Wednesday saw claims that Greenock Morton could become a feeder club for Newcastle United, a newspaper reporting that Mike Ashley associates Derek Llambias, Graham Carr and Sandy Easedale had been for a look around the club and been in talks for two days.

That story in The Mail has now been backed up by an official club statement from Greenock Morton.

The Scottish Championship club’s statement admitting: ‘We can confirm that Derek Llambias (pictured above with Mike Ashley) and Graham Carr attended Cappielow with Sandy Easdale on Monday.’

Morton have refused to rule out a possible takeover after the visit by Mike Ashley’s people.

The statement continuing: ‘We are always open to dialogue with interested parties who might want to discuss investment, no matter the level, with the sole aim of developing our club further as we aim to realise our maximum potential.’

The Scottish club highlight the success of their Academy and say that this is widely recognised in ‘Scottish football and beyond’ their domestic league set-up.

The idea/suggestion of another club being taken over as a ‘feeder’ one because of their successful Academy is a topical one, considering the recent minutes of the Newcastle United Fans Forum, saw the club (NUFC) state that they saw little point in making proper investment in the NUFC Academy as they perceived it to have little chance of producing first team players.

Greenock Morton Official Statement:

“We can confirm that Derek Llambias and Graham Carr attended Cappielow with Sandy Easdale on Monday in order to watch our talented youngsters turn out for the reserves in their match against Queen of the South.

“We have invested heavily in our youth academy and we can see that really beginning to bear fruit, something that is being recognised across Scottish football and beyond.

“While Derek and Graham were at Cappielow, we took the opportunity to give them a tour of the stadium, and they were very impressed with the whole set-up at the club.

“To receive interest in our operations from such high calibre individuals within the game suggests that we must be doing something right.

“We are always open to dialogue with interested parties who might want to discuss investment, no matter the level, with the sole aim of developing our club further as we aim to realise our maximum potential.”

  • Like it or not this is a step in the right direction. Get Morton to the Scottish Prem and have our young talents make a third of the squad. Would vastly improve the development if Academy players.

    • mentalman

      Better than sending the to Accrington and not playing

    • Alex

      Yes, just like the wonderful crop that have gone up to Scotland in the past. They’re really ripping up the world of football now. Not.

      • Guaranteed game time in competitive matches is key to young playes. We can’t get our lads guaranteed game time in League One sides anymore. That’s how bad it’s become! Having a feeder in the Scottish Champ/Prem would boost our players development. I’m sorry if you don’t see it that way.

        • Alex

          I see loaning players for game time as a positive, for sure. However, not Scotland. And, certainly not at Morton’s level.

          We’ve had plenty around the Scottish leagues for a few years, indeed 4 at Rangers a couple of years ago. Woodman apart, these players who went north have all but disappeared. Tavernier seems to have found a niche, but that’s in the SPL. Of the rest, jeez, I just can’t name them.

          None have been successful to any extent in Scotland, and certainly none have come back to England with any marked improvement.

          I think we can arrange better loans for our young players than in Greenock, to be honest.

          • Lending 3-4 decent players from the reserves will give Morton a strong chance of reaching the Scottish Prem.

    • Big Hairy Man

      Ashley stepping out from a 10th floor balcony would be a step in the right direction.

  • Leicester Mag

    Think this is a misprint more likely Ashley went to Scotland and got Mortal

    • Cockneytrev


  • Peaky

    Jonatan Johannson,current Greenock Morton manager…….Rafa’s replacement…..sometimes you just can’t see the woods for the trees….

  • Paul Patterson

    ‘realise our maximum potential.’

    That’s working well for us at the minute. .

  • Let’s go

    Liambias has already been chased out of scotland for being a lying scumbag and the easdale brothers made there money from drugs and money laundering. They were also proved to be liars at Glasgow rangers. And one of the easdale brothers sent to jail for tax evasion few years back. I can see why these people are associated with mike scumbag Ashley. Morton will no longer be a football club I fear

  • Mike

    guess we dont have talent going thro our academy? but i wonder how many players from Morton will make it into the prem……..

  • Leazes.

    Llambias and Carr haven’t worked for United in years….. nothing to do with United… they are obviously looking for something to strip from Morton….. the guy who deals with Ashleys Asset strip is Justin Barnes.

    Ashley is selling the club remember!…. duh……

    ….Since when has Ashley put into place anything beneficial for United….NEVER!


    • mactoon

      Agreed. This has nothing to do with Newcastle, they were simply part of the Rangers set up when Ashley had shares there. They aren’t connected to NUFC

  • Malcolm Fisher

    If Carr is still in contact with Ashley, who is to say he is not giving an in put on players being signed

    • mactoon

      I very much doubt it

  • Wezza

    Oh goody does this mean that we can get their players without spending a penny?

  • WrongToon

    Whonock Whereton? Doesn’t matter I suppose, the message is the same – run a mile if you see Ashley pull a wodge of 50’s from his pocket. It spells the beginning of the end.