Schroders are the third biggest shareholder in Sports Direct,if not counting Mike Ashley.

They have over 15m shares in Ashley’s company at the last count.

Schroder Investment Management Ltd describe themselves:

‘As a global investment manager, we help institutions, intermediaries and individuals across the planet meet their goals and prepare for the future.’

Newcastle fans, as part of the protests against Mike Ashley, have been running ‘interference’ on the Sports Direct social media accounts.

As an extension of this, supporters have also started to question why companies have large shareholdings in a company such as Sport Direct, pointing out all the appalling ways the company does business and treats people, especially their staff.

Schroders have been one of those targeted.

The company going so far as to release a short public statement in response to the Newcastle fans questioning their ongoing involvement with Sports Direct.

Their statement is as embarrassing as their ongoing relationship with Mike Ashley’s company.


‘We have received a number of queries relating to our holding in Sports Direct.

Here is our statement on our investment and engagement with the company.’

“We actively engage with Sports Direct as part of the standard engagement process with the companies in which we invest.

“Schroders look forward to working with Sports Direct’s new chairman and continuing to engage on a range of environmental, social and corporate governance issues.”

The fact they have felt compelled to respond to what Newcastle fans have been doing, gives NUFC supporters every encouragement that they are on the right track in targeting Mike Ashley’s retail empire and those who choose to ‘get into bed’ with him

The protests/campaign carries on.

If you would like to make clear your concerns, you can contact @Schroders with your messages…

  • Paul Patterson

    RATTLED!! Keep up the pressure. The rat will scuttle out eventually.. 🐾

    • graham18

      Hopefully pretty soon

  • Billmag

    Keep the pressure up me bonny lads and lasses it is having an effect.

  • Leazes.

    Cloak of silence surrounding SD slipping?

    • Alex

      Let’s hope we don’t get to see Emperor Ashley wearing his new clothes. 🤮

  • Shaun

    The rat is definitely rattled. Grant Thornton Chief Exec Sacha Romanovitch who oversee SD has resigned. Keep following the money Chi……

  • FatParosite

    Bullseye….. Keep it going people….!!!!

  • Lostprofit DBC

    Is this linked to the takeover stories?

  • Themoscow72

    Sports Direct will make another £300m this year so he is hardly a man who is rattled. While stores are closing on the High Street right left and centre he goes from strength to strength. In recent weeks there have been protests from workers from lots of stores re working conditions in London but not his.
    Schroders will continue to invest heavily in Sports Direct and such brokers such as Peel Hunt and Liberum Capital are promoting Sports Direct as a buy so these people are wasting their time.