The two people you trust above all others when talking about Newcastle United, are Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer.

At the very other end of the spectrum are Mike Ashley and those willing to do his dirty work.

It says everything about Ashley’s 11+ year reign, that he has alienated the two greatest living Newcastle United legends, and indeed has done everything  he can to try and turn fans against the pair, when they called out the NUFC owner on his running of the club as well as their own personal treatment.

Kevin Keegan has done an invaluable job with his new book in further exposing how rotten the club has become under Mike Ashley, Alan Shearer declaring: ‘Kevin’s book tells it exactly how it is. He has been inside the club and knows what it is like. It is an honest account of what happened at Newcastle during his second time there as boss. Good for Kevin for telling everyone. I like it.’

Like all other decent Newcastle fans, Shearer has poured scorn on the recent PR stunt when Mike Ashley flew up for a meal with Rafa and the players.

As for Mike Ashley telling players he will pay for a holiday if they avoid relegation, the former number nine says the idea is laughable, in terms of what kind of an incentive is it, to offer a jolly to people who are millionaires? Indeed, he states the owner would have been told to ‘shove it where the sun doesn’t shine’ if he had still been playing for Newcastle United.

Alan Shearer says that instead of PR gimmicks for the media, Mike Ashley needs to very belatedly back the manager with some quality signings in January.

Alan Shearer writing in The Sun:

‘Mike Ashley offering Newcastle players a free holiday if they avoid relegation is an insult.

If I was a player at that team dinner on Wednesday and he offered me that, I would have told him to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

I would have said, ‘Instead of spending money on a holiday spend it on the football club and back the manager!’

As a player, that might give me hope and extra motivation that we’re all in the fight together.

These players are on from between £30,000 and £100,000-a-week, they are multi-millionaires.

Does he not think they can afford any holiday they want? They have spent ten months with each other and my guess is that the last thing they would want is to go away as a team.

As for the dinner, how is that going to make you better as a player?

If you are motivated by that, or by the owner being at matches, there is something wrong with you. Was it a coincidence that the meal happened on the same night fans were meeting to discuss future protests against Ashley?

And was it a coincidence that it happened at the same time that Kevin Keegan’s book has come out criticising the owner?

Maybe I am just being cynical but Kevin’s book tells it exactly how it is. He has been inside the club and knows what it is like.

It is an honest account of what happened at Newcastle during his second time there as boss. Good for Kevin for telling everyone. I like it.

I am also suspicious as to why the owner has been at the last three games when he hadn’t been at one for 16 months beforehand. Let’s hope it means he is closer to selling the club.

Ashley supposedly said he does not want Rafa Benitez to leave and he will back him in January.

But I don’t believe a word that comes out of Newcastle these days.’

  • Leazes.

    Its only taken you eleven years Alan!…..better late than never…actually that’s not true is it we’ve had every asset stripped…..


    Their wages are lower than that stated as well…. our top earner is on £70K and the lowest on £15k….. which is nowhere near what you were getting and illustrates the downsizing operation perfectly.

    • Lord

      Peter Kenyon seems to quiet right now. Funny that.

      • Leazes.

        Told you….. Bishop has put the PR spin on the back burner because its damaging and mis-timed, and was used by us to galvanise support….

        ….everything they do seems mis timed come to think of it, but that’s probably just procrastination and stringing out activity(sic).

    • Viru leckworth

      Where did you get this information on the wages lpayers earn?

    • Wezza

      Correct and I reckon we’d be one of the lowest wage bills in the league now. We’ve never had a lower wage bill then at the moment for a long time. More downsizing in January when either Shelvey or Lascelles goes.

  • Paul Patterson

    When the owner (and his associates) of a business or in this case football club, says IN COURT that the club will say things that the fans want to hear, that may or may not be truthful. You know that you can’t trust a word they say.

    Court proven liars . .

    • Leazes.

      Same as Douglas and Ryder except nobody has taken them to court.

  • Themoscow72

    Think the meal was a good idea and was a bonding exercise which was needed to bring everyone together. The players will hopefully get a big bonus at the end of the season. The last couple of years it’s been something like ten million something many fans do not take into account when they say where has the money gone.
    Would love Shearer and Keegan to buy the club and do a better job instead of shouting their mouths off which not doing the club any good at all. Perhaps they could form a consortium with the Magpie group and the two MP’S and buy the club in time for the Brighton match.

    • Dillon Tovak

      What does some random amateur team have to do with the pressures of premier league football?
      All teams get bonuses, who cares that Newcastle do to? Doesn’t make Ashley generous, in fact Newcastle are the only team I know to protest over terrible bonuses offered.

      • MrShack66

        He’s definitely Monkseaton Mag.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Yeah, the meal idea was brilliant mate..hardly a new phenomenom though. Joe Harvey did it after every away game, stopping the coach at Wetherby for cod & chips, and a few tabs at the Wetherby Whaler. Ashley’s pathetic attempt to bury anything that KK was going to reveal last week by diverting attention to his Happy Meal adventure just shows how thick he thinks we are. ASHLEY OUT! END OF!

    • JohnnyH

      Bonding exercise?
      Bring everyone together?
      Are you in some kind of parallel universe?

    • Pezza

      Finishing 10th got them £15m

  • BanJones

    Nobody believes anything that comes out of the Ashley camp, that ship sailed a long, long time ago. Actions can be believed – words are cheap especially Ashley’s doublespeak.

  • Hughie

    Just wish that multi millionaires Keegan and Shearer would put their money where their mouths are rather than using the club as their publicity platform as mentioned below. Surely they have enough clout and network contacts to lead a consortium to raise the dosh?

    • Dillon Tovak

      At what point have they declared interest in wanting to own football clubs? Why would they do that? Odd thing to say.

      • Hughie

        Agreed Dillon, but they have the resources and international contacts I am sure to kick start a takeover….

        • Pezza

          That’s the right thinking. You don’t get a takeover by shouting at a building, waving a banner or faux outrage at mild finger gestures.

          To get rid of Mike, you either find a buyer or form an investment group yourselves. The original Magpie group did the latter, the current Magpie Group are (so far) publicity seeking frauds.

    • Cockneytrev

      IMO they would be better serving Newcastle, as ambassadors if we ever get rid of Ashley.

    • Pezza

      Maybe Shearer has his eyes on United as he so likes to call them.

      KK hasn’t got the money but a fan financed buyout with those two as figureheads would give Shearer far more credibility than his rent a gob media rants.

  • Wezza

    ‘These players are on from between £30,000 and £100,000-a-week’

    Actually Shelvey is on 70,000 a week and is the highest paid player. The rest are on 40k and less. We must have one of the lowest wage bills in the league.