Mike Ashley, an immature man, someone who is yet to grow up (emotionally certainly not physically).

He gave supporters two fingers from the back of a car a few weeks back when leaving the meal with Rafa and the players, something he categorically denies, despite the clear photo/video evidence. It would be extremely naive to believe it was a mistake.

There is no doubt Ashley has the emotional maturity of a 15 year old.

His latest stunt, to place yet another SD sign at St James Park (see above).

The timing of its placement is no coincidence either, with Newcastle not at home until  Saturday 3 November to Watford, it gives the fans time to be aware of the sign’s placement and for any anger to subside, it’s a regular technique Ashley uses against fans time and time again. He riles us up, but is specific with his timing, so we all calm down again and turn up in our droves.

I saw a tweet asking whether Mike Ashley would still be owner had he bought Liverpool in 2007?

The general response was that the scouse fans wouldn’t have accepted this type of mismanagement.

Anfield would lay empty,

Sports Direct shops wouldn’t be able to operate in Merseyside.

Fans would unify and come together in such a way, making Ashley’s reign untenable. I genuinely believe if Ashley was at Liverpool, he would have run scared years ago.

At Newcastle we do the opposite.

We continue to drink in his bar before the game, shop in the club shop.

We couldn’t organise one single boycott if we tried, trust me, many have attempted it.

I don’t want Rafa to go, but if Rafa walking is the only way to get rid of Ashley and unify the supporters, I genuinely believe in the long-term it would be for the greater good, as much as it pains me to say.

Unfortunately, there will still be fans ready and waiting to line Ashley’s pockets even if Rafa went.

This latest SD sign sums it up, Mike Ashley is going nowhere.

Not only is he going nowhere, he is sticking his big fat greedy middle finger up at supporters and laughing at us.

Why anyone in their right mind would actively give Ashley money is so beyond comprehension. Everyone needs to stop right now.

He will continue to laugh at us for the next decade as we yo-yo up and down and there will come a point when St James Park has more SD advertisements than fans.

Only then will there be light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • Dillon Tovak

    You’re right Samuel Brown, our fans pull down their keks and bend over voluntarily. Liverpool fans would have done something about this.

    (The word D A M N got this post banned originally 😂)

    • Peaky

      😂🤣😂 the secret is Dillon join the words up with something else…I learned that from Geordiegiants….for example….. Ashley is afuckingtwat…..

      • BanJones

        As in Fatcockneyarsewipe?

        • Geordiegiants


      • Geordiegiants

        Nah I got it from shithouse, it’s yours peaky. 👍

        • Peaky

          Thanks Geordie…I’ll take it…😂🤣

  • Paul Patterson

    My personal choice is the end of the season. Over and out.

  • Tweed Mag

    There will come a time when Ashley’s empire implodes. The signs are there, SD share prices are going down and he has a few headaches with HoF and Debenhams. His biggest mistake is treating people like dirt, expecting them to part with good money for tat. He is doing the same at NUFC and it has been made easy for him with 50k crowds turning up every match day. The message that sends out is that his brand is working, but we all know the loyalty is to the club, not SD. There will always be fans who will turn up no matter what and an empty ground is too much to expect. A much reduced attendance (sub 35k or less) will make a big difference and reflect badly on the man who has systematically reduced NUFC with his greed, ignorance and a complete inability to listen to people who know how to run a football club. Shouting abuse at him will not work, so let him sit on his own at the match and watch the mess he is responsible for. Don’t go to the Wolves game – don’t give him your money.

    • Peaky

      Yes it’ll all come to an end one day and boy how we’ll rejoice….I think it was Paul Weller who sang “Just Like Jericho,Walls Come Tumbling Down”…..

      • Billmag

        It wants to hurry up Peaky I’ve got more years behind me than in front of me that’s for sure, it would be better seeing him getting his comeuppance than us winning a trophy.

        • Peaky

          I’m 53 Bill and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll see the back of him !!

          • Billmag

            As my sister says Peaky and she’s 83 we are sitting in the departure lounge.😀😀😀

          • Peaky

            😂🤣 Never heard that expression before…love it..

