Sky Sports are yet again showing themselves to be a willing ally to Mike Ashley.

It was Sky News who broke the story on Saturday that Peter Kenyon is allegedly trying to buy Newcastle United with the backing of investors.

However, on Monday afternoon it is as usual, Sky Sports proving themselves more than happy to do PR for Mike Ashley and indeed his dirty work.

Sky Sports quote a ‘source’ saying: ‘Until Kenyon makes an offer, it is a case of “a man with no money wanting to buy a football club” in response to the reports that Peter Kenyon had approached Mike Ashley’s legal representatives to try and find out the asking price for Newcastle United.

On top of the barb/insult aimed at Peter Kenyon, Sky Sports are yet again happy to try and make out that Mike Ashley is some kind of caring benefactor when it comes to NUFC.

They add: ‘Sky Sports News understands that aside from purchasing the club, prospective buyers must also prove they have the funds to take the club forward.’

This line has been used numerous times before, outrageously claiming that Ashley would only sell to somebody who could give guarantees they had the means to help the club prosper.

This from somebody who during his 11 years and counting has shown repeatedly that he doesn’t care anything about the health of the football club.

His only interests being the free worldwide advertising given to Sports Direct and other connected Ashley brands, Premier League survival at the lowest possible cost, plus other fringe benefits such as the relationship between SD and the NUFC club shops and transferring (and paying) for the lease of land opposite the Gallowgate for his own personal development plans – which in reality also stops any future increase in St James Park capacity.

If Mike Ashley did suddenly agree to genuinely put the club up for sale, he wouldn’t care who bought NUFC, just so long as they paid the money over.

Sky Sports:

‘Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has challenged anyone wanting to buy the club to show him the money.

Ashley and his representatives have never publicly named their price for the club, but it is unlikely to be sold for less than £300m.

Sky Sports News understands that aside from purchasing the club, prospective buyers must also prove they have the funds to take the club forward.

Former Manchester United and Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon is trying to put together a deal to buy Newcastle.

On Saturday, Ashley watched a match at St James’ Park for the first time in 16 months. He was abused by large sections of the crowd as Newcastle lost 2-0 to Leicester City.

Ashley has now watched two games in a row. His attendance is part of a strategy being driven by chief executive Lee Charnley to build bridges with fans, players and manager Rafael Benitez.

With clubs such as Manchester United valued at more than £3billion, the onus is on any prospective buyer to make their best offer.

One source told Sky Sports News that until Kenyon makes an offer, it is a case of “a man with no money wanting to buy a football club”.’

  • Trevor Reaveley

    Even if this is complete and utter bollocks, it’s now down to Kenyon to make an offer, give his side of the story, or deny it’s happening at all. More speculation to make news.

  • Ashley-out

    Die, you fat [email protected], because he will not sell.

  • mactoon

    I see this turning into a farce reminiscent of the Staveley saga. Surely if Kenyon has contacted Ashley, he should have been given an asking price as a yardstick for negotiations. You don’t sell your house without giving a guide price and a football club should be no different.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this drags out over the January transfer window and becomes the latest distraction to use as a reason not to back Rafa (for the last time)

    Let’s just hope if this IS a smokescreen, Kenyon has the decency to come out and say so.

  • Big Hairy Man

    You just couldn’t make it up. Even using the TV money for it’s intended purpose, reinvesting money from player sales and paying for advertising would take the club forward.

  • Waxi

    Ashley has got our money and refuses to take OUR club forward the FCB

  • Leazes.

    Looks like the media are lapping up the nonsense!

    …Its all too predictable, and untrue….the only beneficiaries are the press who will fill their pages, that’s probably why they lap it up and salivate at the thought of Ashley throwing them a bone.

  • Paul Patterson

    Don’t believe a word of it.
    Did I not say a fortnight ago that something big would ‘break’ this week? You could see it a mile off. It’s all about the timing.
    Keegan has a book out on Thursday . .

