Newcastle United live TV matches haven’t done so well so far.

Six games beamed out live and Newcastle losing five of them, only the 0-0 draw at Cardiff producing a relatively ok result.

Burnley away on Monday 26 November is the next scheduled live match for NUFC.

However, we are set to find out this week just how many have been chosen for December and January.

Friday (12 October) is the scheduled date (see all scheduled dates for the release of live TV fixtures below) when Premier League and broadcasters are set to announce the Newcastle United live TV matches that have been chosen for December and January.

The 11 matches under threat are:

Saturday 1 December 2018

Newcastle v West Ham (3pm)

Wednesday 5 December 2018

Everton v Newcastle (7.45pm)

Saturday 8 December 2018

Newcastle v Wolves (3pm)

Saturday 15 December 2018

Huddersfield v Newcastle (3pm)

Saturday 22 December 2018

Newcastle v Fulham (3pm)

Wednesday 26 December 2018

Liverpool v Newcastle (3pm)

Saturday 29 December 2018

Watford v Newcastle (3pm)

Tuesday 1 January 2019

Newcastle v Man Utd (3pm)

Saturday 12 January 2019

Chelsea v Newcastle (3pm)

Saturday 19 January 2019

Newcastle v Cardiff (3pm)

Wednesday 30 January 2019

Newcastle v Man City (7.45pm)

I would guess that Liverpool away and Man Utd home must be pretty much nailed on to be chosen, whilst Mitro’s return to SJP just before Christmas is a live contender.

Chelsea away and Man City home are also no doubt likely to be served up to a worldwide audience.

For fans who go to games, you would hope the likes of Everton at home and Man City away will be chosen, as they are already set for night kick-offs, so likely to be no change to day/time if selected.

These are the games that have been scheduled so far for live broadcast for NUFC this season:

Saturday 11 August

Newcastle 1 Tottenham 2

Saturday 18 August

Cardiff 0 Newcastle 0

Sunday 26 August

Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

Wednesday 29 August

Nottingham Forest 3 Newcastle 1 (League Cup)

Saturday 1 September

Man City 2 Newcastle 1

Saturday 6 October 5.30pm

Man Utd 3 Newcastle United 2

Monday 26 November 8pm

Burnley v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Premier League official announcement – 14 June 2018:

With the release of the 2018/19 Premier League fixtures, supporters can begin their planning for the season ahead.

Fans are reminded that throughout the season there will be alterations to the fixtures.

Match dates can change for a variety of reasons, including live TV broadcast selections and to accommodate matches in European and domestic cup competitions.

For this reason, Premier League fixtures are always advertised as being subject to change.

Below are the approximate dates for when the announcements on matches that have been selected for live TV broadcast will be made.

Period of matches (then planned approx date of announcement):

Aug/Sept     6 July

Oct/Nov       7 August

Dec/Jan       12 October

Feb                12 December

Mar              25 January

Apr                22 February

May              5 April

MW38          After MW (Match Week) 37

  • Themoscow72

    We have two midweek away games coming up shortly including Burnley for the third season in a row and Everton has been a popular mid week one over the years. We do not need anymore midweek ones that is for sure. Even so come Friday most of the cheap train tickets will have gone for many games so no help at all.

  • Waxi

    We should boycott the three home games in December for the run up to christmas, West Ham, Woives and Fulham and let the FCB know that next season this is what he will have to look forward to. When Rafa has gone and we have all had enough he will be looking at NUFC being far less of a draw for the TV as he has naffed off the very people who make NUFC what it is THE FANS.

  • Mrkgw

    Games should be set from the outset. Not fair on supporters otherwise. But then, what do footballing bosses and TV supremos seemingly care? Not much otherwise, this would never happen.