Newcastle United, the club that fans of many other clubs say is not a big club, yet the one they can’t stop talking about…

Sky Sports have opened up the wound, yet again.

Newcastle United, and especially the fans, once more put up to be shot down

The broadcaster putting the following out as a tweet, along with a link to hear what the journalists said…

‘Newcastle are a “top six” club and are wasting their potential under the ownership of Mike Ashley, according to the Sunday Supplement panel.’

Of course, it is far too much to expect people to go to the bother of actually listening to what was said.

It was actually Mail on Sunday writer Oliver Holt (read the fuller version of what he said at the bottom) who said on Sunday that ‘Newcastle and Leeds should be top six (in the Premier League) in my opinion, they are great English clubs.’

Oliver Holt is a Stockport fan (as well as one of the top football journalists), not a Newcastle fan.

However, this doesn’t matter for the usual ignorant suspects – fans of so many clubs offering their opinion (Spurs, Arsenal, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and especially Everton supporters), with Newcastle fans having to bring everybody back down to the reality…

These are some of the ‘interesting’ responses to the Sky Sports Tweet:

Everton fan Ian Irvine:

 ‘Newcastle have finished top 6 25 times in 126 years! If they were a top 6 club then surely that would be considerably higher, even if you take away the Mike Ashley years! Absolute nonsense!’

Geordie Trader:

‘8th in the overall table since premier league started. Take away the mike Ashley years, top 6.’

Everton fan Ian Irvine:

 ‘Yes, because football started in 1992!’

Geordie Trader:

‘Never said it did. More of a realistic arguement comparing last 26 years than last 100. But if you want to, we can. 9th most successful English club (of all time in terms of trophies), muppet. Get your facts right.’

Everton fan Ian Irvine:

‘So top 9 then?’

‘How many ‘big clubs’ are we allowed in England then Ian? I reckon you’re gonna say 6 (Everton have sixth most trophies in all time list!)…….’

Get Out Of Our Club:

‘Love it when someone checks facts on PL years, realises it doesn’t suit their agenda so decides to make it about 100+ years of league football.’

(NUFC fan) Nathan:

‘Top 10 yes, top 8 maybe, top 6 no.’

Lee Curry:

‘13 years before mike ashley, 2nd, 5th, 2nd, 4th 2 cup finals and every season in europe…since mike Ashley 1 season in europe, 5th finish 2 relegations and never been past 5th round fa cup..wind ya neck in!’

(Leeds fan) Mich:

‘I agree. They (Newcastle United) are definitely amongst the top 6 in the Championship.’

(Middlesbrough fan) Craig Honeyman:

‘A top six club is a club who finish in the top six. Newcastle United are comparable to Leeds United. Both are BIG clubs but only the success of finishing in the Premier League top six would make either a top six club. End of debate.’

(Middlesbrough fan) David McCarthy:

‘Both are just big clubs because of being one club in a big city that’s all.’

M H-J:

‘That’s bollox really Because the population of most of the other cities is double what I is in Newcastle.  278.000 people of one team to choose where as 1.8 million have two clubs to choose from in Birmingham.’

(Spurs fan) Paul Runham:

‘Any team with massive investment could be top 6 club. Stupid argument.’

Chris Parkin:

‘I think the general point in this is (and I don’t think the club is anywhere near top 6) that other clubs would require huge external invents to grow, whereas NUFC can easily grow through the money it already generates for itself.’

(Spurs fan) Paul Runham:

‘Yes I get that. But money on that level is still no guarantee of top 6. City, Chelsea, Liverpool, United, Arsenal and Tottenham are all miles in front at the moment. I’m not sure without massive investment like city or Chelsea anyone will break that cycle.’

Chris Parkin:

‘To majority of NUFC fans, it isn’t about getting in the top 6… it’s about improving and growing, something the club refuses to do.

I’m just looking at why NUFC would have more potential than other clubs. It has more in place to sustain that level of football than other clubs…… if it got there.’

