Manchester United fans have had plenty to say ahead of their game against Newcastle United.

Their supporters have routinely seen drawing two matches in a row as a living nightmare…

So just imagine their stress levels at the minute, tenth in the table and only four points from their opening two Champions League matches.

Of course their self pity is over the top and just sums up how spoils the Manchester United fans have been for so many years.

However, it is pretty amazing that despite being allowed to match Manchester City in terms of transfer spending in his five windows at Old Trafford, Jose Mourinho has managed to produce a team that plays such boring negative football and is getting such relatively poor results.

In all competitions this season, the Man Utd record is four wins, two draws and four defeats.

The last four games have seen defeats to West Ham and Derby, as well as draws against Wolves and Valencia.

Amusing to read the comments from Manchester United fans below, they are all agreed on two things – both Man Utd and Newcastle are terrible this season, the only question being whether Newcastle are quite as terrible as two draws and six defeats from eight games suggests AND whether they have a minimum of threat that could be potentially enough to get a surprise win at Old Trafford.

Manchester United fans commenting via their top Red Cafe message board and Twitter:

‘I would not be surprised at all if Newcastle got something from this.

One of the worst teams this season will fancy their chances against us. In fact I give them more than a chance.’

‘I absolutely hate the international break but it could not come quick enough after this game.

Just really don’t know what to expect. Will not be surprised if this ends goalless.’

‘We haven’t conceded a goal in over 90 minutes, so I feel optimistic about this one. We’ll only lose with one goal this time.’

‘Think we’ll win this, and ease some pressure of Jose before the international break. Unfortunately for us it just prolongs the inevitable.’

‘Fully expect Benitez to stick the knife in as well.’

‘Benitez v Mourinho. This will be painful.’

‘Newcastle are so sh.., that it’ll be very, very impressive if we don’t win this.

So a 1-1 draw it is.’

‘Rafa’s under pressure too.

I wouldn’t be surprised the way I expect Newcastle to play would be that we will draw or lose.

Newcastle will be difficult.

Mourinho’s last game I think.’

‘Fellaini will save us a draw.

Can’t wait…’

‘Mourinho is a lucky boy that we’ve got this shower just before the international break.’

‘The theatre of draws.


‘We’re sh.., but Newcastle are even more sh..

It’s a true battle of the sh..s at the moment.’

‘I would take losing 10-0 a Old Trafford if it meant Mourinho would get sacked that very same day tbh. It’s gotten to that point.

Whatever result gets Mourinho sacked, I’m happy with. Short term pain, long term gain.’

‘Newcastle are toothless and overall look like relegation fodder, I think we’ll win 2-0.’

‘Don’t care if we win, lose or draw to be honest. Would be lying if I pretended to care.

This club needs a reboot .’

‘Newcastle are a very poor team so a good chance to get a draw and pick up a point here.’

‘We can’t be the worst United in the league can we?’

‘If we play anywhere near our full potential I can see us picking up a point.’

‘I think we could do with more height and more defensive players to handle the Newcastle threat…’

‘I actually think Newcastle are better than Valencia. Could be a hard game.’

‘Jonjo Shelvey to boss the midfield again as we say adieu to Jose at OT.’

‘How many shots on target do you reckon we’ll have in this one? I’m going for 3.’

‘Do I HAVE to watch this one? Can’t stand Shevley’s smug face when we go a goal down.’

‘We will probably win this one. Gut feeling. Then it will be back to “why we must back Mourinho” and “Steadying the ship” and “transition” threads.’

‘Now, we play Newcastle before the next break, another side in freefall, & playing negatively.

There will be no worries about being overrun as Newcastle will be even more defensive than us, having the Messiah as manager. This will be more like Jurassic park, with two has been dinosaurs battling it out from the sides, dreaming of their previous past when they were dominant.

A bore feast, that no one will want to watch, & by the sound off can’t sell the tickets for.’

‘Win or riot.’

‘Time to buy some cabbage.’

‘Would be ironic if Benitez is the one who ends it all but not even we are so sh.. to lose this one.’

Newcastle must be looking forward to this.

We’ve helped Brighton out of the relegation zone, we’ve helped West Ham out of the relegation zone…. come on in Geordies, fill your boots.’

‘What’s so worrying is the caliber of teams we’re losing/drawing against. I won’t put anything past New Castle getting a result this weekend.

I think we’ll do well to draw.’

‘This won’t be easy. Newcastle will sit right back and I have no faith in our attack to break them down. Plus if Newcastle score first the whole stadium will panic. It just feels like the sort of game that might end Mourinho.’

‘When we’re playing this badly I’m not even sure Newcastle will sit back.’

‘We will win this, Newcastle have been dreadful every time i’ve seen them this season. They have to be worse than us don’t they?’

‘Less than 50% predicting a United win at home against Newcastle… How the mighty have fallen!’

‘You just know Newcastle and Shelvey will turn up and absolutely boss the game.’

‘Expecting Shelvey to run rings around our ridiculous midfield. It’s basically like sticking three redwood trees in there and just saying “go on lad, dribble through them like training cones”.’

‘You know it’s bad when people expect Shelvey to be Messi!’

‘We can’t surely feck up against Newcastle, they’re dreadful.’

‘Can’t wrap my head around folks wanting us to lose against Newcastle so that it leads to Mourinho’s inevitable demise. Pretty sure even if we get top 4, Mou would be sacked, he has lost the dressing room no coming back from that.’

‘Surely we would have to be devastatingly bad to lose to Newcastle. If that happened the you know what would hit the proverbial fan.’

‘It’s gonna be a 0-0 draw with Newcastle having most of the possession, just about. Shelvey will boss our midfield, we’ll have 1 x shot on target in each half, but neither coming close to beating their keeper.

