Following weeks of disgruntled Newcastle fans making their dissatisfaction known, tonight’s Magpie Group meeting (see details below) at The Labour Club in Newcastle City centre gives us the chance to really spark off that debate.

With December and January’s live TV selections set to be announced in mid-October, plans for a mass boycott of a televised home fame will hopefully soon gather pace. In the meantime, however, we can still play our part by protesting at our next home game.

Brighton are the next visitors to St James Park for an old-fashioned 3pm kick-off on Saturday 20th October. The same Brighton who are managed by one Chris Hughton…

Below are some simple ideas to keep the pressure on Ashley:

11th Minute Booing/ Singing

While St James Park is often eerily quiet these days, it was extremely heartening to hear the fans in such good voice when they made Mike Ashley the focus of their attention…. This should be a given at all home games. Needs to be kept up!

Toilet Rolls!

Grant Richardson’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion of throwing the club’s free membership gift of a pen and club badges onto the pitch led me back to a much simpler idea – one that can prove very effective…and is much safer!

It would be relatively simple for thousands of fans to bring toilet rolls into the stadium and fling them onto the pitch at an opportune time. If it causes enough of a stir that the game has to be stopped to clear the pitch, then all the better!

Mellow Yellow

A simple but visually impactful way of showing your support for the Ashley Out movement would be to ditch the usual black and white matchday attire in favour of something bright and incongruous like yellow.

NUFC have had enough yellow away kits over the last 10 to 15 years for many fans to already be in possession of something suitable. Failing that, a cheap t-shirt, hoodie or jacket could be found on a quick trip to Primark or similar (just make sure it’s not Sports Direct!).

Sit-In Protest at Full-Time

Rather than rushing towards the exit gates at full-time, fans could instead opt to remain in their seats for twenty or thirty minutes.

We all know that there are not enough stewards to be able to physically remove each protesting fan, so it should result in some minor disruption – enough of an inconvenience to make a point without grounds to result in any serious repercussions for partakers. (Especially if a set amount of time was decided upon beforehand and communicated to the stewards).

Personally, I don’t see any reason why all four of the above suggestions could not become a regular matchday occurrence to complement the demonstrations outside Sports Direct….

We have all been guilty of being too placid and passive and watching on in silence as the heart has been torn out of our club but we mustn’t let it continue – the time for action is now! ASHLEY OUT!

The Mag – 27 September 2018:

The campaign against Mike Ashley and his ownership of Newcastle United continues.

Various sustained initiatives online have clearly created problems for the NUFC owner’s retail empire so far.

Whilst the first on the streets demonstration of the new season took place on the opening day, around two thousand fans protesting before the Spurs match outside the Sports Direct store in Newcastle city centre, on Northumberland Street. This was repeated, with Newcastle supporters asked to gather before the Chelsea game.

The focus then shifted for the Arsenal game, with Newcastle fans protesting outside the last remaining Newcastle United (Sports Direct?) club shop at St James Park.

This Saturday, Newcastle supporters are asked to do the same, with fans asked to meet outside the shop at St James Park at the Gallowgate End, starting at 2.15pm and ending at 2.45pm, allowing people time to get in for kick-off of the Leicester City match.

There is also a second public open meeting  next week, organised by the Magpie Group (a collection of NUFC fans/groups), with all Newcastle fans invited to come along.

The meeting is at The Labour Club (11 Leazes Park Road NE1 4PF) just down the road from St James Park.

Admission is free and it takes place at on Wednesday 3 October 2018, doors open at 6pm and the meeting starting at 6.30pm.

There are three guest speakers:

Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah, her constituency included St James Park.

Gateshead MP Ian Mearns, he chairs the all party parliamentary group for football supporters.

Whilst also appearing is Kevin Miles, the Chief Executive of the FSF (Football Supporters Federation).

Get yourself along if you can make it.

To feature like Kevin Christie submit your article to [email protected] and/or for more info go here

  • Carverlier football

    Every little helps, and a cumulation of little things is even better – direct action against SD I think remains the most effective implement in the toolbox…

    • Steven05

      A new catchy yet powerful chant about shitedirect not being very good…

      • Geordiegiants

        Definitely another good idea.

  • Paul Patterson

    Meanwhile, our next manager has been sacked down the Midlands ..

