Last season Newcastle United ended the season on 44 points.

That was enough to see them finish in tenth place in the Premier League in the first season back after promotion.

A remarkable achievement considering Mike Ashley refused to allow Rafa Benitez to make proper investment in his team/squad.

That 44 points total was the lowest in the Premier League era to produce a top half finish but nevertheless, 44 points was a quality return from Rafa Benitez with the resources he had available to him.

Moving forward to this current season and Newcastle only have three points from the opening 10 games.

Whilst much was made early on of a tough set of opening fixtures, fans and neutrals alike are now looking at the current failings of the squad in a more realistic light.

A bit too simplistic though now to put a lack of points just down to playing some of the better teams in the early games.

Having also now played Palace, Cardiff, Leicester, Brighton and Southampton, there is a more rounded feel to the range of matches completed.

As it stands now, Newcastle have seven games remaining against ‘big six’ clubs and 21 (11 home and 10 away) against the other 13 clubs.

Last season Newcastle picked up zero points from away games at the big six clubs and I find it hard to see that changing this time, as for the home matches, Rafa’s team still have Liverpool, Man City and Man Utd to play. Personally, I would see next to no chance of getting anything off Man City or Liverpool, whilst I doubt very much if we would see anything close to that shambolic Man U first half display at Old Trafford, repeated at St James Park.

Bottom line then, to beat last season’s 44 points total, Newcastle United need 42 points. Already that works out at two points on average from each of those 21 matches against the non-big six clubs, or to put it another way, NUFC would have to win two thirds (14) of those 21 games to reach 45 points.

Sad to say but already we are way past having any expectation of getting anywhere close to beating last season’s points total.

Instead we are looking at a war of attrition for the rest of the campaign, along with the hope there proves to be three worse teams.

Newcastle are really up against it and we need to find players who can step up to create and score the goals that are desperately missing at the moment.

Apart from a steady, usually disciplined defence, Newcastle are finding themselves lacking, especially with pace and natural goalscorers.

If what we are watching is the natural level of ability of this NUFC team, then you have to fear the worst.

Instead, you can also have a certain level of hope that missing momentum and confidence could be possibly cured with a few positive results.

Time is running out.

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  • Leazes.

    Reading Mark Douglas he doesn’t comprehend the situation and seems to be in favour of peering through rose tinted glasses.

    The sports Editor is in complete denial of the seriousness of the situation favouring a view which overestimates the capabilities of the squad, and underestimates the other strugglers desire to also spend their way out of trouble.

    Counting points available and looking to the history books for Gypsy Rose Lee’s predictive assessment might work in his head but it won’t do it in reality…..

    ….One Injury or layoff to Dubravka, Lascelles or Shelvey and its goodnight Vienna!

    Also in denial that he’s taking briefings from the club is the man who set up a ‘Live Blog’ of the Pizza House Summit, and supplied a photographer for what exactly?

    He denies being fed takeover stories which he happily prints as fact to feed a hungry fanbase eager for a sale….. its a betrayal to present this nonsense as truth!

    Ashley has just installed a metal sign in the atrium at the Milburn concourse for a few thousand quid…. he’s not selling because the club has never been for sale…. not because there isn’t a buyer!

    Ashley wouldn’t have lasted this long in Liverpool….. the Echo doesn’t have a patsy like Mark Douglas to keep the nonsense going!

    #BoycottWolves #AshleyOut

    • Wor Lass

      You can say that again (on another thread!).

  • Paul Patterson

    A team won’t need 44 points to survive this season. 35 may be enough.

    • HarryHype59

      I have a feeling that this season will result in the lowest ever points total, needed to survive.

  • BanJones

    The target is to find 3 teams worse than us – if it matters wether we stay up or not. Huddersfield, Fulham and Cardiff mean it is not impossible. We can stay up and then hope to find 3 worse teams next season and the season after that. Has anyone got any idea what the end game looks like, the assett stripper is going nowhere nor is the club. He might run the club down to the extent that we could get a local consortium in? There’s hope in that but it will take years to build back up.

  • Stephen

    The way the club is run transcends from the Owner all the way down to the players.
    At the end of the season it’s Championship Football, No manager and a much depleted squad as the loan players return to there own clubs.
    Newcastle as a club are light years behind most of the premiership.
    Lack of investment, planning and plain bad decisions.
    You won’t need a boycott, people will find other things to do with there time and money.

  • Wor Lass

    As Ban Jones says, it`s not the actual total we need to have in mind just getting one more than three other clubs (or the same with better goal difference). A Southampton fan summed it up perfectly when he said we don`t have to outrun everyone just three fat kids. Cardiff, Fulham, Huddersfield and Southampton all look as bad as us. They may have a bit more firepower up front but their defences are rubbish. That`s the only decent aspect of our team so far this season. I wouldn`t count Burnley or Brighton out of it either yet. Burnley scraped by on grinding out draws and late winners last season and didn`t buy well in the summer – they could be in trouble this season. We should have mullered Brighton so they must be bad. With the top clubs just beating everyone, the points available for the rest are few and far between – the 40 point mark is most likely well above the realistic minimum nowadays.

    • HarryHype59

      Brighton have fourteen points we have three. They look to have moved up a level in the EPL after spending around £120m net since promotion.

      • Wor Lass

        Yeah, you`re right – sadly, for us. I`m pleased for Chris Hughton, though. Equally sadly for us, Bournemouth and Watford seem to have moved up even more than Brighton. We`ve got two very, very tough games comeing up.

        • HarryHype59

          100% agreed! Listening to Total Sport, numerous callers think the next two home games are “winable”. I think we will be lucky to avoid defeat in both matches.

      • Paul Patterson

        Our rivals this season are Cardiff, Huddersfield, Fulham, Southampton, Crystal Palace and West Ham.
        We’ve drawn against three of them away from home which in itself is a good return. Sadly, to finish above them we have to realistically beat all of them when they come up here.
        Not an easy task.

        • HarryHype59

          Not easy at all, due to a lack of quality up front and predictable tactics at SJP. Opposition teams appear to have worked NUFC out at home!

  • HarryHype59

    There are at least five clubs whose teams are woefully short of EPL standard. I wonder how long it will be before the “big clubs” start wanting less teams in the EPL so they can increase their share of the TV deal?

    Such a move would mean a zombie club club NUFC would be never be an established EPL club under Ashley.

  • Tomb

    no point in second guessing which games we might take points from, last seasons results show that. We play Liverpool at the end of the season they could well be on the beach this time as Chelsea were last season in our last game. The positive is we wont need anywhere near 44 points to stay up