benitez’s team play with fear, I don’t remember a team who are so well supported and should be inspired, yet put in such cautious performances.

“Rafa Benitez must find a way of unleashing his team at home. He can’t blame the board for ever.

“I don’t understand how Aleksandar Mitrovic didn’t work out and he’s been impressive for Fulham, and they also sold Dwight Gayle – not a great Premier League striker but someone who will always cause problems in the box and get the odd important goal.

“Maybe the departure of those players was down to the board but Benitez didn’t seem able to get the best out of them, particularly Mitrovic.

“They have to be more aggressive at home, get the crowd behind them and give their fans something to cheer about so they don’t focus on booing and chanting about the owners.”

  • Waxi

    Ex pro who thinks he knows everything about football and knows now’t. If the FCB had spent OUR 150 million this summer Tony would we be in the same position. The answer is no you divvy. We have had years of under investment you clown is that the fault of the manager. We as toon fans can get sick of the negative tactics from time to time but we know why as we have 2nd rate players that the manager did not want but fatty shafted him with.

    • Leazes.

      Nothing to do with understanding football…..its to do with understanding the situation at this club and the history of the asset strip culminating in one of the weakest squads in the division!

      • Cockneytrev

        It’s all about the asset stripping,,,

    • FatParosite

      When Bishop working in accordance with Ashley to move against his manager by putting out great whoppers to win a PR war, EVERYONE eats it up. Like the Kenyon lie…. Nobody has called into question directly that this is an obvious rouse. The same thing happens here. Old pro… everyone just assumes it is his (Cascarino) opinion. It is NOT. Stop falling for it.

  • Leazes.

    Cascarino was a team mate of Dennis Wise at Chelsea for two years … it could be just a coincidence that all of the attacks on Wor Rafa are coming from the Kings Road area of London…..

    …. its could be, really guvnor!

  • Kenny

    What board, Oh Penfold who hides in a cupboard & only surfaces when his master calls

    • Big Hairy Man

      The board meetings must be pretty intense. Charnley doing a bit of finger painting and colouring in.

  • Staveley Save Us

    Considering the usual nonsense put out by Sky, this isn’t too ridiculous. We’ve been dreadful so far but everyone needs to give Rondon a chance, he bullied City’s defenders when we lost 2-1, I think there’s something there. Muto made some clever runs when he came on against Leicester. I’d like to see that partnership given a go. We’ve had a horrible fixture list to start, after United we can kick on with a fully fit team. Our squad depth is so weak we need everyone fit to stand a chance.

  • Christopher Edwards

    Opening myself up for criticism but I agree with what he said actually.

  • Dillon Tovak

    I’m not commenting on the reality of the situation, but when Mitrovic was with us the wider media spoke about him as a loose canon and someone not to be relied upon.
    Now he’s left it’s as if we sold Messi for 50k.

    • mentalman

      Thats because he has proved them wrong

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Why does anyone take this fake mick serious

  • Tony English

    If you look at the order of the points Cascarino makes, it’s clear he’s just thinking out loud, bluffing it.

    He makes a point, then offers the counter argument, then makes another point, then offers the counter argument…

    He should just admit “sorry I haven’t really given it any thought, I can’t be ar sed to do any in-depth research – so here my opinion based on little or nothing – have you got enough words yet?”

    But then another notable poster on here tells us everything in the press is factual and must never be questioned or disregarded – Exhibit A.

  • wheyayeman

    Well we are of course all hanging on the every word of Tony !

  • FatParosite

    Cascarino on the Ashley payroll…. Don’t give him credence… Move on.

  • Philippines

    You have to remember… he has just had brain surgery.