Newcastle United have taken one small positive step off the pitch.

The club announcing that they are switching back to a normal phone number, in terms of what it costs fans ringing the club, whether to buy tickets or whatever.

The new number is 0344 372 1892 and this replaces 0844 372 1892.

Quite disgraceful that Mike Ashley brought the 0844 number in, in the first place, so not sure exactly how much praise is deserved after years of Newcastle fans being charged rip-off phone costs when most of them are ringing up to actually give the club more money!

The old number was especially painful for those ringing on mobiles, as between the club and whichever network provider you were with, fans ringing up to buy tickets could find themselves paying for calls at around 50p per minute, often without realising until the bill came…

With the ticket office phone system also being so poor, it was a very shoddy all-round experience.

Firstly, you have/had to listen to the club trying to sell you ground tours etc, before then you will often be on for a significant time supposedly queuing to speak to somebody, only for the club to suddenly cut off the call, meaning you had to ring up and start again.

Trying  to buy away tickets one time, when I got my phone bill I found out that I’d spent over £70 on phone charges after being cut off a number of times, no doubt many of you will have similar horror stories.

By switching from the rip-off number, the club says that now with the new number: ‘According to Ofcom, calls from landlines and mobiles should be included in free landline and mobile call packages.’

Newcastle United official announcement:

Newcastle United has launched a brand new local rate telephone number for supporters wanting to purchase tickets or contact the club.

The new number, 0344 372 1892, is live now and has been introduced following feedback from supporters.

The 0344 local rate number replaces the prefix 0844, which carried a cost of 7p per minute plus callers’ network access charge.

The old number will remain active for a short time and fans will be advised to hang up and call back on the lower cost number.

Nicole Atkin, the club’s head of business development, said: “We’re delighted to launch our new low cost number, which should dramatically reduce the cost of calls to the box office for fans.

“It’s vital we listen to supporter feedback and we know it has been a frustration that our 0844 number carried significant charges from some mobile network providers.

“Although the network charges were not applied by the club, calls to our box office are essential in delivering a host of supporter services and we wanted to ensure this remained affordable for our fans.

“Together with our investment into our online platforms and information services, we hope that our new low cost line will help to enhance supporter experience overall and show fans that we are listening.”

To contact the club, please call 0344 372 1892.

Calls cost no more than calls to geographic numbers (01 or 02).

According to Ofcom, calls from landlines and mobiles should be included in free landline and mobile call packages.’

  • BanJones

    Ring, ring, hello – can you put me through to the assett stripper please, i’d like to have a word in his shell like.

    • Peaky

      …..”if he’s not available his loyal trusting spokesperson MoscowMule from Monkseaton will do………….”

      • Ron


  • Themoscow72

    This is not actually Newcastle United’s fault but they do need to switch to another no. They only charge 7p a minute whereas my net work Virgin started charging for 0844 nos in June about 60p a minute and I did not know. I got a bill for £150.00 for August and went light with Virgin so again please state the true facts. At least the club are doing something about it. While you lot hate Mike Ashley I hate Richard Branson ten times more with my dealings with him re Credit Cards, Trains and phones. He is a robber.

    • grantham mag

      And uncle mike’s an angel go and suckhisdick.

    • graham18’s still Ashley’s fault

  • graham18

    Can we ask the FCB that he does not have to refund us all personally but at least put to good use such as giving it to Rafa to spend on a few good players-beggars cannot be choosers and every little helps.FCB OUT !!