Graham Gimptorini:

‘I think it would have been better if he had said potentially a top 6 club with the right investment and ambitious owners. Your tweet could have been aimed at Man City before they got taken over and looked what’s happened to them I would say we were quite similar clubs at the time.’

(Sunderland fan) Ord85:

‘Exactly. Potentially. That’s just saying any team can be a lot better if they spend a lot more money

There’s quite a lot of similar sized clubs that could have done a City, cynical of pundits and some NUFC fans seem to think they are owed that type of investment. Loads big clubs are worse off.’

Graham Gimptorini:

‘The problem is we get talked about a lot by a lot of people who tell everyone about what we as fans want and demand and most of the time it’s utter bollocks.

There will always be an an element who don’t understand why we aren’t winning the CL each year but most are realistic.’

Rob Nicholson:

‘We don’t care about top 6 we just want to compete! Because at present we are a club who’s slowly dying through lack of investment.’

(Spurs fan) Breezer:

‘Ok but the initial tweet says “Newcastle are a top 6 club”. They’re not and even with investment who do they replace in the top 6.

No chance unless it’s an multi billionaire owner like City. Then you can say every club has a chance of top 6 with those funds.’

Kain Watson:

‘The actual quote was “Leeds and Newcastle should be top 6 clubs”.

Again, why do sections of the media love to portray #nufc fans as being deluded and that we believe we’re better than we are?

And 90% of all muppet football fans soak it in rather than reading/watching the source.’

(Everton fan) Tommye:

‘Top 6???

Top 6 what?? Clubs in the North East?’

(Arsenal fan) who tf you looking at:

‘They (Newcastle) are one with their fan base but will take a very long time to get back to that status club wise.’

John Maltman:

‘…forget the clubs potential, forget everything to do with football and start looking at the finances!

Where is the money going?

Season ticket sales ARE top 6!

The TV deal is the largest in history & the club has had its fair share of coverage!’

(Arsenal fan) Paul Brennan:

‘Potential to be a top 6 club a decade ago but let’s not pretend they are even half of what Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs, Man City, Chelsea are.

Stop giving Newcastle fans ridiculous false hope. It’s embarrassing for all concerned.’

(West Ham fan) COYI!!!:

‘Top 8 (these days) and yes, their potential is totally wasted with Ashley as owner.’

Ghosted G:

‘Correction were a top six club until Mike Ashley bought our club & relegated Newcastle Utd twice though.’

Alan Watt:

‘Don’t care if we’re top 6 or bottom 6 we just want rid of the FCB so we can compete with the rest of PL.’

Mark Pickard:

‘We don’t have to be top 6 but we are being wasted under Ashley that’s what us Nufc have known for years.’

(Liverpool fan) ToMM:

‘I would agree, and im a Liverpool fan, Mike Ashley is ruining the club, and has been for years.’

(Everton fan) Goals on Sunday:

‘Get real. Newcastle haven’t been a top six club in living memory.’

(Everton fan) Mark Mulvey:

‘Newcastle haven’t been a big club in a 100 years let alone top 6, top 10 maybe at a big push.’

Mail On Sunday journalist (and Stockport County fan) Oliver Holt speaking on Sky Sports – Sunday Supplement:

“It doesn’t have to be somebody local (who buys Newcastle United), I know that is the dream, but it does have to be somebody benevolent who wants to buy into it – like (Manchester) City.

“I know that there are lots of question marks about the regime in Abu Dhabi, I totally get that, but if you look at what they have done around (Manchester) City, around the area…

“What I see as an outsider when I look at Newcastle, is a waste. A waste of potential, a potential of a fantastic club.

“I was up there for the Great North Run a few weeks ago and I got the Metro back into town. The first thing you see is this Cathedral (St James Park), it is the City’s Cathedral isn’t it, on top of the hill.

“It is the thing that dominates the City.

“If I had two clubs that I think it is a waste (of their potential at the moment), it would be Newcastle and Leeds, and at least Leeds appear to be getting back to what they once were.

“Newcastle and Leeds should be top six (in the Premier League) in my opinion, they are great English clubs.

“And what I see going on at Newcastle…it is toxic and it is a shame.”

