I have been amused to see growing speculation that Brendan Rodgers could soon be the new manager at Newcastle United.

The rumour mill claiming that unless results pick up, Rafa Benitez could be shown the door at NUFC.

Mike Ashley set to make a (supposedly) decisive move to try and avoid the disaster of relegation.

I think I am totally missing something here.

How does the story make any sense whatsoever, that is even before you get to even considering whether it could potentially happen.

We have in Mike Ashley someone who has persistently refused to allow proper investment in the Newcastle United squad, particularly these last four transfer windows since promotion.

This past summer being the ultimate, Rafa’s expertise giving Newcastle United surprise momentum via promotion and tenth place in the first season up, yet the club’s owner insisting on a £20m+ profit on transfer deals.

However, we are now supposed to believe these two things.

That Mike Ashley would sack Rafa Benitez and pay him £6m compensation is stretching credibility to the very limits.

To then though pay Celtic the reported £9m compensation it would cost to land Brendan Rodgers…

The only compensation Mike Ashley has ever allowed is when he banked £2m as Crystal Palace amazingly paid Newcastle United/Ashley for the services of Alan Pardew.

Every manager appointed by Mike Ashley at Newcastle, has been out of work, apart from Chris Hughton and John Carver who were already working at NUFC.

An owner who won’t even allow money to be spent on credible transfers, to suddenly be paying out £15m on hiring and firing managers?

If you believe that then you very definitely have taken your eye off the ball.

If/when Rafa Benitez leaves and Mike Ashley is still here, you can guarantee that his replacement will be back to the usual owner’s model of somebody who is blatantly not good enough for the job, but is so desperate to take the post under any conditions.

The main ones being an acceptance that you have no say on anything of importance, especially transfers in and out, as well as a willingness to do everything you are told to do without questioning it. Especially when it comes to contributing to and supporting the PR campaign of trying to protect Mike Ashley from criticism.

Even if Ashley was prepared to pay out the £15m, there is no way that even somebody such as Brendan Rodgers would remotely consider the Newcastle job under this owner.

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  • Mark Brannan

    You missed out the the inevitable change in coaching staff. It would be nearer £25m for firing and hiring

  • Kenny

    Pardew next May, unfinished business, cheap & a puppet.
    Lascelles gone, Kenedy gone, Jonjo gone plus any other player with half a brain.

  • Leazes.

    Journalists are too eager to fill pages without stopping to think, just look at the chronicle for repeated speculation, as I’ve said the amount of fake news surrounding football is enormous…. you really have to discount a lot of stuff just by looking at click bait headlines and stopping yourself reading them….

    ….I go as far as using the block button on newsnow to blank whole sites.

  • Themoscow72

    The only way Rafa will leave is because of the protesters. He hates them as much as I do. Support the team.

    • 1957

      Did he tell you that in a lift?

      • Themoscow72

        He said the fans must be united and support the team as that is the only way forward. Anyway how is the rugby going see they are bottom again. Crowds not great and only about six thousand regulars keeping the faith the rest are boycotting.

    • Big Hairy Man

      Rafa quite rightly hates Ashley as much as the overwhelming majority of the fans do.

    • East Durham Mag

      F*ckwit 🤪

  • JohnnyH

    Rafa will hang on until the end of his contract, then he’ll go.

    You wouldn’t hand over £6 million to leave a bit earlier would you. Plus his reputation will remain unblemished, having seen the job through despite being shafted by Ashley at every transfer window.

    At that point you could put Rodgers name into the hat along with Bruce,Moyes, et al
    They’re all Shyte.

  • BanJones

    There are two easy stories for the media here. One prints the nonsense in the first place and the second explains why it won’t happen – the modern media.

  • Daniel MacGregor

    No way Rodgers would leave Celtic where he has been hamstrung by the board trying to cream off their european cash reserves and limiting him to low end signings and loans and come here to, well, pretty much the same but much much worse

  • Paul Patterson

    I keep telling people, Rafa will battle on until May and leave. That will leave Ashley the chance to appoint a freebie.
    Steve Bruce ..