In the opening stages of the season, Richard Keys appeared to be on a constant loop.

The disgraced presenter constantly criticising Rafa Benitez and in conflict with Newcastle supporters.

Indeed, in mid-August Richard Keys claimed he had been in touch with the Police and that he expected a number of Newcastle fans would soon be charged with regard to comments made to him online.

Richard Keys – 13 August 2018:

“Incidentally, the vile abuse you Geordies poured my way last week has led to one or two Police investigations. I’m fairly certain charges will follow.

“I’m always happy to exchange views – but let’s try and keep it out of the playground shall we?

“You do yourselves and your wonderful club a dis-service.”

Two months later, no news of any Newcastle fans so far arrested…but we have had a bit of a change of tune from Richard Keys today.

He is outraged on our behalf that a penalty wasn’t given for Ashley Young’s handball, as well as pointing out how ridiculous it is to have a referee taking charge of a match only a few miles from where he lives.

As for Newcastle United, Richard Keys is confident they won’t be relegated  and as for the NUFC manager…

After a constant campaign of vitriol aimed at Rafa Benitez, Richard Keys declares: ‘I was pleased to see Benitez make that same statement this weekend. Fair play to him – they had a really good go at Old Trafford…’

It makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable when you feel yourself having to agree with Richard Keys….

Richard Keys writing on his personal blog today – 8 October 2018:

“And that leaves Newcastle.

“They won’t go down. I was pleased to see Benitez make that same statement this weekend.

“Fair play to him – they had a really good go at Old Trafford and who knows how it would’ve turned out had they been awarded the pen they were due at 0-2. It was a stick on.

“As we saw at Anfield – there are no guarantees from the spot, but I’ve said this so often, when you’re in the backyard of the big boys you simply want what you’re due. It was a pen.

“I’m sure 0-3 would’ve seen them win the game.

“One last thing. Why on earth was Antony Taylor in charge at Old Trafford? He lives in Altrincham – 6 miles from the ground.

“Not for a minute am I suggesting that he was biased – but he’s open to the allegation of favouritism isn’t he?

“Why did the PGMOL made such a daft decision? There are plenty of other refs who could’ve done the game.

“I’m confused by the decision making. The PGMOL once stopped Graham Poll taking charge of a game at Arsenal because he lived in Tring – 30 miles away.

“What’s the policy guys? We all need to know.”

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