Rafa Benitez has gone back to his old club Liverpool to ask about two players.

The Newcastle boss left Anfield eight years ago but still has a very good relationship with his old club and The Chronicle say that Rafa has asked about the situation regarding two of their attacking players ahead of what could be a crucial January transfer window.

The newspaper says the two players in question are Divock Origi and Dominic Solanke.

It is not the first time Rafa Benitez and Newcastle United have been linked with the pair, back in summer 2017 it was claimed that NUFC were trying to sign both of them after winning promotion back to the Premier League.

Matters are slightly more complicated this January than 12 months earlier.

Back in January 2018, Newcastle United had no loan players and were able to bring in Martin Dubravka, Islam Slimani and Kenedy.

The rules (see below) state that only two players at any one time can be loaned by Premier League clubs from other English clubs, so whilst Kenedy and Slimani were brought in from Chelsea and Leicester respectively, this time Newcastle already have Rondon and Kenedy on year-long loan deals from West Brom and Chelsea respectively.

So unless either of those loans were cut short, or were changed to permanent deals, only loan signings from abroad will be available for Rafa Benitez in January.

As things stand, any signing of Origi and/or Solanke would have to be on a permanent basis.

It is difficult to see Liverpool being desperate to hold on to either player, as neither has appeared in the first team this season in any competition, whilst they haven’t even made the bench in the Premier League so far.

Mike Ashley didn’t allow any players to be bought last January, or indeed in January 2017, and not many Newcastle fans will believe things will be much different this time.

In the recent Newcastle United Fans Forum meeting minutes, the club bizarrely claimed that they had been willing to go way above the current £16.8m transfer record on various transfer targets but said they couldn’t find any of these players that were willing to sign.

Then hidden away elsewhere in the minutes, the club admitted that after failing to land Rafa Benitez’ transfer targets, Mike Ashley had taken an amount of money out of the club after the summer transfer window closed, though refused to reveal how much that figure was.

The Official Premier League rules state:

Premier League clubs may not register more than two players on loan (from other English clubs) at any one time.

The maximum number of loans (from other English clubs) registrable in the same season is four, and, under no circumstances, shall more than one be from the same club at any one time.

  • Paul Patterson

    Neither will happen unless it for way under £10m..

  • Peaky

    May as well ask for Salah and Firmino while he’s on…..never gonna happen…

  • drc74

    charnley’s probably asking about john barnes and ian rush

    • Peaky


  • Leazes.

    So the Newspapers in question aren’t aware of the rules….. haha… nothing surprising there!

    • Wor Lass

      He`ll give the go-ahead for some money to be spent in January. It`s the only way he can undermine Rafa now and get some of his mates back onside. He can see the tide turning slowly. He`s a modern day Knut – in more than one sense!

      • Leazes.

        We know its a stringing out and strangulation exercise so you are right he has to spend the minimum to get to fourth from bottom….

        ….strange that Charnley said they had a policy in place which was that the squad should be stronger than previous season…..and that was a measure that they had done their job…..

        ….regardless of being outspent by competitors…..

        Who is this guy?

        • Wor Lass

          He`s an over-promoted tea boy. Did you like the King Knut reference (I had to use the K spelling because disqus blocks the C one)? Quite appropriate, I think.

          • Gallowgate Dave

            King Knut’s intention was to prove to his courtiers that he could not turn the tide back in an act of humility to prove the power of God over Kings. It’s often misrepresented as an arrogant King who thought he could turn the tide back. The only similarity to Ashley is he truly is an utter Knut!

          • Wor Lass

            I didn`t know that, Dave – interesting stuff. The Knut bit was, of course, my reason for using him but the tide turning is an interesting idea because I reckon it is, slowly but surely. I`m off to google King Knut now and learn a bit more.

          • Gallowgate Dave

            I hope you’re right. I’ve never believed he’s as thick skinned as some make out, protests and public speaking clearly rattle him. It’s always been in our power as his business interests can be targeted and that’s all he’s bothered about. I’d still like to see a fundamental change in football ownership in this country – fan representation on boards and independently audited accounts, even more so the dream of buying at least a stake in our club. As much as I want him gone there are even more incompetent owners than Ashley, although I doubt there’s any less transparent.

          • Wor Lass

            There`s noone as downright nasty and vindictive as him, that`s for sure. He reminds me of that nightmare tenant in Pacific Heights.

  • Mike

    ha ha ha ha

  • Wezza


    Well blow me backwards. Perhaps if he and the Chronicle do what they are supposed to be doing they would be asking the questions of where’s the money gone and not holding back rather than towing the party line!

  • robbersdog

    Both Divock Origi and Dominic Solanke are very decent players, but they’d each cost in the region of £20-£25m, so this is a load of bollocks.

    • mentalman

      They’ll be joining on loan

      • robbersdog

        We’ve already got 2 x loanees, we can’t sign any more.