  • Cockneytrev

    It’s all rubbish,,
    If there was a buyer be it Kenyon, or whoever,, just come out and say your interested or your not,, it ends all speculation,,
    Until one or the other is said , take it as being all Ashley PR lies to deflect from Keegan’s up coming book and let’s have no more articles about it, it’s playing right into fat boys hands.

    • Leazes.

      Wont get fooled again!…. Douglas and Ryder will though willingly!

      • Kenny

        He doesn’t need to bung those two idiots they’ll do it for nothing

        • Leazes.

          You know what…..Ryder knew 11 years ago!

  • Kenny

    Attending games in a business suit,
    Taking the manager & the boys out for a meal.
    Oh to be a fly on the wall to hear the schitt he’ll spin them,
    in the World of business this guy makes Pablo Escobar look like a choir boy.

    • Kenny

      Nearly forgot boys, here`s a grands worth of gift vouchers each for the

  • Slim_Newcastle

    All we need is Kenyon to confirm or deny this, then at least we’d know where we stand. Can’t be another of Cashley’s stooges surely.

    • Duh

      I don’t think Staveley was, she took the trouble to talk to the council etc.

      I suspect mike wanted too much money and it was not a good investment opportunity for her investors.

      It will be the same for Kenyon unless he drops the price.

      The only way he will get much more than the club is worth, is if a non investor comes in, someone who is buying the club as a play thing.

  • Gareth Jones

    Of course it’s genuine, it’s just that we carry out our business by insulting interested parties in the press! What a load of……

    • Leazes.

      Doesn’t sound like a willing seller at all does he?

      • Gareth Jones

        Unashamedly taking the mick. Almost a year to the day of the Staveley fiasco and he’s having a laugh at our expense again.

    • FatParosite

      There are no interested parties……. FULL STOP.

      • Dillon Tovak

        And even if there were, there’s no interested seller.
        This is a joke/nightmare.
        It’s like that film A.I. Long, boring, rubbish cast, makes no sense and I want to switch off.

  • FatParosite

    This is the cover all caveat that gets Ashley out of any sale :- ‘Sky Sports News understands that aside from purchasing the club, prospective buyers must also prove they have the funds to take the club forward.’
    Ashley playing the waiting game of fans turning on Rafa. this is duly aided by the Comical, BBC & others. The message quickly shunted out to all who will listen to blame Benitez for losing on Saturday all because leaving Richie on would have got us 3 points. It will work because the paying fans are catastrophically stupid & fall for the dumbest PR rouses to vindicate their season ticket and strip addiction.

  • relaxed

    When you have an infestation of vermin you call in the experts to rid you of these unwanted pests
    Anyone up to start a crowdfunding to find someone to rid us of our own infestation which is more noxious and damaging than any rats, cockroaches etc. that you will ever come across in 100 lifetimes (legally of course, cough, cough.)

    • Cockneytrev

      Crowdfund to pay a top PR company to fight fire with fire.. let the whole of the country know what he’s really like

      • relaxed

        That would be spot on
        Maybe it should be put forward at the public meeting on Wednesday

  • Dillon Tovak

    “Ashley and his representatives have never publicly named their price for the club, but it is unlikely to be sold for less than £300m.”

    🤔 eh?

    • Kenny

      Wot the Fuk M8
      Never going to sell. 😂

      • Dillon Tovak

        They say he’s not publicly named a price but then claim they know a minimum price? 🧐🤣

    • Kneebotherm8

      As Phil Lynott said……. Don’t believe a word……

    • mactoon

      Ashley has never been quoted as stating a price.

      • Dillon Tovak

        What’s the point you’re making?

        • mactoon

          I’m assuming you think that Ashley has asked for £300 million? otherwise you are saying the quote doesn’t make sense. I’m confused now 😊

          • Dillon Tovak

            I was confused by sky sports saying Ashley has never quoted a price but then they go on to have some kind of knowledge about the minimum they’d accept.
            It’s all just so stupid. Articles about nothing but pure speculation.

          • mactoon

            yup it’s all “sources indicate”, “it is unlikely”, “it is expected”, “it is reported” and so on. One paper reports what they believe to be true then every other paper runs with it.

