The bookies have now revised their Premier League relegation odds after Saturday’s matches.

After Newcastle United finished 10th last May, the bookies made the Magpies a very safe bet to avoid relegation worries, pricing them at 6/1 to go down this season.

After a shocking transfer window where Mike Ashley insisted on a £20m+ profit on deals, rather than a major net investment in the squad, the bookies shortened Newcastle’s relegation odds down to 9/2.

Newcastle’s disastrous defeat to Brighton leaves them rock bottom of the table, Cardiff beating Fulham in a six goal thriller.

premier league relegation odds

The bookies have now adjusted their odds accordingly (see below), with Newcastle United now a 15/8 chance to go down.

Amazingly, to me anyway, they still have four other clubs more likely to go down than Newcastle.

To an extent I can see why Cardiff and Huddersfield might be seen as nailed on at such short odds.

However, I just don’t see why anybody would think Burnley or Fulham were more likely to go down than Newcastle.

Obviously things can change quickly and win at Southampton, with then two home games to follow against Watford and Bournemouth, would give a massive lift to both Rafa and the fans.

Having said that though, the size of the task is summed up by the fact that when you look at the current Premier League table, Bournemouth and Watford are both in the top seven at the minute.

Last thing we need as well is Palace going to Everton and winning this afternoon, as that would put them eight points clear of Newcastle.

Premier League relegation odds (odds at start of season in brackets):

2/5 Cardiff (4/6)

1/3 Huddersfield (11/10)

1/1 Fulham (7/4)

6/4 Burnley (7/2)

15/8 Newcastle United  (9/2)

5/1 Southampton (7/1)

7/1 Palace (6/1)

10/1 Brighton (2/1)

10/1 West Ham (7/1)

66/1 Watford (2/1)

66/1 Bournemouth (5/1)

All BetVictor odds on 2018/19 relegation HERE.

  • Rabid Dog

    Oooh look a BetVictor advert

    • Leazes.

      Yes they are Liverpool FC sponsors ….. so money from United fans ends up paying for our competitor’s salaries…. thats nice!

      Well done Mag…. thats a big mistake isn’t it?

      • Danimal

        I think you’re stretching it to suggest Liverpool are our competitors anymore, since Ashley’s Funless Fair rolled into town.

  • t00nraider

    Funny how I keep reading this £20mil profit “insistence” and never heard about a £50mil net spend insistence during the McClaren record breaking summer spend. For this £20mil insistence, we did ok. We got a decent premier league striker (not Ashley’s fault he’s been injured) Arguable 2, but jury still out on Muto for me. A couple of decent centre backs, keeper and winger. Got rid of a stiker who did F all for us apart from get sent off a few times.

  • killymag

    The Fatman uses SJP for free advertising Bet Victor use this site wtf

  • Hughie

    Unless they find two goalscorers and a proper no.10 pronto its curtains. I can’t recall a weaker central attack at NUFC since the 1960’s second division days. Tactics are predictable and the front 2 are barely championship standard. A perennial problem since Demba Ba in the PL. But its not just down to the appalling ownership. The weak links and rigid tactics have been found out and last seasons tactics won’t work any more. Try Kenedy and Muto up front- a bit of pace and flair. Give young Murphy a proper run. Look at Sorensen and Longstaff. Anything but Perez – the lad just hasn’t got it and is a passenger. The odds are wrong and unless Benitez can sort out the attack we are favouries to go down again.

    • Geordiegiants

      Didn’t think it would take long until a lunatic started trying to blame Rafas tactics.
      You know as well as everyone it’s down to one person only.

      • HarryHype59

        Fatman is 80 per cent to blame. However, Rafa’s one dimensional and predictable tactics have contributed to this sorry farce.

        Team’s have worked us out!

        • Geordiegiants

          I get what your saying but what other tactics can he use???? We have nothing going forward, nothing!
          These tactics that everyone keeps going on about have won everything in the game when played by players fit for purpose.
          They won us promotion as the highest goal scorers in the division, with the best goals against and record points total.
          They got us to tenth place last season.
          They won Liverpool the champions league etc etc etc.
          It’s not Rafas tactics, Howare man don’t let the fatcunt turn your head.

          • HarryHype59

            I appreciate Rafa is working under the dead hand of this awful regime. I also think Klopp, Pepe and Jose would struggle with this team under Ashley.

            However, Rafa’ s tactics, aren’t exactly working at present. At SJP, even average sides like Brighton have worked us out. He needs to drop the 4-2-3-1 system as he doesn’t have the players for this system to function. Maybe a more fluid 4-3-3 style would be more effective at SJP.

          • Geordiegiants

            Maybe it would I can’t argue, but Rafa is paid millions of pounds for his opinion we sacrifice our time free of charge on here for free. It tells it’s own story.

      • Hughie

        Thought someone with nothing to say would resort to insults. Explain last season friend and tell me why the same players plus Fernandez and Muto are failing repeatedly. Try really hard to use your brain, and don’t say Mitro and Gayle because they were peripheral.

        • Geordiegiants

          I can explain last season in 2 simple words.
          “TENTH PLACE”