Brendan Rodgers is now struggling at Celtic.

A bit of a stroll in his first two seasons but with problems on the pitch and behind the scenes, the Glasgow club find themselves still just ahead of Rangers, but behind Hearts, Hibs, Kilmarnock and Livingston in the league.

Former Celtic player and now Sky Sports pundit, Charlie Nicholas, thinks Brendan Rodgers might be looking for a new job as early as January.

A lot of people were surprised when he dropped down to the low level of the Scottish Premier League, not looking a great career path to go from almost winning the Premier League with Liverpool to then drop down to Celtic. Not exactly an upward trajectory.

As for his next potential club, Charlie Nicholas thinks that Newcastle United could fit the bill for Brendan Rodgers.

When Newcastle were on their way to relegation under Steve McClaren, Brendan Rodgers became the bookies favourite for the job in early 2016 and indeed the then out of work manager claimed he had turned down five job offers, one of which was strongly rumoured to be at NUFC to replace the hapless McClaren.

However, Mike Ashley disastrously persevered with McClaren until March 2016 and when Rafa Benitez approached Newcastle United, he was given the thankless job of saving the club/team with only 10 games to go. Meanwhile, Brendan Rodgers ended up taking over at Celtic when Ronny Deila was sacked.

Newcastle fans are of course more interested at the moment in hoping that Rafa Benitez stays at the club due to some major changes above him, preferably Mike Ashley selling up.

The mind boggles as to who would be a replacement if Ashley stays and Rafa walks away, with the expectation being another Pardew, Carver or McClaren clone.

Whatever you think of Brendan Rodgers, difficult to see him or anybody else with an ounce of credibility or self-respect taking the job, after seeing the disgraceful way Rafa Benitez has been treated.

Charlie Nicholas talking to Scottish Daily Star:

“I am not sure Brendan Rodgers will still be Celtic manager come the end of January.

“It looks as if the relationship between Brendan and Peter Lawwell is broken.

“He is a top manager and there would be no shortage of clubs who would be keen to land him if he was to indicate he wanted to leave Celtic Park.”

“Clubs with big potential like Leicester City or Newcastle United could become available, or something even bigger.

“These clubs would be interested in Brendan, and another for me is Aston Villa.

“You may ask why he would leave Celtic for the Championship?

“But Villa are a big club, and Brendan could see it as a major project to go on and create another legacy.”

  • Paul Patterson

    We need a new owner not a new manager..

  • Lewis SG

    Don’t see it happening. Nobody will join a club with no ambition. Celtic is at least chasing for the title year in year out. Here in Newcastle, it is a struggle year in year out.

    • mentalman

      The salary is decent and if you do a bad job the fans blame the owner, it’ll be an attractive job for a lot of managers

    • graham18

      Its a struggle every day under the FCB

  • Derek Ross

    Anyone with limited intelligence should dismiss any comments from Charlie Nicholas concerning Celtic FC or Brendan Rodgers .

  • Peaky

    No no no….egotistical narcissist….wouldn’t last 5 minutes…

  • Mike

    its not the manager…….could put anyone in charge make no difference

  • Fr. Jim Chesney

    Hard to believe anything that eminates from Coke-Head Charlie Ridiculous’s mouth.

    The mans brain is fried due to years of substance abuse and should really be in rehab getting treatment for his addictions. He stayed in a hotel where i work in London last July and wet the bed two nights in a row. Sitting in that Sky Studio stinking of pi s s, this man is 56 years of age.

    Thankfully, the utter shame of what he did saved us from him returning.

  • robbersdog

    He’s a significant downgrade on Rafa. No thanks.

  • Kenny

    He wouldn`t give the Rat the time of day.

  • panther

    if hes struggling at Celtic hes got no chance in a real league

  • Mrkgw

    I would see Rodgers arrival as a positive move. Made even better, if Ashley goes.

  • Mxpx

    If we have a new owner and he’s given a budget then I wouldn’t mind Rodgers if we have Ashley then I don’t care

  • Realist

    Always thought of this man as potential replacement. He’s had enough now up there and sick of there unhygeinic smelly fans.