Things are going from bad to worse for Rolando Aarons.

Rafa Benitez had made clear the winger has no future at Newcastle, even leaving him out of the official 25 man Premier League squad .

In Rafa’s two and a half years at St James Park he has only given Rolando Aarons two league starts and subbed him both times.

Sent out on loan last season, the winger had a disastrous time at Hellas Verona, the club relegated and Aarons not scoring a single goal or getting any assists.

After rumours of being sent out to a Bulgarian club, the player found himself sent out to the equally low standard of Czech Republic domestic football.

His first three starts brought poor performances and each time Rolando Aarons was subbed.

Aarons was then dropped and hasn’t started a league in the past month.

Instead he has only had 42 minutes off the bench including contributing nothing when coming on yesterday in a 1-0 home defeat to Slavia Praha.

Rolando Aarons turns 23 in three weeks time and in reality has done nothing to justify the hype he attracted from some Newcastle fans and certainly nowhere near enough to have been given the ridiculous five year contract he was awarded in 2016.

Newcastle fans are looking for some inspiration but there looks no chance of that coming from Aarons when he can’t even get a game in the Czech Republic.

His loan deal is only a half year one and no doubt Slovan Liberec will be sending him back in January.

Rolando Aarons appears to completely lack the desire to make it as a player, even when taking injuries into account.

A shame that Dwight Gayle’s loan at West Brom wasn’t only a half season one, not the complete answer but far better than what we will ever get from Joselu and Perez.

The Mag – 7 September 2018:

Rolando Aarons has at last found a new club.

The winger completely sidelined by Rafa Benitez, having not been given a place in his Premier League squad.

Options were running out and Aarons has ended up in the Czech Republic.

This is one of the few countries where the transfer window was still open.

Rolando Aarons joining Martin Dubravka’s old club, Slovan Liberec, for six months.

The keeper left there in summer 2017 before joining Sparta Prague and then Newcastle.

Tuesday had seen claims (see below) that the player could end up in Bulgaria but that proved not to be the case.

Official Newcastle United announcement:

Rolando Aarons has joined FC Slovan Liberec on loan.

The winger has completed a six-month switch to the Modrobílí, who are currently eighth in the Czech top flight.

Aarons, 22, made his Magpies debut against Manchester City on the opening day of the 2014/15 season, and has made 27 appearances for the club, scoring four times.

The former England under-20 international was loaned to Italian side Hellas Verona for the second half of last season, and made 11 Serie A appearances.

The Mag – 4 September 2018:

Rolando Aarons wasn’t given a squad number when Rafa Benitez handed them out before the opening Premier League match.

The winger given only 77 minutes in the Championship season by the Newcastle boss, then a paltry 137 minutes last time in the Championship.

A disastrous loan spell followed in Italy earlier this year, the winger making 11 Serie A appearances but not getting a single goal or assist as Hellas Verona were relegated.

When the official 25 man NUFC Premier League squad was announced on Monday, Rolando Aarons was the notable absentee.

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  • Dillon Tovak

    I wouldn’t have predicted I’d feel this way 6 months ago, but oh how I wish we still had Gayle.

    • molend

      I wish we still had Vic Keeble

  • Ram Kishore

    Come on guys it’s been just more than a month since he left the club on loan, give him some space. Criticise him after his loan spell. We don’t need to be reminded that he isn’t doing well. He may come good.

    • Billmag

      How many chances does the boy need, as many as Ranger got maybe.??

      • Ram Kishore

        Are u comparing Ranger with Aarons? As far as I can remember this is his second loan spell Bill.
        And let’s not forget he did actually go out on loan to get some game time. Not sit his ass off here.
        I don’t really see another Nile Ranger in making. If u really see him that way, only time will tell u.

        • Billmag

          He came back from Italy before his loan was up, and he looks like coming back early from this loan spell.

          • Ram Kishore

            He came back from his loan spell because of the court case and it ended up very sooner than expected and he went back to italy. Just go back to April/May news reports. I remember that exactly.
            U must have forgetten about that fact where he went back after the case.

