The question is, what is the relationship between Simon Jordan and Mike Ashley.

There must be something, otherwise his behaviour just doesn’t make sense.

Imagine if on a regular basis you had Sir John Hall speaking out in the media about the situation at Crystal Palace.

The former Newcastle United repeatedly giving his opinion on what was happening at Selhurst Park.

Passing judgement on Roy Hodgson and the Palace supporters, whilst at the same time constantly praising the job the owners of Crystal Palace are doing.

You would think it all a bit crazy, yet former Crystal Palace owner does exactly this with Newcastle United.

Surely he must be pitching for the job of running  NUFC on behalf of Mike Ashley – he would actually fit in quite well judged by the many ridiculous appointments previously made by Ashley.

I remember the rumours when Mike Ashley bought Newcastle United, that he was going to get (former Arsenal main man) David Dein to come and run the club.

Instead the appointments have been a lawyer on a temporary basis (Chris Mort), somebody who ran a casino (Derek Llambias), and the last one left in the office, former secretary Lee Charnley (who followed the bloke that did a runner to work at Newcastle Airport, rather than tolerate working for Ashley).

Those football people who were employed with any influence have tended to be the kind of people who feature in your biggest nightmares – the likes of JFK and Dennis Wise.

So surely Simon Jordan would fit in perfectly.

Happy to do Mike Ashley’s dirty work even when he is not a named employee, so just imagine what he would be like if the NUFC owner did bring him in?

Simon Jordan has now launched a cringeworthy attack on Rafa Benitez, saying that the Newcastle manager is only ‘about Rafa Benitez’ and is using Newcastle United as ‘an opportunity for him to advance himself.’

After leaving Real Madrid, the biggest club in the world, I think safe to say that Rafa could have taken any number of more straightforward jobs to act as a ‘stepping stone’, rather than taking over at a mental club that was all but relegated already.

If Benitez was only looking after himself he would not have come to Newcastle and certainly wouldn’t have stayed on when relegation was confirmed.

Anyway, interesting to see what qualifications resident NUFC expert Simon Jordan has, when speaking about his favourite subject.

Well, he was a disastrous owner at Crystal Palace, eventually his regime ending with the club going into administration.

As for his expertise with managers, very interesting to see that in his first three years as Palace owner, he had nine managers – six permanent and three caretaker.

In fact the longest he had a manager for was when he employed his mate Neil Warnock, although even that ended with the pair falling out.

It is laughable that a nobody such as Simon Jordan can criticise a quality manager such as Rafa Benitez and at the same time give glowing references to the way Mike Ashley runs Newcastle United.

If you think there is no chance of Simon Jordan running NUFC on Mike Ashley’s behalf, remember the embarrassment that was Joe Kinnear’s time as manager of Newcastle, yet he then later went on national radio (Talksport! – There must be some connection…) to declare he was coming back to replace ‘Derek Lambesi…’

Simon Jordan speaking on Talksport about Rafa Benitez:

 “It is difficult to defend the indefensible…I have mixed emotions.

“I know that Rafa Benitez walks on water.

“I know that they (Newcastle fans) see him as the second coming.

“I don’t see Rafa Benitez that way.

“Rafa Benitez is about Rafa Benitez.

“And if there is an opportunity for him to advance himself, something that he thinks is better than Newcastle, then he will be out the door and leave behind these adoring fans.

“I believe Newcastle are a stepping stone for him.”

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  • Paul Patterson

    The club is Rafa and the Rafa/Newcastle supporters. Anyone else is a deliberate stooge or an Ashley PR plant.
    The truth will out.

    • GToon


  • Fisherking

    I think it is obvious that Ashley and Jordan have a relationship going on is it a business one like say Jordan is his rent boy or is he skint or probably both

  • Andynufc

    Jordan is a human version of a plastic poncey ken doll.

  • BanJones

    Where’s the money gone?

  • Billmag

    Boy o’ boy we are getting our fair share of this orange faced [email protected]@t this week, a man that’s been a failure in football giving his opinion on football matters the world’s gone crazy. I hate these international break’s.

  • GToon

    Ashley and Jordan. What a pair. I was in London the other day and I saw commuters running for their train leaving a crippled bloke to try and catch the train on his own. None of them asked the train to wait. I was amazed. Ashley and Jordan belong with people like that. I helped a couple of people with their cases. They were so grateful and amazed that I should offer my help. Ashley and Jordan are not like that. I don’t want any association with people like that pair. They deserve nothing from us.

  • Leazes.

    You should read the bits at the bottom of the articles more Dean….we do a bit of fishing around ourselves….

    Simon Jordan is not only a friend of Llambias and Jiminez….he has a house next door to that scumbag Douglas Hall in Marbella!

    ….The same bunch we called the ‘C***ney Mafia’….. and were castigated for it….

    all right then…

    The London Mafia…. any better?

  • Stephen

    Does he know the wages?

    • AbusedCourier

      Zero hours contract, no tea or netty breaks either.

  • Alreet

    I actually hate that nuggett. Id would actually have pards back before ever having him near this place.

    Hes a bad businessman with a patronising attitude and needs to stay out of my ears.

    I cant listen to Talksport anymore. So full of tripe

  • Viru leckworth

    A stepping stone…! Talk about deluded. Yet another numpty we want nowhere near our club.