The possibility of young Newcastle players getting their chance has become a popular one recently.

A shocking start to the season with only three points from the opening 10 games has left Newcastle fans looking for potential alternatives.

The fact that only six goals have been scored has meant that particular focus has been put on the forward positions.

Muto, Rondon, Perez and Joselu have failed to convince so far and 19 year old Elias Sorensen (pictured above) has at the same time made headlines with 12 goals for the NUFC reserve side so far.

Little wonder that supporters have asked the question as to what harm it could do to give him a chance, at least on the bench.

The same to an extent with winger Callum Roberts and central midfielder Sean Longstaff, both 21 year, as we have seen the likes of Atsu, Murphy, Hayden and Ki all struggle when getting chances.

Asked about turning to youth, Rafa Benitez has made clear that he doesn’t see this as an option.

The Newcastle boss feeling that it would be harmful for the first team as there are none of the younger players ready o make that step up, whilst damaging for the young  players such as Sorensen as well, if getting exposed too early and failing.

It isn’t the biggest surprise as Rafa Benitez doesn’t have a big track record of giving young players a chance at an early age and at Newcastle, he didn’t even do this in the Championship, almost entirely relying on older players with experience already gained.

As for how good or not the younger players are, clearly Newcastle don’t have any young Rooney/Shearer types where it is a no-brainer to bring them in.

As to whether the likes of Roberts, Sorensen and Longstaff would do any better than what is currently on show, might be another matter.

Personally, I think Sean Longstaff should at least be on the bench having scored nine from midfield when on loan at League One Blackpool last season. I’d far rather see him getting 20 minutes to try and do something, as opposed to the likes of Hayden and Ki.

Rafa Benitez talking to the Chronicle about the chances of young players getting a game, especially striker Elias Sorensen:

“We have been watching him and I had a conversation with (reserves boss) Ben Dawson only yesterday.

“We have spoken about it and everybody wants to see young players coming through into the Academy and into the first team

“When the team is in the Premier League it is more difficult.

“When the team is at the bottom of the Premier League it is even more difficult for them.

“You can put them into a difficult position – do they have the character and personality to go straight into a team that isn’t winning? “It is more difficult for the young players.

“We keep an eye on them and time will tell us when they are ready.

“If we have to give them a chance we will – but now is the time to let them develop, let them get more experience and hopefully the first team will be in a comfortable position and allow us to give more chances (to young players) in the future.

“I have a lot of examples (of players that were given games too soon), some at different teams.

“You don’t do it (take risks with young players), especially when you are in a top side because everybody is expecting you to be the new Alan Shearer.

“When everybody is expecting that you have no chance.

“We have to give confidence to them but also trust the manager because we are watching on them, we’ll be really pleased to be bringing in players from the Academy.

“We want them to play and win in the first team – at this moment it is the time to give them some experience.”

  • Peaky

    When we sign players for the ‘future’ could someone please explain what ‘future’ we are talking about…..most of thefuckas are never heard of again.

    • Kenny

      When Carr left the whole scouting team should have been sacked,
      instead we have the guys who were working for him now in charge,
      they are not Rafa`s men, they answer to the Fat Rat

  • Kenny

    None of them are good enough which just shows the state of the club

    • panther

      Who is right now?

  • Rich Lawson

    Encouraged 2 young lads on the bench with no swearing and blocked by The Mag. Why ?? Shouldn’t ”pending” mean you get an answer at some point ?

  • killymag

    Benitez has never given youth a chance why change now ?

  • Steven05

    I really do think we have to trust him with this

  • Mrkgw

    Remarkable. What motivation do the younger lads have when they are continually overlooked in favour of the highly ineffective Joselu, Perez, Diame, and Atsu. The list just goes on. But, it’s poor nonetheless.

    • 1957

      The manager’s record means they will, just like young Gibson, be minded to listen to offers from other clubs. His treatment of Woodman this season will see another good prospect moving on permanently by the summer IMO.

  • robbersdog

    I think Rafa’s just being tactful because they’re probably not good enough to make the step up.

    In any event, I trust Rafa’s judgment.

    • panther

      Well he’s scored 12 already, confidence will be high , there’s no pressure as people in the team are making no impression

      • robbersdog

        Yeah, I get the point you’re making, but the gap between the standard of the reserve league and the standard of the Premier League is wider than the gap between the Championship and the Prem, and when the likes of Dwight Gayle couldn’t really bridge that gap in a meaningful way, I’d be wary of rushing this youngster into our team.

        Having said that, if he was on the bench instead of Joselu, I wouldn’t be complaining!

        • molend

          I think that’s really the point. Obviously you’re not going to start with him, but as a sub for fifteen-twenty minutes to let the lad find his feet might be a better option than Joselu.

  • panther

    A young fearless player get him involved, his confidence will be high can’t be a worse option than hoss

  • SH.ER

    hahah like our wingers are doing a fabulous job

  • 1957

    To play any youngsters in the PL involves an element of risk, Benitez doesn’t like to chance his arm so there’s little chance of us seeing any of them in the first team or on the bench.

    Unless they get a chance we’ll never know if they will make it, we do know however that the Hoss, SloMo, Perez, Atsu aren’t doing a good enough job. What will Benitez do ?

  • Wor Lass

    Rafa is ultra cautious whether it`s about keeping the point we kick off the game with, returning an injured player (or even a player who`s been on international duty) or introducing young players. In my opinion he`s too cautious at times but that`s his mind-set and it`s brought him a shedload of trophies over the years. The problem here is that the young players aren`t really good enough – their results over the last couple of seasons show that. Personally, I think that if Sorensen is banging goals in then he should be given some sort of sniff at the first team squad but I understand why Rafa doesn`t want to bring them in to a losing team which is low on confidence. A win would help!

  • BigHairyDog

    You can’t throw young lads into the toxic atmosphere at SJP, I’ve seen it before and it doesn’t work. Steve Watson, Lee Clark, Robbie Elliott and Alan Armstrong all struggled and they’re better than these lads now. May be if it wasn’t such a toxic atmosphere but only Ashley can do something about that, and he won’t.

    • panther

      Watson , Clark and Elliot showed they had the mental strength

  • mentalman

    Rafa pretty much justifying the fat ones idea to scrap the academy

  • Colin Brumwell

    Maybe he wont play them because if it comes off the fans might say why did he not do it sooner