Difficult to get away from the feeling that these next two months are going to be pivotal to Newcastle United and their hopes this season.

Between Brighton at home on Saturday (20 October) and Fulham at home (22 December), NUFC have 10 Premier League matches, including those two games.

That list contains almost all of the clubs expected to finish in the bottom half of the table and the toughest games amongst them, at least on paper, are Burnley and Everton away. These two ending last season seventh and eighth in the league respectively.

Last season, Newcastle United climbed out of the relegation zone only two days before Christmas.

NUFC hadn’t won since a fortunate 1-0 victory over Palace on 21 October 2017, a run of only one point from nine matches, yet despite a number of injuries went to West Ham and won 3-2 on 23 December 2017, leaving the Premier League table at Christmas looking like this on 25 December 2017:

newcastle united

At the minute Newcastle have only two points from eight matches, a run very similar to last season’s October to December one, hopefully we are seeing the team just get it out of the way earlier this time…

By Christmas, Newcastle will have only played 18 games but with Liverpool away the next one on Boxing Day, safe to assume little chance of anything there.

So to be outside the bottom three by Christmas Day this time, I think safe to say Newcastle will almost certainly have to have more than 16 points once again.

A reality which means NUFC surely need five victories from these next 10 games below:

Newcastle v Brighton

Southampton v Newcastle

Newcastle v Watford

Newcastle v Bournemouth 

Burnley v Newcastle

Newcastle v West Ham

Everton v Newcastle

Newcastle v Wolves

Huddersfield v Newcastle

Newcastle v Fulham

You look at that list and you can see an argument as to why Newcastle could win any/all of them, or at least get a point, but equally, any of these games could go the other way.

This pre-Christmas period becomes even more important when you look at the daunting run of games that then follow.

Starting with that Liverpool away match on Boxing Day, Newcastle play five of the ‘big six’ within the space of seven matches. I struggle to see the team picking up much from Liverpool (A), Man Utd (H), Chelsea (A), Man City (H) and Spurs (A).

I think to have any kind of a comfort zone taking into account that post-Christmas period, Newcastle ideally need to take at least six wins and maybe a couple of draws from these 10 games coming up.

Matches at St James Park are going to be key and with three of the next four matches being home to Brighton, Watford and Bournemouth, the pressure is on, but also a great opportunity.

Beating Brighton is where it has to start for Newcastle United, a must win game already?

  • Paul Patterson

    15 points from those games must be the target..

  • grantham mag

    Relegated by christmas thanks to the fat slug.

  • HarryHype59

    The sole ambition under the Fat Man is EPL survival. Every season is a tedious battle against relegation.

    This club has now replaced SAFC as the club who debase and devalue the premiership, in their pathetic annual campaign, just to survive in the top flight.

    How the few remaining Ashpologists on here, fail to grasp this, defies logic.

    Ashley out!

    • Paul Patterson

      It’s staggering that the PL let it happen. The only club that actively tries to be inactive. Although this season Cardiff could be added to that. Their owners seem to think that it not worth the effort/risk and have accepted relegation.

    • Tweed Mag

      Could not agree more. The apologists are as tedious as the relegation scrap. I still think one or two of them are on the payroll at Shirebrook.

      • HarryHype59

        Highly likely!

  • David Jones

    Ha points is what’s needed

    • Leazes.

      Points win prizes.

  • relaxed

    We need TFCB out first then you will see the results
    This man is a toxic poison who is not just bringing the club down but the whole of the North East

  • Leazes.

    When Ashley conspired to the first relegation you could say it was inexperience and conflict with Manager and fans that then set himself onto a path of putting into place his ‘Nero Decree No’.1’……

    …..’no investment’ the club pays its own way’ ….. I’m off,….

    ….. and I’m taking the advertising and merchandising to make the club buy itself…..so its up to you lot to work with what is left and by the way I’ll also plunder the account for repayments…. the fans are going to pay for the Stadium rebuild and relegation not me!

    When Ashley conspired to the Second relegation you could say it was deliberate withholding of the funds to see how little the club could survive on, he put into place his ‘Nero Decree No’.2’…… recuperation of all of the club assets (part 2)…

    …..drafting in …. not football people but financial and legal cronies with no link to this City or club (the asset strippers)….. and a series of journeymen managers with no link to the City or United,

    Panic set in as another relegation was looming and he allowed a spend but too late…. Relegation…..it required spending again to get out, and get his tacky advertising back on screen….

    ….but not to worry he could add it in to the debt….that the fans had to pay!

    Third time lucky then?….. putting into place ‘Nero Decree No’.3’…… Large scale recuperation…… take the TV money completely, continue with the financial drain, and a top manager to carry the can …. no net spending, loan players and I’ll promise them a slap up steak meal if they stay up…..

    No problemo …..where’s my fiddle….. burn baby burn!

  • Mxpx

    Here’s a question though do we want to be out of the relegation zone? Would we not have a better chance of getting rid of Ashley as his investment depreciates in value

    • mentalman

      Do potential buyers want to buy a championship club

      • Mxpx

        Why not it’s a fixer upper that can double in value with some tlc and next year will start costing Ashley money again with no townsend Sissoko Janmaat or wijnaldum who can be sold we haven’t actually got any liklihood for making a transfer profit either unless Lascelles and shelvey are sold even then they’re worth less once we’re down so Mike will be in a position where he either needs to invest he starts loosing money or he sells he’s never really faced such a situation before

  • magpiefifer

    It’s easier to be optimistic looking at it ‘on paper’ – BUT it will take a hell of a turnaround on the pitch to accumulate the points we’ll need to survive.

  • JohnnyH

    Last season the run in was tight as a gnats chuff. Handful of points separated the bottom half of the table. We notched a few late wins that just got us out of the $hite.

    This season the teams around us are all stronger having spent pretty well. At the same time we’ve arguably gone backwards. The squad is paper thin.
    We’re never more than a couple of injuries/suspensions away from being nailed on relegation material.
    When you have a good look at it, who are we going to take 38 points off?

    Toon, Cardiff and Huddersfield are down unless a miracle happens.

  • BanJones

    I don’t get this idea that we should target points from certain games. We have a top manager who will do all he can with meagre resources to get as much as possible from every game by hook or by crook – Cardiff at home or Citeh away. Good luck Rafa you will need it.

  • Peaky

    Lose to Brighton at the weekend and expect the worse….regardless of any compensation I can see Fatso sacking Rafa…..full statement of intent to further pyss everyone off….’I’m the boss and I ain’t going away anytime soon’….

  • MrShack66

    Without even reading the article I’m sure winning games is the only conclusion the writer came to.

    • Mxpx

      Nah that should be written off as unrealistic the new plan is to close all entrances into the city and prevent clubs from getting to St James Park Road so we get awarded points by default the results will likely be more entertaining than watching our team too

  • Vodkamagpie

    The target should be 6W 2D 2L. The season starts with Brighton. Any Newcastle fan that can’t see this doesn’t know football. It’s all about momentum and confidence, unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity to do this with continuous tough games.

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    By the time we get to Anfield we’ll be on a roll and sneak an injury time winning goal