The new Sky Sports Power Rankings have been published.

The Power Rankings methodology reflects a player’s performance over the last five Premier League matchdays by awarding points to players for 32 different stats.

A heavier weighting is given to the most recent match in descending order to the fifth last one, with the intention of showing who is most in form.

After this latest round of matches which included Newcastle’s 1-0 home defeat to Brighton, the rankings have now been updated.

Newcastle’s last five PL games have been (working backwards):

Newcastle 0 Brighton 1

Man Utd 3 Newcastle 2

Newcastle 0 Leicester 2

Palace 0 Newcastle 0

Newcastle 1 Arsenal 2

The latest Power Rankings as published by Sky Sports:

sky sports power rankingssky sports power rankings

As you can see, it is Jonjo Shelvey who is featuring at number 33 in these latest Sky Sports Power Rankings.

He has started the last four of the most recent five matches as Newcastle have only picked up the one point from fifteen.

The latest defeat against Brighton was desperately disappointing but Shelvey was head and shoulders above his NUFC teammates.

The midfielder also having a very good game at Old Trafford.

To emphasise how surprising it is that Shelvey has made this in-form list, despite NUFC being bottom of the recent form league and the full Premiere League table he has a higher rating than any player at seven of the other nineteen PL clubs.


  • Leazes.

    Shelvey of course was the player that the chronicle ran polls against….

    …why would Ryder and Douglas do that?

    • Kenny

      Shelvey is the best player on the books , pity there is no target man for him to play with

    • Peaky


  • Down Under Mag

    Good players can play in bad teams. Shelvey is by far and away our most creative player but lacks the forwards capable of finishing moves off otherwise he would likely rank higher with more assists (and we would be higher int he league). We failed to buy a forward who could score 15+ goals this season and are suffering because of that!

  • Kenny

    Jonjo is the best player we have, put a good defensive midfielder alongside him,
    a good target man up front and a class winger (Kenedy?) and we would not be where we are.

  • Peaky

    I often think of Shelvey in the same way as Rafa……what the hell are they doing at such a shyte club….both worth and deserve so much more.

    • Kenny

      i think both will leave next summer

      • Peaky

        Jezza must be finalising the edit of his 2019 annual of “I Told You So”……he’s vanished !!!

        • Rich Lawson

          A case of mistaken identity apparently,he’d just popped into the Saudi embassy to get his tourist visa renewed !!!