        • Billmag

          I’m saying tons of intial promise like Ranger then they suddenly for whatever reason think they are better than they really are.

          • Ram Kishore

            Do u really know that he thinks about himself that way bill?
            I am just saying just because he isn’t being the star u expect him to be, now u r saying he’s got problems in his head (attitude).

            So he isn’t successful as u had hoped for because of it u are comparing him to Nile Ranger ?

            Why can’t u see it like that? A bit more open minded
            Maybe he’s quality or level of football talent rn is league 1 or championship.
            Judge him at the end of the season if u really are open minded pal…

          • Billmag

            Oh dear Ram it’s my opinion, you have yours but please don’t say give the lad a chance because he’s had loads more chances than a hell of a lot of lads his age, maybe I was wrong comparing him to Ranger but time will tell no doubt.

      • mentalman

        maybe as many as diame, perez, atsu, yedlin, clark etc

        • Billmag

          And are you saying he’s better than the player’s you mentioned.

          • mentalman

            Perhaps if he was given as much time and opportunity he may well be.

            He couldn’t really be much worse than atsu

          • Billmag

            You’ve picked one from your list and as I say he’s had loads of opportunities at a lesser level than the above lads are playing at, 4 out the 5 have also played at international level so your argument as always is null and void.

          • mentalman

            i highlighted Atsu as they play in the same position, his chances were at struggling teams in foreign leagues and last season he had a pretty serious court case going on.

            What has international appearances got to do with anything, diame has more than shelvey, does that make him a better player and more worthy of a chance

          • Billmag

            Will Arron’s ever get international recognition, Diame and Shelvey two different types of players, what has international appearance’s got to do with it well it’s a recognition by your home Country as to how well you are doing for your club. (Comprehend)

          • panther

            theres people in the coma ward with better movement than atsu

    • Wor Lass

      Ram, surely you`ve realised by now that, for many people on here, it`s Hero or Zero. Aarons was allegedly the best thing since sliced bread a few seasons back based on a couple of cameos where he did well. Now that things don`t look so good he has to be ridiculed.

  • Wor Lass

    “A shame that Dwight Gayle’s loan at West Brom wasn’t only a half season one, not the complete answer but far better than what we will ever get from Joselu and Perez.”

    Now, I don`t want to come over as Perez`s apologist because he`s certainly not playing well over all this season and I have no issue with that statement in regard to Joselu. BUT – who was our top scorer last season with 2 more goals and 2 more assists than Gayle? At Championship level, Gayle is a vastly superior goal scorer than Perez but he hasn`t done the business at PL level with anyone.

    • Wor Lass

      We need a proper PL centre forward but to get one we need to spend double the previous club record (and hope it works out better than it did that time!!).

      • BigHairyDog

        This what you get when you skimp on the most important position in the team.

      • Down Under Mag

        We are set up to keep thing tight. That type of play demands a clinical striker to bury the chances we do create. We are actually creating chances but the forwards we have here just aren’t finishing the moves and we are suffering because of it. A clinical finisher and we could have been 6-9 points better off so far this season. Rondon can’t get fit, the other strikers can’t hit a cows ar$e with a banjo and we failed to reinvest the Mitrovic money on someone we badly needed. All down to Ashley – Rafa has the team set up to be hard to beat and create the odd chance on the break but was not allowed to buy the players he needed to pull that off properly.

        • Wor Lass

          Correct in every detail, cobber!

      • 30M striker, 15-20M Winger and 15-20M Box to box midfielder and 10M Attacking Left Fuillback. – close to 80M must be spend and we al know best case is Ashley shelves out 30-40M for 2 players giving us again, more SQUAD players.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Couldn’t work out any worse than the last time..

  • Mxpx

    I’m not familiar with the team he’s going into but I think he’s a bad fit for a defensive team like us and verona imagine what we would have seen from laurent Robert or hatem Ben arfa if their main job was to cover the left back his confidence must be rock bottom as he’s clearly unwanted people who say he’s only had one good game have short memories