OT will be silent, with a sprinkling of boos at full time.

Jose will deliver a barbed post-match interview.’

‘One of the polls on Talksport at the moment is

Which is the least attractive game of the weekend

  1. Burnley v. Huddersfield
  2. Manchester United v. Newcastle United.’

‘Probably won’t happen indeed but I refuse to believe this side isn’t capable of winning with Newcastle at their current state… even with Mata as a winger.’

  • Toontaff

    What do our resident Manure trolls think? Please do not respond…………..I was being sarcastic………..

    • Leazes.

      Clarko….. I definitely think that one is Kevin Lee from Wigan who used to work for the Greater Manchester Prescription Pricing Bureau…..he was a lowly clerk for the finances department but came on the chronicle site years ago…. so he know a thing or two about finances then….

      …..he’s probably certified now….. haven’t heard from him in ages coz I blocked it.

      • Billmag

        He was on the forum yesterday spouting his usual financial rubbish.

        • Toontaff

          He’s certainly certifiable! I wouldn’t let him count the pennies in my NUFCdirect piggy bank!

  • Dillon Tovak

    How the mighty have fallen? Yeah quite a few years ago.

    We couldn’t have a better confidence booster served on a silver platter if we tried.

  • Ba ba.

    Yes there poor but we are slow, weak and toothless.. . We will. Lose

  • Leazes.

    So they are no different to fans of our club then?

    The different is their club find solutions, and they dont have a press telling them they are £50m in debt and will have to sell their best players for the next twelve years….

    …they don’t have a Douglas or a Ryder…. reinforcing that message and sending that message to their colleagues in the Nationals.

    They don’t have all of that!…..

    …..The fools!

  • Leicester Mag

    Maybe they aren’t prepared to sit meekly and accept mediocrity

    • Ashley-out

      you mean like the 50,000 sheep that go to watch the toon every 2 weeks

  • Mike D

    I wish I saw Newcastle Eagles trounce the London City Royals last night. That’s entertainment! It’s strongly beginning to replace my once unshakeable affection for NUFC. Eventually, I hope I either stop visiting sites like this or Mike Ashley does everyone a favour. I’m not expecting any favours though.

    • Leazes.

      Charnley and Ashley seem more keen to promote SJP as a Rugby venue than football…..

      …Wonder what happened to that money, and the Ed Sheeran Concert money…..and the Andy Carroll money….

      • Mike D

        Answers on a postcard.

  • Kenny

    Playing as badly as they are they still have some powerful attacking options,
    we have Hoss & Perez, i can only see it going 1 way today,
    Jose bowing out with a win and us anchored in the bottom 3

    • Leazes.

      I see Charnley said that Rondon was Rafa’s first choice striker……

      …..I can’t believe that was Rafa’s choice in a million years…. unless he was cutting his cloth to Charnley’s budget…. and seeing out his last months of the golden handcuff’s contract with absolutely no plans for the future.

      • Cockneytrev

        Yes,,,, this is the manager who had , Torres, Ronaldo, benzema etc on his staff at one time or another,, I’m sure he would be pulling out all the stops to sign Rondon!!!!!

        • Leazes.

          We now know what ‘every last penny meant’…..

          ……its what was left after he had taken the money to buy House of Fraser!

  • Cockneytrev

    The BBC have just had there sports spot on and of course it was all Manure and Mourinho and the woes of the club, not a mention of how badly we’ve been run, they did mention that keegan was on, but never mentioned his time at Newcastle United , did mention his hair???
    If Ashley has not bought the media, he has them terrified of his legal resources.
    Does anyone know when/if the BBC will be showing the NUFC segment that’s on their website?

    • Toontaff

      Football Focus, BBC1, 12 Noon?

      • Cockneytrev

        I think that’s just the keegan interview,, there’s a 5/10 minute segment done by George caulkin on the BBC web site highlighting the mis management of the club

        • Toontaff

          Seen that – very good article.

          • Cockneytrev

            Why haven’t the BBC put this on terrestrial tv?

  • Paul Cannell

    I’d be over the moon if we get a shot on target.

    • Ashley-out

      more chance of Joselu hitting the moon than the net

  • Ashley-out

    God has failed me, the parasite lives. looks like i will have to try Allah & hope it`s not the same guy

    • Carverlier football

      I’m afraid it is… But wouldn’t the devil be better for this kind of dirty work? Just head down to the crossroads…

      • Ashley-out

        at least Allah has got bombs

        • Carverlier football

          So has god, he just drops them from planes…

        • Leazes.

          I think you have the wrong god there mate… you’re thinking of Thor.

    • Leazes.

      …its the same god mate, just a different service…… wouldn’t bother!

  • Carverlier football

    Obviously I have no sympathy for them but if we had the (available…) resources they do and were in their position I’d probably be annoyed too. Still, jealous that they have the luxury of being able to get het up about actual football which is incidental for me while Ashley’s here…

  • Carverlier football

    Just watched the next BBC sports spot after Cockneytrev’s below… Always makes me laugh when they say it’s a crucial match for the opposition – oh so it’s nothing to us? Still, no need to worry Jose, even at the best of times we’ve always been the ideal team to play when you want to turn around a bad run…

  • Albert Stubbins

    Clearly not a single one of the cockney b…… have seen us play this season!!

  • Wezza

    Poor trolls.

  • Mrkgw

    Sad reality is that many of them are right – we are relegation fodder and a very poor team at that. Would love to know what has prompted Rafas new found confidence that we will stay up com the end of the season.

  • Justice for my people!!!

    Get our club together ffs!!! We’ve turned to the theatre of dreamers!!! Like seriously sort it out!!! Jose needs to go already!!! United 4Ever regardless!!! 💯