Premier League richest owners, of the 20 clubs who has the biggest personal wealth?

Down below are all 20 clubs ranked in the Premier League by the wealth of their owners (or majority shareholders).

The Bristol Post have collated the information via figures collected from a variety of sources, including Forbes and

According to their figures, Sheikh Mansour at Man City is only sixth in terms of his own personal wealth, though it appears obvious that through family connections etc he is backed by a lot more than what is just attributed to him.

That leaves Roman Abramovich in top spot, followed by Kroenke at Arsenal and then promoted clubs Fulham and Wolves with Khan and Guangchang.

As for Mike Ashley, he is in tenth spot, well ahead of Liverpool’s John Henry.

One stand out stat is surely the fact that of the 20 owners in the Premier League, 14 of them are billionaires, with ten of them, including Mike Ashley, having wealth of at least two billion.

Estimated net worth – as per figures collated by the Bristol Post:

Roman Abramovich (Chelsea) – £8,597,120,000

Stan Kroenke (Arsenal) – £6,754,880,000

Shahid Khan (Fulham) – £5,833,760,000

Guo Guangchang (Wolves) – £5,296,440,000

Joe Lewis (Spurs) – £3,838,000,000

Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahayan (Manchester City) – £3,761,240,000

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha (Leicester City) – £3,761,240,000

The Glazer Family (Manchester United) – £3,607,720,000

Joshua Harris (Crystal Palace) – £2,916,880,000

Mike Ashley (Newcastle United) – £2,609,840,000

John W Henry (Liverpool) – £1,995,760,000

Farhad Moshiri (Everton) – £1,304,920,000

Tony Bloom (Brighton) – £1,200,000,000

Gao Jisheng (Southampton) – £1,074,640,000

Vincent Tan (Cardiff City) – £629,432,000

David Gold/David Sullivan (West Ham) – £642,922,475

Dean Hoyle (Huddersfield) – £361,387,125

The Pozzo Family (Watford) – £304,326,000

Maxim Demin (Bournemouth) – £100,000,000

Mike Garlick/John Banaszkiewicz (Burnley) – £60,868,000

  • Leazes.

    World’s eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50% – Oxfam

    • Cockneytrev

      What a disgusting statistic,,

      • Leazes.

        They must work really hard.

        What is more disgusting is you can see the attitudes of some of them in Abramovic Ashley and co…. wealth doesn’t trickle down as economists believed a while ago, it accumulates in lumps in grey concrete offices in the bahamas and other hide holes tax free where its used to buy more control.

        • Toontaff

          I wondered where all our debt went!

          • Leazes.

            Just looking through companies house beta is an eyeopener….. paper companies galore which only exist as tax avoidance schemes.

          • Toontaff

            I was convinced there were 2 green aliens, Kang and Kodos off The Simpsons, hording all our debt. I never get the figures on news, trillions owed by countries, like USA wing 14+ trillion!

          • Sickandtired

            Blame the Taxman. If they didn’t want people to make use of legal tax reduction methods, then they can simply abolish them.

          • Ron

            Hi Leazes
            You haven’t been able to look at those on the Cayman Islands, Lichtenstein, Switzerland or many of the off-shore homes for low / no tax

            You’ve looked at the tip of one ice berg there’s a flow of them behind.

        • Angelswithdirtyfaces

          Trickle down or ‘supply side’ economics has long been discredited. Abramovic got his money through seriously fraudulent Russian ‘gangsta’ asset sales in the 90s. Dunno where Ashley got his – mostly asset stripping ‘brands’ and stock market growth (aka bubbles) in his shares, and such enlightened working practices as refusing to let his workers take a pee.

          • Ron

            His workers wouldn’t want to, go in after him and try not to step in the vomit.

        • Cockneytrev

          It really hit home to me a few years back , I was flying home via Geneva Airport and was in one of the lounges,, a family of about 10 walked in from the Middle East, they had various aged children,, the youngest child had a diamond encrusted watch on that was probably worth over £30 grand, the rest of the family where similarly attired, it was a disgusting showing of wealth,,, I’m guessing but between the family they were wearing maybe £1 mil worth of jewellery,,,,
          I have to add the children were very well behaved and respectful to the other guests.

    • Toontaff

      Can we have these figures in Euros, just for ‘Clarko/CKO’ – no doubt, that’ll bring Ashley down to 20th!

    • Ron

      They’ve a bit of work to do to get the 50% up to 60%!

      Bl00dy parasites.

  • Paul Patterson


  • Ron

    If Rafa was to allowed spend £50M more in summer that would be 1.9% of Ashley’s worth.

    It’s easy to see why he needed the profit now isn’t it?


    • Sickandtired

      He’s richer than 10 other PL owners and yet cries he can;t compete with their wealth. NO, it’s because he doesn’t want to and simply wont use his own money.

      • Ron

        Hi Sickandtired

        We’re all sick and tired of the (rich) fat bafoon. He only bought the club as a cheap advertising vehicle for the rest of his Empire.

        Plain to see he can – he just won’t put his hand in his pocket, he stops even funds generated by club being used. We’re all sick and tired!

      • Lord

        He doesn’t even need to spend his own money, just let the club spend what it generates. Siphoning off shirt sales, catering, advertising and goodness knows what else into his holding companies prevents us ‘spending every last penny the club generates’.

  • It was the likes of Abramovich and Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahayan that ruined football with the help of Mino Raiola! They came and bought every single decent player that was to be bought and player prices and wages sky-rocketed!
    Ashley’s logic to spending money on players is logical, as in today’s age it takes 20m+ to get a decent player, and there are NO guarantees of quality or loyalty!
    Agents and players are paid city budgets per year and all they do is complain and want more.

    • Sickandtired

      The fact is all that interests Ashley is how he makes money out of as little spend or quality as possible.
      Our club is no different to him in that respect as is the outdated Dunlop, Slazenger, Lonsdale etc brands.
      Using the top clubs as any form of reasoning for Ashley starving ours is a lame excuse.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    too few people have too much money…

  • Dodgydave

    Mansour’s personal wealth is estimated way over £20b according to Forbes. That’s more than double Abramovich’s. I don’t know how this could be so far out.