  • Paul Patterson

    We have the POTENTIAL to be a top six club.
    If we were ran properly and competitively.
    Under this owner, we won’t..

    • Ron

      ….and the ambition of a top 17 club, said that twice now!

    • panther

      potential means nothing till the slug is gone

  • Ashley-out

    more click bait rubbish, die fatso

  • BanJones

    My Dad’s bigger than your Dad.

    • Ron

      How big’s your Dad, mines older.

  • relaxed

    FFS Ashley sell up so these so called journos have something credible to write about instead of the constant bullchit that they are feeding us every single day

    • Sickandtired

      They never will. The morons who now slavver over City and Liverpool’s attacking play called KK naive for doing just that, over 20 years ago. Never win nothing playing like that they said….oh, listen to them now.

  • Billmag

    FFS a large %age of tweeters these days are aged between 10 and 15 year olds move on I hate these international break’s.

  • GlasgowMag

    Who cares about top 6 or bottom 6 or whatever other fans opinions have of our club!! The main focus should be to get this asset stripping, blood sucking, workshop owner out of our club once and for all!! Until this happens there is no future Ashley out!!

  • robbersdog

    Well, we used to be a ‘top two’ club when we first stormed into the Premier League under Keegan and Hall. Exciting times which can only be repeated with a change of owner.

    Ironically, I used to dream of Newcastle having a billionaire owner, just not a billionaire owner like the cretin we’ve got right now.

  • Wor Lass

    “Of course, it is far too much to expect people to go to the bother of actually listening to what was said.” That`s a bit rich from you, Jackie, on the same day that you carefully selected a couple of lines from Simon Jordan to make out he was purely rubbishing us. Trying to slag someone else off for doing precisely what you did 7 hours earlier and ridiculing fans for falling for it just about sums up your journalistic credibility.

    • Ron

      Well said – bang on the target.

    • JohnnyH

      Got to agree with you there.

  • Wor Lass

    Had to re-do this one as Disqus is checking something over. Quite a few of the other clubs` fans make really good points. The tide is slowly turning against King Knut!

  • Ron

    Our problem is our owner wants us to be a top 17 club, not a top 3, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16 – just top 17.

  • Cockneytrev

    I’ve been watching and supporting NUFC since the 60s, we’ve only ever had potential except for a short period in the 90s and early 00s, in that period we shook up the old guard.
    IMO there has always been 3 big clubs, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manure, (these three were run properly and were self sustainable) other clubs have come and gone, for example, Leeds, forest, Ipswich, Blackburn. There have been other clubs about with potential , e.g. Spurs, Everton,
    Then I come to the new money, (big money,) group, that brings in Chelsea and Man City (and ANY club has this potential), they literally bought success, before Chelsea, man city fans shoot me down, these two clubs were in the there about group, we fall into this group and we had a big money owner come in and bought us , unfortunately, he never had any intention of buying us success,,
    So to round up, there are only 3 really big teams, the other two big teams have been lucky to have been sponsored by enormous wealth.

  • wheyayeman

    Wish we had a Geordie billionaire ready to take the reigns – oh how I’d love a repeat of “You’ve got the passion and I’ve got the money!” Step up KK!

    • Paul Patterson

      Where’s the money coming from?

      • Murdy

        A Geordie billionaire ready to take the reigns?

  • Steven05

    Let’s get real. A lot of people call us daft deluded Geordies, but the reality is, we are not even a football club until the fat cancer has gone.

  • Westdentoon

    It’s a childish argument if you ask me. It’s like saying ‘my dad is bigger than your dad!’. Who really gives afck?
    Bottom line is, this club could and would fill its stadium twice over given the level of investment Liverpool, City etc have had. It wasn’t long ago worldwide interest was widespread and growing.
    We surely don’t even need to debate it. Everyone knows it. We have the potential to be massive but unfortunately, at present, we are being reigned in by an owner with shocking lack of ambition and pride.

    • Paul Patterson

      All this club has to do, is try ..

