Rafa Benitez is more than happy with Florian Lejeune’s recovery but when it comes to Newcastle United and the upcoming January transfer window…

The manager couldn’t spell it out in any more simple language ‘I have to be very clear…we don’t know the budget.’

Rafa adding ‘Normally, you start working after the summer on names, positions and characteristics of players, and we will go later on to decide. We don’t know what we will do in January because it depends on a lot of things.’

Looking on a more positive side, Rafa Benitez says that with the current pool of players: ‘We can achieve what we want to achieve, which at the moment is to stay up.’

For a manager who hoped to be competing towards top eight and having a try at the cups by now, that is a pretty damning reality check of where Rafa accepts he is at with Mike Ashley and his people.

Rafa Benitez talking to BBC Newcastle:

Florian Lejeune recovery:

“Training with the fitness coach, getting closer.

“I think to train with the team, we can talk about three weeks, maybe. I’m saying three – could be two, could be four.

“But, it’s OK, and in the videos he put on Instagram, he’s kicking the ball really well!”

Asked about the January transfer budget:

“I have to be very clear…we don’t know the budget.

“Normally, you start working after the summer on names, positions and characteristics of players, and we will go later on to decide.

“We don’t know what we will do in January because it depends on a lot of things.”

Rafa Benitez talking at his pre-Brighton press conference, as reported by Sky Sports:

“I was talking with (head of recruitment) Steve Nickson today, the head of recruitment, and not talking about January.

“I don’t know my budget but it is not a problem. I’m used to working without big money in all my teams – not at Liverpool, Chelsea or even Real Madrid were we spending big money.

“We were still achieving something. I have confidence we will do it with this group of people, with this staff and these players.

“We can achieve what we want to achieve, which at the moment is to stay up.

“This year, when you see the teams that have been promoted, they have spent around £100m.

“It is even more difficult this year than last year but I still have confidence, because the team is more or less the same, the new players are settled and the atmosphere is quite good.

“The first win is always the most difficult.

“As soon as we win the game we will start to have more confidence and it will be easier for us.

“We are playing at home and our fans have something to prove – that Bruno was wrong (to say Newcastle fans would turn on their team if things go against them).

“Bruno was saying that the fans will be on top of the players if something is wrong.

“Our fans are very clever and they know this team cares and they are working really hard. One of our strengths is our fans. If they see something wrong they will still support the team.

“I am sure at the end of the game and end of the season everyone will be happy.”

  • drc74

    bumped into monk in a lift, he told me hes confident raffa will have 800 mil to spend in jan, its reliable, he bumped into mike in a lift and swallowed

    • panther

      800 mil sperm

  • Wezza

    Any other club would have their budget already sorted BUT we are not a football club we are a cash cow club.

    • JohnnyH

      Dead right Wezza, I suppose properly ran clubs will be planning for next season and the season after next,
      We’re a [email protected]*king laughing stock.

  • JohnnyH

    Predictable January transfer window then..
    targets out of our reach/wouldn’t come up here etc…
    Probably sell Lascelles, get a makeweight in return, Ashley pockets the difference,

    End of season, we go down, Rafa walks, Ashley appoints Steve Bruce or similar and promises to get us straight back up.


    • panther

      Le jeunes getting fitter, he’s Lascelles replacement

  • graham18

    We all know the budget from the fat one : sweet F.A.

  • Paul Patterson

    The budget will be the £25m profit made in the summer. That’s very clear. That £25m will have to cover ALL aspects of the deals. If the manager wants two players then it will have to cover the fee (including agents fees) the wages over the duration of the contracts etc, etc.

    In other words, expect nowt better than Joselu.

    • Leazes.

      If I were the Premier League bosses or Sky TV bosses I’d be a bit cheesed off with Ashley spending the clubs money on HOF.

      • wheyayeman

        They clearly don’t give a rat’s ass about us, we’re just deluded Geordies!

    • Danimal

      No, even that £25m will have mysteriously evaporated by January, same as the Wijnaldum, Sissoko, Janmaat and Townsend money did.

      • Wezza

        and the first instalment of this seasons TV money as well.

        • Carverlier football

          And the second and third installments from last season

  • grantham mag

    First January signing Clair’s accessories.

  • Rob

    I think he’ll go for a New Look in January.

    • Paul Patterson

      Our survival chances will have gone for a Burton . .

      • Danimal

        Did C&A stand for Charnley & Ashley? If so, it’s a good metaphor for the direction our club is taking.

        • drc74

          probs is, as its also known as cxnt & arxe

          • Peaky


      • drc74

        well i think mikes a top man

      • Tomb

        Im not as resigned to relegation as everyone else seems to be. Cardiff and Huddersfield look worse than us and Soton Fulham Palace will struggle to get 40 points. Win tomorrow and we will probably be out of the bottom three

      • Albert Stubbins

        He’s no top man that’s for sure!!

  • kingfisher

    “I am sure at the end of the game and end of the season everyone will be happy.”

    Rubbish !!! If we win will everyone be happy ? If we just manage to survive will everyone be happy ?
    Certainly not me. With a Manager of Rafas experience and a billionaire owner, we should be competing just outside the top six and having a real go in the cups, not just fighting for survival. Our great club deserves much more than this, and if the 50,000 can’t see that, then there really is no hope.

  • robbersdog

    Budget? What budget?

  • Leicester Mag

    One day I hope Rafa tells this sack of 💩 just where to stick his club. That people stand by and watch this pitiful prolonged self imposed car crash is beyond me.

    • t00nraider

      I hope Rafa continues turning the club around with financial sensibility unlike previous regime.

      • wheyayeman

        Sod off

      • Leicester Mag

        Yeah so proud of our boastful chant ‘we’re financially more sound than you’ really gets other fans green with envy

      • Big Hairy Man


      • JohnnyH


    • magpiefifer

      He will Leicester!!!!

  • wheyayeman

    “Let me be very clear, Mike doesn’t know the purchase price of Claire’s accessories yet.”

  • East Durham Mag

    I’ll be very blunt, Fatty Ashley is a c**t.

    • Peaky

      I think after that you’ve got to be in line for the next Poet Laureate….😂🤣😂

  • Wezza

    Staying up is the only priority for the millions for the FCB to pocket. Football doesn’t matter anymore.
    We need him out asap!

  • Ashley-out

    today another 50,000 plus will be there, Mugs

    • East Durham Mag

      For effort the team can’t be criticised, but how any Ashley @rse 🤪 Lickers can say they wake up excited on match day is unbelievable. Trapped in Fatty’s never ending cycle of misery.