            I did challenge a Chronicle reporter on this and he responded by saying, “unfortunately he (Ashley) has shown no inclination to let us interview him. My answers are based upon information I receive, from which I do construct an opinion – but there is basis to it”.

            So there you have it, their articles are based on an opinion because Ashley won’t talk to them! Class eh?

  • Tweed Mag

    Ashley and his goons certainly know how to insult everyone and anyone.

    • Ram Kishore

      It didn’t really seem an insult, just a opinion😀

      • Tweed Mag

        Nevertheless, they must be a nightmare to deal with.

        • Ram Kishore


  • Pezza

    I’m not sure it’s insulting as such. If you are selling anything of value, a gesture of intent is to place funds in a secure account.

  • Sickandtired

    We’ve got a loan striker – again. It won’t be hard to take this club forward by someone who wants to and is willing to spend some money.
    The club has gone backwards under Fatty so WTF does he care? Just more excuses for hanging around and milking the club, us and the city dry.

  • GlasgowMag

    In the last 11 years how many times has
    sky sports announced the club is for sale and provided ongoing commentary on the progress!! You would think someone in the the archive department would point this out that mabye they are being used as a tool by Ashley’s PR department to report fake news!! I cannot remember the exact name of the Specials song but the lyrics go like this “it’s all a load of [email protected]” yip that just about covers it!!

    • GlasgowMag

      Pearls cafe!!!

    • Mickey Slater

      pearls cafe

  • chris

    Maybe a man with no money could buy the club after all a man with no money owns it. After all he takes money out but puts nothing in

    • JEz_Brizzle

      Oops, wrong logic… man with lots of money owns it after raping it of it’s profits year after year after year.

  • Toon

    Sky seem to be reporting the message from the club, bit like news. The Mag seriously need to stop crying about everything, almost like a small child in the playground

  • Andy Mac

    “Sky Sports News understands that aside from purchasing the club, prospective buyers must also prove they have the funds to take the club forward”

    Ha ha ha ha ha as in taking the club forward into the EFL every now and then ? 🤔
    The Fat Oaf needs to be neutered. I have a brick anyone got another ?

  • Taz

    Didn’t read this one, just looked at the fattwats head and thought you’d never get tired of knocking theshit out of that

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    “prospective buyers must also prove they have the funds to take the club forward”. Just as well Ashley isn’t trying to buy the club then.

  • nufcslf

    Until the whole ground of sheep turn on this c**t the pantomime pysh taking will never go away. WTF does any of this have to do with football. What a complete and utter f**king joke. Disgrace.

  • David Green

    As much as I hate Ashely that one line is being misinterpreted. It is not saying his is a man with no money, it ain’t an insult. It is saying until he proves he has the cash he is just another bloke.

  • Toontone100

    “prospective buyers must also prove they have the funds to take the club forward” ? … Pity it doesn’t say they have to USE them to take the club forward – I think Cashley must have proved he had the funds … just didn’t say he wouldn’t use them… (or any that the club generated either…)

  • Down Under Mag

    He doesn’t want to sell…it is more spin (be it Bishop or Ashley himself) designed to try and deflect hate – it’s worked before and you can see he is just rotating through the tried and tested but it seemingly hasn’t sunk in that the fans are not going to fooled this time. Putting the club up for sale is Ashley’s favourite excuse to do nothing and his attempt to try and prove that he is the only one that wants us and we should be grateful to have such a benevolent owner (cough … sorry almost choked on that bit of sarcasm).

  • Ram Kishore

    It’s only a message not an insult, why do writers have to overstate things and add up inflammatory words..

    • JEz_Brizzle

      It’s probably an Ashley tactic… as part of the sale negotiation (if every it were to head that way)… before I talk to you about how much the club is worth, how much money have you got available for the club. You think the club is worth £250m and have £150m to take it forward, ok…. my valuation just went up before I told you how much I want.

      • Ram Kishore

        Yeah u maybe right.