    • wheyayeman

      You’re absolutely right, with a good motivated manager and an invested loyal owner we really are a top 4 club never mind top 6 with what could easily be a top 2 attendance! That’s where we belong it’s not delusional its where we would almost effortlessly rise to with the right kind of support from the top.

  • Toonjay

    Top discussed team world wide. For God sakes I’m sick of hearing all this now. Go and pik on man u. Are sorry they won against toon last week all forgiving Jose.joke

  • Elsa

    At present the only ‘ambition’ cascaded from the top at Newcastle is to stay in the Premier League with minimum possible investment – fulfil the fixtures to get the TV cash and that’s it

    Grim doesn’t even cover it…

  • Themoscow72

    Before Ashley took over we spent 25% of our life outside the top division so in terms of top six league position no support yes. Under Ashley we have spent only 16% of the time outside the top division a better average but as usual no thanks for that.

    • Geordie-7676

      Did you just compare statistical averages of 11 years under ashley against the remaining 115 years of the clubs history in order to put the FCB in a good light?

      What a wopper!

      • Themoscow72

        Yes but not JUST because Ashley was in charge. A lot of supporters experienced six seasons in the second division when crowds dropped to seven thousand. I would be prepared for that to happen again to get rid of the protesters.

        • Geordie-7676

          I’m not going to lie, i am a little confused trying to figure out the point your trying to make, because to me you are saying the following:

          1) Ashley should be applauded for giving us 9 out of 11 years in the top flight, because in the 115 years before that, statistically we fared worse;
          2) You believe that protesters are our issue at the minute, not FCB, and would be willing to drop down to lower leagues in order to get rid of the problematic supporters.

          Am i correct?

          • Themoscow72

            Yes as there protesting is no good at all and they have not found a buyer or bought the club. The protesting ruins the match day experience for me and forty eight thousand others.

          • Geordie-7676

            Bore off man you wallop – after 11 years of asset stripping, lies, deception and deceit, every single person that chooses to protest is more than entitled to that right.

            Your match day experience is being ruined, not by the protesters, but by the squads innate inability to compete, a direct result of all the things listed above – for every action there is a reaction; we are seeing the reaction of 11 years of his stewardship.

            Once the parasite has left this club, that’s when the protests will end – i don’t care if we get relegated, i don’t care if we end up in the Northern League (not that i want that obviously), provided that the club is ran the way it is supposed to be, and is given the tools to do that job that it rightly deserves. That is never going to happen until he has gone.

            In the meantime, in the off chance that you are not a troll, i would suggest refraining from quoting statistics in an attempt to show FCB as some sort of savior – it just makes you look deluded.

          • Themoscow72

            First owner ever to put money in the club ever and also not take a penny out except repayment of loans. I look forward to a better chairman in terms of putting money in cannot wait for that person to come a long.

          • Geordie-7676

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA repayment of loans? the debt has increased circa £40Million you absolute maniac!!!!!!!!!

            What crack are you smoking hahaha!

            Oh, and just to pick up on your previous comment about being banned too many times before – being banned indicates that you are EXACTLY the type of person that I would be ashamed of in the stands of our club, not people singing songs!

          • Themoscow72

            Listening to them buffons singing anti Ashley chants makes me ashamed to be a supporter and it takes a lot for me to keep cool as being banned enough times all ready.

          • Westdentoon

            It was great to see. Virtually the whole ground sung it at one point, kids, old and young. Obviously not you though, but id say 45000 people stood up. Brilliant. Its changing. Even his pals in the media are turning.

            Bring it on, your going to be mighty ashamed in the coming weeks and months as things are hotting up now..

          • Themoscow72

            I watch these things carefully and also asked people who sit in them stands. None stood up in the East Stand or Milburn very few in the Leazes just some in the Gallowgate and Strawberry Corner maybe 2k max

          • Westdentoon

            Ha Ha absolute nonsense. I sit in the Milburn upper tier and can clearly see almost every inch of the ground apart from the top end of the gallowgate. Even some of the Leicester fans stood up! It was great to see and the first and only time I have seen it happen. Long may it continue!