        • Steven05

          My exact thoughts too

    • Themoscow72

      Rafa will love that fans deserting the cause when he wants them behind the team.

  • Peaky

    Different note but has anyone been arrested for calling Keys nasty names yet ??? Thought not…even the CPS think he’s a lecherous arsewipe….

    • Leazes.

      Has anyone been arrested for giving KBA a one star rating on check-a-trade.

      • Peaky

        Not sure but that reminds me…I haven’t been on SD Trustpilot for a while….some corkers on there…or there was….it’s probably been stopped.

        • Leazes.

          SD shopping bag is full of trainers and stuff…. too heavy to reach the checkout.

  • kingfisher

    Well said Samuel.To the lifelong true supporters it’s absolutely incomprehensible and beyond belief that any true supporter would willingly give Ashley their cash.

    I suppose we must asssume that most of the 50,000 don’t have the clubs best
    interests at heart and are not football supporters as such, but day trippers who enjoy the whole ” match day ” experience.This theory is borne out by the total lack of atmosphere in SJP.
    The theory of “support the team not the regime” is just a smoke screen to allow them to keep on going and they are not even prepared to miss just one match !

    • Leazes.

      It is …. isn’t it?

      Here its the whole package of the matchday experience of which the football is a part….. elsewhere the stadiums are on the edge of town or industrial estates and they get football fans….we get day trippers from the towns and villages combining the match with a day out and a shopping trip, a few hours in a pub before and after, or a night out.

    • Themoscow72

      What will missing one match achieve nothing. What we need is a wealthy buyer not protests and Rafa might walk if the fans go against the team.
      The crowds will drop until we start winning then they will pick up again.
      I can tell you now that the Wolves gate will be over 48,000 which is a tremendous gate for a team bottom of the league and a Sunday four O’ Clock kick off and that will be seen as a victory. With tickets prices starting at £34.00 and going up to £56.00 for this game the revenue will be just as much as a 51,000 crown lst season. You could offer me a million pounds to stay away from the Wolves game and would say no.

      • Simon Carr

        Unlike the Leeds game when you DID boycott the game

        • Themoscow72

          So why was I sacked for been seen in the ground. Get yourself down the Monkey or reveal your first name.

        • Themoscow72

          So have you the bottle to come for a pint in the Monkseaton Arms one O, Clock Sunday or a bar of your choice one Sunday afternoon. No one on this site ever turns up as talk a good game .

      • kingfisher

        Missing one match would achieve more in 90 minutes than any amount of anti Ashley chants, S.D protests,banner waving etc would, as it would send out a clear message that we are not prepared to be taken for granted and be abused by Ashley.
        Just as full houses send out the reverse message that Ashley could raise prices,sack Rafa, reinstate Pardew, Mclaren etc and still the day trippers who obviously don’t give a toss about the future of OUR club will still turn up.Do you honestly think that by turning up despite everything that’s happening is good for the future of the club?

        I’m sure the so called “fans” who turn up at every home game think they are more loyal and are better fans than those of us who are prepared to actually take a stand against this regime and refuse to return to SJP until Ashley has gone.

        The lack of atmosphere inside SJP proves that those who still go don’t care what goes on behind the scenes or out on the pitch.They are “matchday experience” supporters, not Newcastle United supporters.

        • Kenny

          100% correct

  • Leazes.

    Would Mike Ashley still be owner had he bought Liverpool in 2007?

    He couldn’t have done it without his good friend Mark Douglas (Bradford City fan)
    or Lee Ryder (Liverpool Fan)…..

    What would Ryders response have been if he’d been working for the Liverpool Echo, to the procession of puppet managers, to their stadium development being sold off and to downsizing and relegation?

    The same or different…… running polls to back the regime?

    The same headlines proclaiming fans are right behind ‘Pards’?

    The same political stance of ‘critical friendship? (Kop Out treachery, balance between Ashley ….and everyone else yeah right)

    The same headlines bigging up players who were not fit to wear the shirt?

