Paul Merson thinks Manchester United would have hand-picked Newcastle United as their opposition this coming weekend.

Under pressure from both their own fans and the media, Man Utd have lost to Derby County and West Ham, as well as drawing against Wolves and Valencia in these past four games.

Their worst league start since the eighties sees Man Utd only 10th, though that is still eight places above Rafa Benitez’ team.

Paul Merson says that after covering last weekend’s Newcastle game against Leicester: ‘I couldn’t believe what I was watching.’

The former Arsenal player harking back to whenever he played at St James Park and how it was always a hard game with Newcastle and their fans up for it.

Instead, it was, if you are honest, a shocking affair in terms of Newcastle’s attacking threat, Merson making the point that Shelvey’s shot from his own half was the only effort on target.

He claims Man Utd would take Newcastle before Huddersfield and Cardiff as ideal opposition ‘because they can’t score a goal.’

The relegation zone currently sees three teams on two points – Huddersfield are currently bottom and have scored three goals, then Cardiff and Newcastle who have each scored four.

It says it all when the three lowest scorers are all in the relegation zone, if you can’t score goals you can’t win matches.

Paul Merson claims Rafa Benitez will once again try for a goalless draw, with Manchester United eventually running out 2-0 winners.

Ask any Newcastle fan and they would take a draw now but somehow Rafa has to find a way to get his team scoring goals.

If not against Man Utd then certainly against the likes of Brighton, Southampton, Watford, Bournemouth and Burnley, which are the matches that come after the international break.

Paul Merson talking to Sky Sports:

“I watched Newcastle the other day against Leicester and I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

“I have played at St James Park plenty of times and it was a hard place to play football.

“The players were up for it, the crowd were up for it and it was a hard game.

“They had just one shot on target (against Leicester) from 65 yards from Jonjo Shelvey.

“If Manchester United could hand pick any team to play this weekend it would be Newcastle.

“Forget Cardiff or Huddersfield it would be Newcastle because they can’t score a goal, they don’t even look like scoring a goal.

“On the flip side, if (Manchester) United don’t win this game there’ll be major trouble at Old Trafford.

“Newcastle will go there for a 0-0 but United will eventually break them down.

“Prediction is Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 0.”

  • Billmag

    Why o why do we have to put up with this know nowt every week, we all know we are as poor as [email protected]@s we certainly don’t need the likes of him constantly telling us.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Looking more & more like a fat Morrissey.

      • Peaky

        ……or Les Dawson’s alter ego Cosmo Smallpeace….”knickers knackers knockers”….

  • Toontaff

    2-0 – that’s what Mike was referring to!

  • TeessideMag

    He’s not wrong.. However, if we could also pick any team to play right now, man united would be up there too.

  • Darren

    I’ll tell you what, I would love it if we beat them hahaha

  • Big Hairy Man

    Please stop giving a platform to Paul (nose candy) Merson and the odious little [email protected] Owen just to get clicks on your BetVictor affiliate account.

  • andrew baron

    Merson is correct this time, we don’t offer any attacking threat. We have needed a top notch striker for years….nothing. Pathetic.

    • Mxpx

      It’s quite worrying merson has been making alot of sense talking about newcastle this season

    • Kenny

      Since good old Demba Ba left, the last quality striker Nufc had

      • We had Remy for a spell. I still think Slimani looked much better than we gave him credit for and if Leicester were willing to let him go for 10 we would have probably got him. Looked very dangerous when he came on.

    • Down Under Mag

      granted, we look a shambles. But how hard must it be for the players and especially Rafa to get up for games at the moment knowing full well that the owner is never going to want the club to succeed beyond scraping survival. Rafa has been undermined and is probably dejected knowing he is probably going to leave and is just treading water until his contract is up. How hard must it be for the players to dig deep when they know their manager isn’t going to be there next season. So much distraction off the pitch with fan protests must be getting to the players, even if they understand the fans point of view it cant be pleasant playing under that.Then you have an owner who you know doesnt care about you and will cash in on any good offer…why should THEY care about the club when the bloke who OWNS it doesn’t!?!?!

    • Joselu is bad on the ground but he is really good in the air, however, we failed to deliver a single decent cross inside the box all day against Leicester. I still can’t understand why Dummett after all these years still can’t cross, shoot, or head a ball in the opposition’s box? Sure, he defends really well and really shuts wingers out but his delivery and attacking threat is beyond poor. I won’t even start with how poorly we move off the ball. Literally, nobody creates space for others to exploit or makes runs inside the box. Atsu and Yedlin should have had a field day against Leicester’s slow defenders.

  • Leazes.

    Ashley just issued a statement via the club!

    Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley would like to put the record straight in relation to press reporting of events following a dinner that he attended on Wednesday evening with Rafa Benítez and the players.

    Mike Ashley said: “I did not make a ‘V-sign’ to anyone. To suggest otherwise is both inaccurate and irresponsible.

    “The matter is in the hands of our legal team and they will be contacting relevant newspaper editors in due course.

    “It is hugely disappointing, given the reason why we set up the meeting, that certain elements of the media are trying to undermine the club by creating a story out of nothing.”


    • Kenny

      His “spokesman” has also stated that to the Telegraph

      • Leazes.

        Shearer just posted a response to the promise of funding for rafa…..


        he did your thing with the emojis

        • Kenny

          It’s rare to see you using them

          • Leazes.

            cut n paste….I don’t know how to do them!

            186k Views for the clip now

          • Kenny

            they should be on your laptop or if you use a smartphone they are on there as well

          • Leazes.

            Laptop where are they?

          • Kenny

            Mine come up automatically when I use touchscreen mode on my laptop it shows a face which I press and the emojis are there, someone with good computer skills may help im not all that good

      • Leazes.

        Must be pals with Luke then?

  • robbersdog

    Normally I don’t agree with what this old pisshead says, but this time he’s right. If we get a draw at Old Trafford, I’ll be doing cartwheels; but if we win, I’ll believe in miracles.

  • As long as our midfielders and fullbacks don’t go forward with the ball and press higher we will never create more chances. Our forward players are too isolated out front and even if they had great ability they would still struggle in constant 1 vs 3 or 2 vs 5 situations they find themselves.