            Your in denial!

          • panther

            Im ashamed you claim to be a supporter too

          • panther

            then you are a troll

        • Westdentoon

          You may well get your wish if your messiah stays around much longer..

          2 relegations in a 10 year period under your mans stewardship, previous to that, 4 relegations in over 100years!

          I’m no mathematical genius but the percentages are not great are they? Kind of makes the glory you attach to your statistics null and void if you ask me..

          • Themoscow72

            Ashley 16.67 % out the top tier before he came 25% outside the top tier. Simple maths.

          • Westdentoon

            yes it is isn’t it. Now as you are so adapt at maths tell me and the world the percentage of relegations achieved under Ashley in our history.

          • Geordie-7676

            I can help you there mate – Newcastle have been relegated 6 times in our history, 4 times between 1892 and 2008, and twice since 2009.

            So by my calculations, under Ashley we have been relegated in 18.18% of his 11 years in charge.

            Alternatively, in the proceeding 115 years of our history, we have been relegated in 4.6% of our seasons.

            His argument is pathetic at best!

          • Westdentoon

            Aye mate, I just wanted Monkseaton to tell the world.

            A near 20% failure rate in most professions would not be tolerated..

          • Geordie-7676

            Imagine what the history books would look like if the club had been ran the same way that this wallop is condoning – we would of potentially been relegated 25 times…..I know he’s a troll but it really is hard sometimes to just scroll down without saying something haha!

          • Westdentoon

            Beyond rational reasoning! Either a troll or clinically insane to idolise that discrace of an owner.

          • Themoscow72

            It’s the amount of time you spend outside the top flight that counts. Look at Boro spend most years outside the Premiership and people on here love Gibson in comparison to Ashley does not make sense.

          • Geordie-7676

            Ridiculous point to make – from 1892 to 97 we spent our first 5 years in the 2nd division…..should we be counting those in your argument?

          • panther

            Gibson doesnt bleed them dry every season

          • Themoscow72

            It’s about the number of years spent in the top flight which count not relegations. Ashley got us up straight away where other Chairmen failed. We had spells of six years, seven years, four years, six years and three years where we went missing.

          • Geordie-7676

            Ashley also had the benefit of a modern Stadium, modern training facilities, established reputation on the international scene – he has systematically destroyed all of those since he took over;

            Stadium is in a state of disrepair and in need of a serious financial injection to bring it back to standard;

            Training facilities are below the standards of a premiership facility, and again, require a serious financial injection to bring it back to standard;

            International reputation has been destroyed due to the fact that the club has been starved of financial injection, resulting in a depleted squad incapable of challenging for honors – dont give me that drivel about how we hadn’t won anything before him etc….we were at least challenging;

            You noticing a trend there? It is all his fault, due to a lack of funding. And then there is the debt. Despite the lucrative TV deals, we somehow find ourselves in around £40Million more debt than when he inherited the debt originally.

            Your point is ridiculous. It is like saying that Sunderland are a bigger club than us because they have won the title more times than us, which they have.

          • Westdentoon

            Ok mate, I give up..

          • Themoscow72

            See my comment below.

    • Paul Patterson

      Or how about- 14 years in the Premier League, Ashley turns up and bang two years later- Relegation!
      11 years of ownership, two relegations and one pending.
      Thanks Mike, now troll off.

      • Themoscow72

        So Ashley’s record is better than the norm and the clubs history and where we spent six years in the second division in a row recently.
        Could do with again to get rid of the protesters and crowds dropping to seven thousand like in my time. Protesters out.

    • panther

      Im pretty sure youre Jabba

  • Mung Bean

    Sad day when a model team owner and by all accounts a good bloke (ie. Paul Allen, owner of rhe Portland Trail Blazers & Seattle Seahawks) passes away at the young age of 65, and there’s a parasitic & thriving oxygen thief who is only interested in ‘taking, taking, taking’ from a community and won’t even allow the club to spend the revenue it generates.

    There was a rumour, before his cancer recently returned with a vengeance, that Allen was interested in buying Chelsea (from Roman B).