    • Kevin Christie

      The only truly surprising thing about Ashley’s regime is that they haven’t managed to appoint Bruce yet!

      • Kenny

        10 months salary to Rafa is the only thing stopping the Rat

      • BigHairyDog

        Bruce would take us down, you can guarantee it.

    • JohnnyH

      Aye the cabbage was an uncanny likeness and probably cleverer.

  • Kenny

    FFS, just walk out en masse I’ll start crowdfunding to pay for the sheepdogs.
    I’ll kick it off with £50

    • Kevin Christie

      I’d personally be in favour of boycotts and walkouts but for those who aren’t, then these suggestions are cheap and simple – and could also prove effective.

      The one thing a boycott doesn’t do is create a disturbance or visual message INSIDE the ground.

      This way, people who don’t like the boycott plan and insist on going to games could still play a vital part in the Ashley Out movement. Alienating, insulting or judging them won’t get any of us anywhere. We all need to stay united to win this battle.

      • Kenny

        If you boycott ie, an empty stadium in front of a live televised game by Sky or BT the world gets the message, the cameras mostly ignore placards and banners

        • Kevin Christie

          Very true. Sadly, unanimous support from a boycott seems unlikely (yet anyway). At least these ideas would help keep the pressure on.

          MOTD cameras (and pundits – Al! Wrighty! Keep up the good work!) wouldn’t be able to ignore toilet rolls, game stoppages, a sea of yellow in the stands or deafening anti-Ashley chants!

          • BigHairyDog

            Toilet rolls and tennis balls hoyed from the stands that stopped games would be something, But in all honesty I can see the happy clappers more keen on standing up to those fans than the parasitic owner.

          • Kevin Christie

            Tennis balls would be great, haha. Tennis was MA’s first love after all…. 😂

          • Damon Horner

            County squash player by some accounts. Now he just squashes in a different kind of way.

            If Tennis Balls happen, maybe do them red and blue.

          • mentalman

            Was it not badminton

          • Kevin Christie

            50,000 shuttlecocks can rain down on the pitch so! 😄

          • Big Al 1967

            Talking of c0cks Ashley is so fat he has not seen his own in 30 years!!

          • Geordiegiants

            You know what, that’s exactly what would happen.

    • Geordiegiants

      Sad but true!

  • Tino11

    There’s only two things that will have any effect on the Fat Man

    Nationwide campaign about Sports Direct, Chi Onwurah & The Magpie Group campaigning for the end of zero hours contracts for SD workers.

    An empty stadium, this won’t happen for a full game because too many people will still go, so the first 5-10 mins should be when the stadium is empty so the TV cameras take note.

    • Gallowgate Dave

      I was at The Magpie Group meeting tonight Tino. Ian Mearns Gateshead MP was a great speaker. Some bloke called Simon shouted a heckle at him about protesters not helping the team, Mearns shut him up by immediately replying “I think it’s Ashley not helping the team by not buying better players with OUR money”. Monkseaton Magpie is called Simon. I didn’t see who it was to confront him and needless to say he never said another word all night!

      • Leazes.

        Hopefully someone will take him outside and give him a darn good thrashing/.

        Simon Van de Velde is also called Simon and lives in Whitley Bay.

        • Gallowgate Dave

          Who is Simon Van de Velde Leazes?

      • Tino11

        If that Simon really was Monkseaton then he’s even worse than I thought, I have always felt he didn’t actually believe anything he wrote, he was just doing it to wind people up, but maybe he does actually mean it, strange bloke!

  • Geordiegiants

    Everyone could take an a4 sheet of paper with “get out” printed on it, or they could be handed out outside the ground and held up at a certain time.

    • Kevin Christie

      And then fold them into paper planes and glide 50,000 of them down towards the centre circle….

      • Geordiegiants

        There you go what a belting idea!!!

        • Kevin Christie

          Would actually be great! 😁

          • Geordiegiants

            Definetly plus there is nothing that anyone could do as it would be so easy to get in.

  • Leazes.

    The Lads in Ponteland have shown the way….. there’s the chant…. says it all….simple…accusing…. five syllables…..

    …..’where’s the mo-ney gone’

    …..and just keep targeting all of his concerns…. just keep going…. target SD.

  • Cockneytrev

    If a boycott is off the cards,,
    Stand up and turn your back to the pitch,,? very visual,, cameras would pick it up,,