    Ashley couldn’t have done it without Douglas!

    Eleven years and counting!

  • GC

    I’m not sure if he genuinely stuck his two fingers up in that infamous photo after the italian meal, but putting yet another SD sign up in such a prominent place is definitely sticking two finger up at us. It basically says “F**k you all, I’m going nowhere.

  • Kenny

    those who visit St James on match days are beyond redemption,
    11 years of schit from the Rat, 2 relegations & another one coming up and they still fill the vermins coffers with cash.
    are they stupid, answers on a postcard to Penfold Ne1

    • Billmag

      It would take Penfold 3 month to answer one question because he’s like the proverbial tortoise.

      • Kenny


  • Viru leckworth

    Don’t be so sure Samuel, I have supported nufc since 1952 and have held a season ticket since the late sixties when I was in the old wooden stand, but if Rafa goes I cannot see me returning. Sad times for true supporters.

    • tom

      So you will/have put up with everything the fat parasite has chucked at us and still gone to line his pockets, but if raffa goe’s you do..


      • Viru leckworth

        Not only Ashley but mc keague Westwood Douglas hall far Freddie and all. I have supported the club not the owners. Your comment is a bit harsh. What was the last match you attended then?

        • tom

          Ive been to almost every away game since 2015 saying as you ask. I however will not set foot in SJP aslong as the fat leech owns it..unlike you apparantly, i have the balls to stick to my guns old bean.

          • Viru leckworth

            So when was the last home match you attended ?

          • tom

            C palace.
            Had tickets for manure but work got in the way unfortunately.

          • Viru leckworth

            So you have also been putting money in his pocket prior to that. Pot kettle.

          • tom

            There comes a time when you realise your being taken for a MUG. Yes it took me a while longer 2015 whats your excuse?

  • Kenny

    King Rat has no intention of leaving it is all bull schit about the club being up for sale, breadcrumbs to the season ticket holders who may one day see the light,
    he has f##ked the lot of you & you didn’t t see it coming.

  • Billmag

    What next from the scumbag, changing the ground name.

    • Paul Patterson

      Been there, done that..

  • Wezza

    From the V sign to this sign… meaning he is going absolutely nowhere!

    • Dave Pattinson

      No one surprised by this latest insult tells me Ashley’s quite happy to continue taking the pi$$. He must lie awake at night working out ideas that are calculated to upset the support. Man, he must really hate us! And I ‘m happy with that. Boycott the Wolves game FFS. ASHLEY OUT!

      • Wezza

        He must have the mentality that nobody crosses him, ever. Look what he did to his family to even get rich! The poor excuse for a man is a psychopath!

  • Blackburn1066

    NUFC not for sale never has been its a joke club now.

  • Mrkgw

    Despicable owner and regime. Thanks to John Hall for selling the soul of our club to someone with such collosal level of hatred for the faithful. ASHLEY OUT!

  • Geordiegiants

    That sign has been put there to try and get the protesters there instead of in the town.

  • Realist

    On route to Southampton with the rest of our true supporters. Support them through thick and thin or don’t support nufc at all. leazes wezza Kenny and other lap dogs spring to mind. Hwtl.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Lack a drug addict who needs a fix even though he knows it’s killing him we continue to walk zombie like to the cathedral on the hill trying to convince ourselves that what will be served up will be better this time and sit through ninety minutes of what can only be described as torture. After the game many of us castigate ourselves for being conned again, wishing that we’d never set foot in the place only to return two weeks later in something akin to sick groundhog Day. It’s a sick joke and as usual the jokes on us.

  • degs01

    Just stop going. Let TV and the press show a stadium full of nothing but Sports Direct signs. Anything else isn’t supporting the team.

  • Jonas

    Nothing depresses me more than things indicating he’s not selling.
    The If Rafa Goes We Go – really ought to be ‘If Ashley Stays We Go’
    Its the only way to get rid of him – if not out of the club initially, out of your life until such time as.

    A patriot must be willing to defend his country from its government